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My first encounter with Perry Anzilotti came about nearly two years ago at the Monkey House Cafe in Huntington Beach. We were meeting to discuss reviewing the Incredibles Medibles product line for our website.

Without knowing what he looked like, I got to the coffeehouse a minute before him and got in line. After ordering my blueberry muffin and latte, I stepped aside to wait. It was then that Perry ordered his own blueberry muffin. When the barista informed him I had gotten the last one, I sheepishly wandered away to grab a table under the faux tree that anchors the middle of the room. It was then that my phone rang. On the other end was, you guessed it, Perry. We made eye contact across the room, him with disappointing oat bran muffin in hand and ironic smile on his face when we realized who each other was.

That first meeting lasted a couple hours, not the norm for my business meetings. Most last no more than a few minutes, and some samples practically get tossed out car windows at me in parking lots. But with the rare few, brands and personalities line up and things just make sense synergistically, and I find myself chatting about the industry for hours. It was much this way with Perry. We chatted about branding, dispensaries, regulations, and, eventually, past lives.

Perry didn’t always craft infused edibles. He started his career as an actor. Besides stints onCoach, Cheers, and Seinfeld, Perry was the face of the popular NABISCO SnackWells commercials where he, as the SnackWells man, is chased by women craving his products, a commercial I distinctly remember nearly 20 years on.

Aside from keeping busy with work acting, Perry is now chasing a new role, creating his edibles line, a career started with an undertaking as common and innocuous in the stoner world as baking pot brownies. But for Perry, it sparked a passion to perfect his extraction techniques, establishing the consistency needed to develop and sell a full line of infused edibles. Starting out supplying a single dispensary, Perry’s product line can now be found in dispensaries across Southern California, developing a loyal following along the way.

We enjoyed the samples we received after that first meeting so immensely that we threw ourselves behind the company, running online giveaways for Perry’s cookbooks, complete with branded apron, giving away samples of their edibles to prop. 215 patients at OC NORML meetings, and featuring the full line of Incredibles Medibles products on the OC Weed Review website.

The cannabis industry has blossomed in the years I’ve known Perry, and the name Incredibles has been now been used by countless other companies. It became time for Perry and Incredibles Medibles to re-brand themselves to help them stand out on the dispensary shelves and better represent their company’s core identity. So Incredibles Medibles has become Perrywinkles, a nod to their founder, whose passion has been a driving force behind the company’s rapid growth.

The rebranding is meant to allow them to break from the pack of edibles with similar monikers and become a unique household brand. Beyond the new name, though, Perrywinkles now have improved new packaging, heat sealed and resealable to retain peak freshness. The new packaging will also help keep the company remain compliant as new regulations and possible recreational legalization loom in California’s future.

Underneath it all though, the edibles themselves are still the same great tasting treats you fell in love with. “The Perrywinkles product line comes with four different types of baked goods. Their top seller, a light and dark chocolate brownie called: Bi-Racial Brownie along with Blueberry Haze Cake, Banana Spliff Cake and Carrot Quake. Salty-savory items include their A Fish Called Juana Crackers, Scoobie Dewbie Pretzel Nuggets and Cinco De-High-o Crackers. However, it is the Really Coo Coo for Cocoa Puffs that still get my mouth watering after all this time.”

If your local dispensary doesn’t carry Perrywinkles edibles, talk to your budtender and ask they that add them to their shelves.

Read full reviews of Perry’s edibles at or visit the brand’s website

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