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White Widow Bhang Stick Black Review by OCWeedReview.Com

The classic 510 thread has become the gold standard in the portable vape pen market, with most major companies tossing their own versions into the proverbial ring, including the Bhang Stick by well known cannabis edible maker Bhang.

However, to set yourself apart in a crowded market like this, you have to do something special, so Bhang has upped their game by introducing Bhang Stick Black – Private Reserve, a high potency version of their standard Bhang Stick vape. The Bhang Private Reserve line uses pure cannabis oil in their vape, with no additives or thinners added.

The “ultra refined” oil in Bhang Black is tested for potency, residuales, and microbials for a safe, high quality product. Each vape cartridge contains 275 mg of strain specific CO2 oil.   The White Widow we reviewed tested in at over 75% THC. The oil had a golden yellow color and hits revealed a rich, woody flavor.

I’m sure I’m going to ruffle some feathers when I say these hits of Bhang Black seemed to me to be about as close to a real dab as a disposable vape pen can get. A rare few other companies, like Oasis and Spliffin, pull off this achievement.

It actually took a while to get used to the potency, after testing a lesser vape product the week before. The high is immediately heady, even a bit dizzying. Sensory engagement with the world around you is heightened and sharply stimulating. A balanced indica/sativa hybrid, most patients report White Widow to be creative and energetic, making it an effective daytime strain.

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