Best CBD Oils for Dogs With Arthritis: Top 5 Hemp Brands in 2022

CBD oil is a natural product that has been shown to have many benefits for people with arthritis. In fact, CBD can offer relief from pain and stiffness associated with this condition. But not only does it help humans, but it also helps dogs! In this article, we will explore the top 5 brands of CBD oil for dogs with arthritis and how each brand works differently.

The Top 5 Best CBD Oil Brands

There are many different brands out there that claim to be the best CBD oil for dogs with arthritis; however, we have found five that seem like they’d give your pup a lift. Check them out below!

1. Royal CBD (Best Overall)

Product Image of Roya CBD Oil for Dogs

Royal CBD offers the best all-natural, full-spectrum Hemp Oil for dogs by using innovative techniques of extracting oil from hemp. Their capsules are 100% vegan and made with pure crystal isolate powder. They don’t use additives, fillers, or preservatives!


  • All-natural, full-spectrum hemp oil
  • 3rd party lab tested
  • Perfect for dogs of all sizes
  • Great customer reviews
  • Easy to navigate website


  • A little pricey (but definitely worth it)

2. Gold Bee (Best Organic)

Product Image for Gold Bee CBD Oil for Pets

Gold Bee offers one of the best USDA-certified organic strains that are perfect for arthritis. Their products are sourced from Colorado hemp farms and made from 100% non-GMO hemp, so you can rest assured knowing your pup’s getting a safe product.


  • Organic Cannabis oil
  • 3rd party lab tested
  • It comes in a variety of sizes, including two week supply bottles
  • No additives or fillers – only pure oil!


  • Shipping costs can be high (ships from NJ, so taxes might apply)

3. Diamond CBD

Product Image of Diamond CBD Oil for Pets

Diamond CBD is great hemp oil for dogs because it offers pure, natural CBD oil that is free of any additives or chemicals. It comes in an easy-to-use dropper, so you can easily administer the dosage directly into your dog’s mouth.


  • Pure organic hemp oil
  • It comes in a variety of sizes and price ranges
  • Great customer reviews
  • Certified lab reports are on-site for every product!


  • Only available for shipping within the US (for now!)

4. Bluebird Botanicals

Product image for Bluebird Botanicals CBD Oil for Pets

Bluebird Botanicals offers a true full-spectrum CBD oil that’s safe and all-natural. The product comes from 100% sustainable hemp and is lab-tested to ensure its potency. It comes in a two fl oz bottle and has high customer reviews!


  • Pure, organic hemp oil.
  • Quick results – some users say they notice their pup moving more without pain after the first dose!
  • 3rd party lab tested for potency and safety
  • It comes in a variety of sizes and price ranges
  • Can ship internationally (outside the US)


  • Has an unpleasant aftertaste.

5. CBDistillery

Product Image for CBDistillery CBD Oil for Pets

CBDistillery offers a full-spectrum hemp oil that’s GMO and chemical-free. It comes in 4 different sizes and at an affordable price point. The product is organic, vegan, and non-psychoactive (so it won’t get your pup ‘high’)!


  • Organic CBD oil that’s GMO and chemical-free
  • It comes in a variety of sizes and price ranges
  • Lab-tested for potency and safety
  • Consistent customer reviews
  • Can ship internationally (outside the US)


  • Availability can be limited based on location.

How does CBD Oil Help Dogs with Arthritis?

To have a full understanding of how CBD oil can help dogs with arthritis, it’s important to know the causes and symptoms of this condition.

When an animal has arthritis, it means that there is inflammation in its joints which results in pain and stiffness. This happens because there is damage either to the cartilage or bone around these areas whenever they move. Although you might think your dog will rest and avoid moving when this occurs, they do not always show signs of pain.

This means that pet owners could look at their dog and believe everything is fine; meanwhile, your pup could be suffering from chronic discomfort, which doesn’t allow them to enjoy life like normal.

CBD oil for dogs works by interacting with cannabinoid receptors (CB1 & CB2) within the endocannabinoid system (ECS). Doing this reduces inflammation and promotes the relaxation of muscles. Your dog will feel less pain while also having more mobility.

What Is The Endocannabinoid System?

The endocannabinoid system (ECS), aka “the body’s own cannabinoid system,” was discovered in the early 1990s by scientists looking into how to relieve pain naturally. They found that cannabinoids, which are what you get from CBD oil for dogs, interact with certain receptors in your pet’s brain, immune system, and other central nervous systems. These interactions reduce stress hormones and produce a calming effect on the body. Over the years, studies have shown that a well-balanced ECS helps to promote homeostasis within your pup’s entire body.

What are the advantages of CBD for dogs with arthritis?

CBD is a natural compound that comes from the hemp plant and has been shown to reduce pain and inflammation in both humans and animals. While some pet owners choose to treat their dog’s arthritis with over-the-counter or prescription medication, these can often have undesirable side effects on your pup. Common prescriptions for dogs include nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) such as Rimadyl and Deramaxx, which work by suppressing the immune response to decrease swelling in joints.

Unfortunately, there are many risks associated with these medications, including ulcers, elevated liver enzymes, kidney disease, seizures, GI bleeding, fever, and even death. Furthermore, almost all NSAIDs need a prescription from a veterinarian, while CBD products for dogs do not. Some of the most common CBD benefits for arthritic dogs include:

  • Decreased joint inflammation-
  • Increased joint mobility
  • Decrease pain and stiffness in muscles and joints
  • Improved quality of sleep
  • Anxiolytic effects (anti-anxiety)

What are the factors that contribute to dogs having arthritis?

