WeedWeek, 11/4/17: Booze Giant Bets on Cannabis

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WeedWeek, 11/4/17: Booze Giant Bets on Cannabis


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In a recent interview, Washington Post opinion writer Greg Sargent says, “President Trump openly rages at checks on his authoritarianism.”
Here’s the news.
Pro-legalization Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.) called out, “People that are privileged in society who smoke pot and just don’t feel like there’s any chance of consequences in their lives…Their indulging in that kind of behavior [and] not being a part of the activist community is hypocritical because there’s too many children, too many young people, too many people in my neighborhood and in my community who are suffering for doing the same thing that you’re doing.” See the whole Slate interview here.
Many California cities won’t be ready to license cannabis businesses by Jan. 1, when the state starts accepting applications.
A San Francisco panel suggested allowing consumption in dispensaries. The Chronicle looks at the city’s new equity proposal.
L.A. may allow unlicensed grows and manufacturers to continue operating while they apply for licenses. (Michigan agreed to something similar.) This week there’s a fundraiser in Downtown L.A. for growers affected by the wildfires.
Pro-cannabis congresswoman Dina Titus (D), who represents Las Vegas, said cannabis won’t be allowed in the casinos before federal legalization. With permanent legislation pending, Nevada extended emergency REC regulations.
The Atlantic explains the strict MED program in Hawaii, where cannabis is called pakalolo. Most homegrown in the state is tainted by pesticides and other contaminants, according to the lab Steep Hill Hawaii.
Maine Gov. Paul LePage (R) vetoed the legislature’s REC bill, leaving big questions about the state’s REC rollout. The AP compares the legalization process across New England.
High Times explains the “misleading” effort to legalize REC in New York through a constitutional convention.
Florida lawmakers are tussling over smokeable MED.
A year before a likely MED vote, here’s a look at the state of cannabis in Oklahoma.
A survey by the American Legion found widespread support among veterans for cannabis legalization and research.
Trump ally and cannabis activist Roger Stone was suspended by Twitter after a series of insulting posts. He promised to sue.
According to Lift, a survey found Canada’s market may be much larger than the government expects. A bill in Ontario would legalize MED use in some hotel rooms.
Cannabis activists in the U.K. say the powerful tabloids’ anti-cannabis views are holding back legalization.
Under its newly formed government, Germany could be moving towards REC legalization. (Europe’s largest legal MED grow is in a nuclear bunker in southern Germany.)
Visiting French Guiana, French President Emmanuel Macron detected some weed and told kids it “won’t help with your school work.
Beer and spirits company Constellation Brands will acquire 9.9% of Canopy Growth Corp. the world’s largest public cannabis company. The $191M deal values Ontario-based Canopy Growth at more than $1.7 billion.
Constellation CEO Rob Sands said New York-based Constellation plans to work with Canopy to develop drinks containing cannabis but not alcohol, but not sell them in the U.S. while cannabis is federally illegal. (Canada anticipates legalizing edibles in 2019.)
Canopy shares jumped on the news. The deal marks the first time a public U.S. company has invested in a plant-touching cannabis company. Canopy CEO Bruce Linton spoke to New Cannabis Ventures about the deal.
Pamela Johnston, who says she was fired from Nevada firm Electrum Partners for having cancer, has posted a video about her situation. “I think we’ve got a little of a Harvey Weinstein moment in the cannabis industry where you’ve got a lot of people willing to look the other way,” she said.
California approved Golden Bear Insurance Co., to be the state’s first insurer for cannabis businesses.
Nebraska Attorney General Doug Peterson (R), compared the cannabis industry to big tobacco, for targeting youth.
A new report from Fitch Ratings suggests REC taxes in California could reach 45%, pushing more consumers into the illegal market. For more see here.
Bloomberg looks at the “marijuana machine” as it rolls ahead into 2018.
National Law Review sees a trend in favor of MED users in employment cases.
California cannabusinesses looking for space face a landlord’s market. Weedmaps billboards have attracted opposition in Arizona.
The Cannabist takes us through enterprise software company MJ Freeway’s annus horribilis. Partially due to an MJFreeway delay, Washington has been operating without a seed to sale tracking system since November 1. Some question whether it’s necessary.
A Florida vendor is suing the state for choosing a competitor to produce the state’s patient ID cards. Rejected MED license applicants are suing Arkansas.
Canadian pot stocks had a good October. Alberta may be well positioned for the industry due to agricultural expertise, cheap land and the pro-business climate.
TV and cannabis personality Montel Williams is suing several Arizona companies for using his name in alleged CBD scams.
Some Nova Scotia farmers were annoyed by a talk on pot growing.
Checkpoint trays at SoCal’s Ontario airport remind travelers not to bring their stashwith them.
MJBizDaily asks if public banks can help the industry.
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