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It’s the California chaos episode!
This week on the podcast, Hayley and Alex talk to superstar cannabis attorney Hilary Bricken about what’s not working in the Golden State. Professionals don’t want to miss this one.
You should also read Bricken’s posts at the excellent Canna Law Blog.
Plus, a check in with longtime Humboldt grower Kevin Jodrey about legalization in the Emerald Triangle.
The episode lands Monday by 4:20 p.m. Pacific.
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-Episode 8 Jackie Fox (Hayley’s mom) talks about becoming a MED user later in life.
-Episode 7 Dr. Peter Grinspoon, Harvard Medical School, on cannabis, opioids and the medical establishment.
-Episode 6 Anja Charbonneau, editor of design forward cannabis magazine Broccoli
-Episode 4 L.A. cannabis Business attorney Ariel Clark on what cannabis entrepreneurs need to know
-Episode 3 Congressman and longtime legalization supporter Earl Blumenauer
-Episode 2 Emily Dufton, author of Grass Roots: The rise and fall and rise of marijuana in America, on the history of legalization
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WeedWeek Canada is a Saturday morning newsletter for professionals in the world’s largest fully-legal cannabis market.
Today in WWCanada:
-All the details on the Aphria deal
-Legalization is on for late Summer
-Lots going on at the provincial level
And much more!
WWCanada is written by Jesse Staniforth, a freelance journalist in Montreal who has reported extensively on indigenous issues, cybersecurity, food safety, and cannabis for outlets including Leafly, ThinkProgress, The Walrus and Salon.
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So much news.
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) wants hemp removed from the controlled substances list. McConnell called industrial hemp “really a different plant” than marijuana, even though the US government defines hemp as marijuana with lower than .3% THC content.
McConnell said he plans to explain the difference to his former Senate colleague US Attorney General Jeff Sessions.
The state treasurers of California, Oregon, Illinois and Pennsylvania have requested a meeting with AG Sessions to resolve the conflicts between state and federal law. It’s not clear if Sessions has responded.
Massachusetts faces a controversy around licensing so-called “dormant” dispensarieswhich received MED licenses but never opened. Bucking the Massachusetts trend, the town of Easthampton will allow REC businesses.
Michigan ordered 210 MED shops closed, mainly because they didn’t apply for licenses.
After a judge ruled Arkansas’ MED license process unconstitutional, a company which said its license was legitimate asked for permission to open. The impoverished town of Cotton Plant, Ark. has high hopes for the cannabis industry.
A Rhode Island dispensary offered the state $5M “to plug the budget hole,” if it didn’t proceed with a plan to expand the number of MED licenses.
Oakland is overwhelmed by cannabis license applications. Berkeley, Calif., cut REC taxes to better compete with the illegal market.
Conservative Colorado Springs, Colo., is unlikely to hold a referendum on REC this year.
Canada is now officially on track to legalize by the end of summer. 🍁For more subscribe to WeedWeek Canada.
Jamaica’s Ministry of Health warned the public to only use approved MED which has a maximum THC content of 5%.
The N.Y. Times looks at the “Dutch pot paradox” where it’s legal to buy but not to grow.
Colorado-based Ebbu has partnered with the creator of Blue Moon beer to create non-alcoholic, cannabis-infused beers (Cannabist) which it says will be available in Colorado by the end of the year. The partnership will brew beer in several traditional styles and then add THC.
Michael “Dooma” Wendschuh who co-founded Ebbu with Cooper before he was fired in early 2016, has started another cannabis beer company (VICE), Province Brands, which is based in Ontario and plans to sell beer brewed from the cannabis plant. The THC will apparently derive from the plant material used for brewing, not an additive.
In 2016, I wrote a long story (Pando) about Dooma’s time at Ebbu.
The Growler offers the cannabis industry tips from the craft beer industry. Ancillary wine businesses are looking for opportunities in marijuana.
A new IRS rule could strip marijuana related trade associations of their tax-exempt status.
Arizona-based pharmaceutical company Insys Therapeutics, which contributed $500,000 to defeat Arizona’s 2016 REC legalization initiative, has won preliminary approval for a synthetic cannabis drug to treat side effects associated with cancer and AIDS.
Insys also faces multiple investigations for aggressively marketing the opioid fentanyl. The FBI arrested its former CEO and five other executives in December. The company is also developing a product to treat opioid overdoses.
Canadian producer Aphria agreed to buy Nuuvera for US$670M, largely for Nuuvera’s relationships in Germany, Italy and Australia. 🍁For more subscribe to WeedWeek Canada.
Canadian firm CannaRoyalty acquired two California distributors, RVR and Alta Supply, and manufacturer Kaya Management. 🍁For more subscribe to WeedWeek Canada.
Canadian firm Golden Leaf Holdings, which owns the Oregon dispensary chain Chalice, made a deal to franchise the brand nationally with venture capital firm BlackShire Capital. Golden Leaf CEO William Simpson predicted the company would be the “Starbucks of cannabis.” 🍁For more subscribe to WeedWeek Canada.
Barron’s says Canadian pot stocks “might be a buzzkill.
Amidst shortages, Germany halted the bidding for MED growing licenses, a blow to Canadian firms🍁For more subscribe to WeedWeek Canada.
A video from The Economist summarizes the US industry.
The N.Y. Times looks at tensions between artists and marijuana companies over real estate in Oakland. City Lab finds a similar dynamic in Denver.
Licensing delays are playing havoc with the California supply chain and allowing the black market to flourish, Leafly reports. The Wall Street Journal has more.
S.F. Chronicle’s Green State says California rules have crushed small and medium-sized edibles companies.
Politico meets Oakland’s Hood Incubator, which is training minority cannabis entrepreneurs. (There was a conference on diversifying Colorado’s very-white industry.)
A woman who claims to be the biggest marijuana business landlord in California is suing San Bernardino County.
Rolling Stone looks at the perils of running an all-cash pot business in California.
Washington’s small growers are struggling.
Maryland’s Severn Bank revealed substantial involvement in the cannabis space.
Boston’s first MED dispensary, which promised to never apply for a REC license, is applying for a REC license. Patriot Care also opposed REC legalization.

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