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The Clinic Dispensary Review

Posted by | May 2, 2015 | Cannabis Review, Dispensary Reviews, OCWeedReview.Com


The Clinic Dispensary Review by OCWeedReview.Com

Across the street from what has become a hotbed of dispensaries that seem to come and go without end over at 1820 E. Garry sits longtime institution The Clinic.  Parking can be crowded during the day when the office park is at its busiest.  Park where ever you can, and don’t be surprised if you walk a bit.  You will enter 1805 E. Garry from the east entrance.  Walk down the hall and suite 130 will be on your left.

They have a very narrow waiting room; be sure to watch out for the door to the showroom on your left when signing in.  It opens out and is capable of leaving quite the bruise.  First time patients will have to fill out the customary forms.  Take a seat and try to tuck in your legs, so you are out of the way.  Once you are done checking in, they will probably buzz you in to the bud room right away.  This is most likely to keep the front room clear.

Once inside, they have a board on the wall to your right behind the counter with all the strains and prices on it.  Check it out while you wait.  If there is no one in front of you, your budtender will call you right over.  They have two main shelves at $35 and $50.  They also have an ultra shelf for $55.  For those on a budget or looking to extract or bake, they have nice economy deals, too.  I am typically quite happy with The Clinic’s flowers.  Due to the jump between the two main pricing points, you have to be aware of what you donate for.  I’ve seen them carry a $50 top shelf that would sell for $40-45 at other shops.  However, it goes the other way for the mid shelf.  A sharp eye can walk out with a deal on a bud that would cost you 5 or 10 bucks more across the street.  A savvy consumer should never leave The Clinic unhappy.

Edibles are kept in the coolers behind you: including the Milf n’ Cookies and Buddha’s Best lines.  They also have a large selection of Kushtownsodas.  The rest of the edibles, like the Cheeba Chews and Bhang Bars, are kept on the bottom shelves with the bud jars or down at the far end with the wax.  They carry the EX and PX wax labels and have an enormous selection.  I’ve tried their wax several times in the past and find it too dry to use in my pen.  They also have a large selection of O.Pen and Pure Vape cartridges and several strains of oil syringes for those with portable vape pens.

If there is no one in front of you, your budtender will meet you at one of the stations.  Otherwise, you may want to browse around while you wait.  Once you are greeted by your budtender, let her know what you are looking for.  They’ll be more than happy to show you a few of their many great strains.  I have seen reviews criticizing The Clinic’s customer service, and I’ve gotten a surly tender or two there in my day.  However, overall these girls are delightful and know their products, so if you do have questions, be sure to ask.

Once you are finished with your order, you can add some papers or wraps from their selection behind the counter.  Need a lighter? They have you covered there, too.  They even carry a selection of vaporizers and glass pieces.  If you are new to the medical marijuana community and need a great place to start, The Clinic has everything you need.  You can get all kinds of medications and gear in one stop, sending you home ready to medicate with confidence in the quality of your products.

The Clinic

1805 E. Garry Ave, suite 130

Santa Ana, CA

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