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Warm and Crispy Infused Oil Review by OCWeedReview.Com

Posted by | July 24, 2016 | Cannabis Review, OCWeedReview.Com, Reviews

Warm and Crispy Infused Oil Review by OCWeedReview.Com

We have come across several mainstream edibles brands that have recently decided to start selling their infused olive or coconut oils, slapping labels on the same oils they use to manufacture their edibles. However, this raises up an important question: why would you cook your oil, lowering its potency?

Warm and Crispy is decidedly different. Instead of being conceived as a way to bake edibles at home, Warm and Crispy infused coconut oil is the edible, meant to be taken by itself. It can also be easily drizzled onto waffles or pancakes, added to salads, or blended into a smoothie, just for a start. Simply warm the coconut oil until you can shake it up and pour it easily, then add it to your favorite food or consume it straight from the spoon.

Not only is this a convenient means of dosing, but coconut oil is also full of healthy medium-chain fatty acids, making this a dietary supplement in its own right. Sunflower lecithin is used here as a natural emulsifier. Combined, this triple shot of cannabinoids, coconut oil, andsunflower lecithin is an impressive boost to brain health.


Warm and Crispy infused coconut oil comes in 1 oz glass jars, containing 90 mg of THC each. The suggested serving size is a manageable 1 teaspoon, which is a 15 mg dose. As with most of our favorite edibles, the packaging is carefully thought out and informative almost to a fault, just like we want it. And like the best brands, Warm and Crispy tests to ensure consistency in their dosing numbers.

Each batch of Warm and Crispy is strain specific, with available strains rotating to take in the best of the local harvests. Using only top shelf buds when infusing their oil, Warm and Crispy is the nug run of infused coconut oils.

We got to try Jack Herer for our review, and I put this hard working sativa to task as part of my morning routine, mixed in with my breakfast or taken alone. By the time I was midway through my morning, it had taken full effect, and I was flitting happily through my day. A genuinely enjoyable strain, Jack is touted for its euphoric mood elevation and unparalleled creative inspiration, excellent for someone who writes for long blocks at a time.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time field testing Warm and Crispy infused coconut oil. Give it a try today for a unique new twist on taking your medication. Head over to the Warm and Crispy website to learn more or to find Warm and Crispy infused oils near you.

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