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Tangie Walker Shatter Review

Posted by | October 8, 2014 | DAB Reviews, Reviews

Tangie Walker Shatter Review

Gold Coast is known for putting together some sublime strain combinations to make their shatters, and this nug run Tangie Walker is no different.  Assuming the “Tangie” comes from Tangerine Dream, then this cross with Whitewalker OG creates a balanced indica/sativa strain worthy of their creations.

This shatter has a powerfully sweet orange citrus scent.  This terpene rich experience carries into the flavor of the vapor.  Dabs of Tangie Walker make the whole room smell, and even just opening the plastic container my half gram came in sends out an acidic rush.  The shatter itself is a deeply translucent amber color, which was smooth and consistent for that beautifully shimmering aesthetic.

Tangie Walker’s high starts clear headed and purposeful.  There is plenty of mind wandering creativity to help brainstorm projects at work.  It is an uplifting enterprise, which was nice after a week of heavy kush.  Each dab brings a very cerebral rush and enjoyable mood enhancement, making it seem perfect for work days.  But then it turns.  At higher doses or with extended medicating, Tangie Walker becomes dissociated and slow, manifesting in the stereotypical faded and stoned feeling.

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