We all know that aging plays a big role in this condition; however, there are several other factors that can contribute to your pup being affected by arthritis. For instance, injuries, obesity, over-exertion of joints, or even lack of appropriate exercise can play a major part in developing this condition. Specifically for dogs with hip dysplasia, genetics is another factor they must consider.

Different types of canine arthritis

There are three major types of arthritis that dogs usually suffer from, and your vet will be able to tell you which one your pup is experiencing. These include:

Chondroarthritis (OA) – The most common type in canines, osteoarthritis happens when the cartilage between bones wears away. This leads to inflammation around joints and often results in immobility.

Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) – Similar to OA, rheumatoid arthritis also causes joint discomfort; however, this condition occurs due to an autoimmune response where the immune system mistakenly attacks healthy cells instead of protecting them.

Gout – When there is too much uric acid in your dog’s body, it forms crystals which can lead to joint pain and swelling. This occurs most often in cats but can affect dogs too.

How is arthritis in dogs cured?

Image of dog getting shots

There are currently no cures for arthritis; however, there are treatments that can reduce your pup’s discomfort. For example, weight loss can help decrease the stress on sore joints, and medication like meloxicam (an NSAID) may be prescribed by a vet to ease the pain. Additionally, glucosamine supplements have been shown to promote cartilage production, which is great if your pet needs more cushioning.

Dog with Arthritis: What is the best CBD Product?

The best CBD product is one that contains the perfect ratio of CBD (the healing ingredient) to other ingredients. For dogs with arthritis, you should look for a product that has a high content of CBD and is also made from organically sourced hemp oil.

CBD Oil for Arthritic Dogs and Their Benefits

CBD Oil is a great option for dogs who are suffering from arthritis because it has a calming effect and will stop inflammation. Additionally, CBD can actually repair damaged cells and stimulate new cell regrowth, which will help to rebuild your pup’s joints.

  • Easy to administer
  • 100% safe
  • High absorption rate
  • Fast-acting
  • Cons:

CBD Topicals for Arthritic Dogs and Their Benefits

CBD topicals are also a great option for dogs with arthritis because they have the healing effects of CBD along with more localized pain relief.

By using topicals on specific areas, you will ensure that your dog gets the medication where it is needed most while not experiencing some of the negative side effects that can arise when you give them medication orally.


  • Easy application
  • Quick absorption
  • Highly effective
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Risk-free
  • It does not affect appetite or energy levels like oral medication might

CBD Pet Treats for Arthritic Dogs and Their Benefits

CBD pet treats are another great option for dogs with arthritis because they provide your pup with relief while you’re away. For this reason, CBD pet treats are usually best suited for pets who suffer from separation anxiety or other forms of severe stress.


  • 100% safe for consumption by your pup
  • Easy to use and carry around wherever you go
  • Highly effective at relieving pain
  • Long-lasting relief

How do I give CBD oil to my dogs who have arthritis?

When it comes to giving your dog CBD oil, you have many options. Fortunately, this makes it easier for your pup to take their medication since they can’t tell you how exactly it affects them.

By Drops– Drops are a great way to give CBD oil because they’re easy and simple. Simply put a few drops of the oil under your dog’s tongue and let them swallow naturally before feeding them treats or food as usual. You can also aim the medicine toward the back of their throat so that they swallow on their own as well. Just be sure not to overdo it because too much hemp oil can cause diarrhea in dogs who aren’t used to taking medication orally.

By Capsules– When you find a CBD capsule that suits your pup’s needs, it can be an easy and tasty way to get them their medication. Simply slit the capsule open and pour the powder into their favorite food or treat for fast absorption.

By Spray– If you’re looking for a highly effective and convenient way to give CBD oil to your dogs who have arthritis, there is no better option than an oral spray. You simply fill the syringe with droplets of the oil and apply it directly onto either your dog’s tongue or on top of their favorite food or treats. Unlike other options which require more effort on your part, sprays are hands down effortless.

Dosage Guide

For the most part, the dosage you give your dog will depend on their weight. You do not want to under or overdo it, though, because both results can be harmful to your pup. When in doubt, always consult with a veterinarian before giving CBD oil to dogs who suffer from arthritis.

If they are ten pounds or less- 1mg of CBD is usually enough, but you can use as much as 3mg if they’re smaller than that and need more medication.

If they are between 11-20 pounds- 2mg should suffice, but again, using up to 5mg won’t hurt them as long as they weigh roughly this much.

If they are between 21-30 pounds- 4mg of CBD is recommended here but feel free to use up to 7mg if they weigh roughly this much.

If they are between 31-40 pounds- 6mg of CBD is enough, but 8mg should be used if their weight is in this range.

If they are between 41-50 pounds- If your dog weighs roughly this much, you’ll need 8mg of CBD, but it’s perfectly safe to use 10mg too.

If they are between 51-60 pounds – 10mg of CBD is the right amount for dogs who weigh around this much but feel free to give them more or less depending on their weight and needs.

If they are above 60 pounds- This dosage guideline will depend on how big your dog is because there isn’t a set standard here. A good rule of thumb is to give them roughly 0.5mg per pound they weigh but be sure not to go overboard with the dosage either.

All things considered,

Every day, more and more people are learning about CBD oil. It’s an all-natural product that can be used to treat a wide range of illnesses for both humans and animals alike. Arthritis is one condition where CBD oil has been shown to work wonders. We recommend trying these two brands that stood out on our list – Royal CBD and Gold Bee – but if you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to share them below!

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