Flo Strain: What You Don’t Know, But You Should

Lately, the medicinal marijuana sector has been overflowing with strains and hybrids, each one more potent than the next. From anxiety to muscle pain relief, it’s hard to buy into all the big claims. However, one product, called the Flo Strain, has been getting traction in the market. But how does it fare against other similar strains? And is Flo the miracle treatment many are looking for?

It’s All About the Flo Strain

The Flo strain is another popular indica-sativa hybrid, made up of 60% sativa. This hybrid has a famous genetic origin, being related to the Purple Thai Sativa and Afghani Indica. As a result of its history and uses, the Flo Strain has won the 1996 Cannabis Cup, spreading its fame further. What’s interesting about Flo is its low THC concentration. While most Sativa products tend to go over 25% concentration, this strain sits at about 16% concentration. However, that’s where the Flo Strains reputation comes into play. Despite its low THC concentration, this hybrid is well known for getting everyone high with just one or two hits. 

How Does It Look?

When it comes to looks, the typical Flo nugget is full of bright colors. The dominating colors, mostly, purple, green, and orange, are not blended, giving the nug its unique looks. What adds to Flo’s multi-colored aspect are the glistening sugar leaves and the thick coat of trichomes. Overall, every marijuana lover will love this strain’s interesting and eye-catching appearance.

How Does It Smell And Taste?

Moving on to smell, the Flo Strain does not disappoint. Users describe the smell as being fruity and intensely sweet, yet not nauseating. This hybrid amazes again as it gets rid of the classic marijuana smell and instead opts for a herbal aroma. While the smell is what attracts the users, the taste will make them stay for a second hit.    It’s another sweet delight that further moves away from the typical marijuana tropes. However, you won’t find the same memorable fruitiness when tasting this hybrid.   The Flo Strain proves again that it can surpass what people expect from marijuana products. The smoke is gentle and doesn’t feel as rough as other similar strains. If cured properly, this hybrid can offer a strong high without the downside of a sore throat.

What Are The Effects?

Results are all that matter and I’m glad to say that the Flo Strain stays true to its reputation. Many artists are choosing this strain for its creativity-enhancing properties. Not only is it a great creative booster but it also has uplifting and encouraging effects. This product is highly recommended for people that are struggling with sadness.    The perfect balance between Sativa and Indica means that this hybrid will not hit as fast as other marijuana products. Instead, it will slowly build-up, allowing you to avoid the classic couch-bound feeling of weed. Even so, the high is strong and will offer a relaxing vibe. 

Are There Any Medical Properties?

Flo is a well-known medicinal strain, acting as a great pain reliever. Its ability to help with muscle spasms, seizures, and chronic pain is still unmatched by other strains. Another common use is among people with eating disorders, as a result of the munchies, making Flo a great appetite stimulant.    Like most marijuana strains, Flo has positive effects on people with anxiety and depression. That is a result of its good uplifting and mood-changing effects. Aside from that, this hybrid doesn’t cease to amaze and can fix fatigue too. All in all, the Flo Strain is a stellar example of how medicinal marijuana should work. 

What About Side Effects?

As we’ve come to expect, most marijuana products have some side effects associated with them. However, this is where Flo shines the most, as its side effects are uncommon. That is due to its low THC concentration, meaning that dizziness, paranoia, and couch lock are unlikely to manifest.    The main things to look out for are dry mouth and itchy eyes. Yet plenty of water and moisturizing eye drops can fix those.


Overall, the Flo Strain is a clear winner when it comes to medicinal and recreational purposes. The low amount of side effects and the soft, slow hitting effects, make this hybrid a great choice for marijuana beginners. If you are struggling with creativity, appetite, and anxiety problems, give the Flo Strain a try.   

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