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Maui Blue Shatter from Kush Extracts

Posted by | December 24, 2014 | DAB Reviews, Reviews

Maui Blue Shatter from Kush Extracts

When I think of Maui Blue, my mind wanders to sun-drenched beaches awash with wave after wave of cerulean-blue water.  Of course, I’ve never been to Hawaii, so I have no idea what it actually looks like.  However, everyone in my family besides myself owns a timeshare on Kauai.  Through the years, there has been no shortage of stories of its inspired loveliness, but this loveliness comes for a price.  Now that I’ve found this 78% THC Maui Blue shatter from Kush Extracts, though, anywhere I session becomes my own personal paradise.

The first thing I noticed about this extract was the gorgeously glowing light amber color.  It was unlike any shatter I had seen before.  It was such a golden orange hue that it seemed to glow iridescently through the parchment paper in which it came wrapped.  When the light, any light, hit this shatter, it lit up in aesthetically interesting ways.  I could have photographed this strain all day long.  But eventually it was time to tear it apart for reviewing.

Dabs of this Maui Blue released really flavorful vapor.  Even if you aren’t for low temp dabs, this one is worth the complex taste.  The dark berry terpene exists in spades from the Blueberry, but it is equally matched by Maui Waui’sacidic lemon and fragrant pine.  It had a sweetness though, typical to both strains, that I enjoyed through every hit.  Kush Extract’s shatter was also easy to dab over long sessions.  I’m a cougher, but I noticed no irritation or fatigue in the lungs.

This Maui Blue hybrid is perfect for those looking for a nice sativa lean.  I’ve always loved the Maui Waui high, dominant in this extract, ever since I first reviewed it.  It is energetic and purposeful, and I noted its tendency to promote creativity.  I took a gram with me out to Joshua Tree and went wandering among the rocks.  The mostly cerebral high increased visual and aural stimuli, making for a heightened experience.  But don’t be surprised if the Blueberry sneaks in to knock you flat.  A base in many of my favorite strains, Blueberry is a solid indica offering both pain relief and a body buzz bordering on physical euphoria.  While testing this shatter, I took more than my fair share of unscheduled dab naps.  Overall, though, Maui Blue is an effective daytime sativa high, great for depression, that also brings with it a tangibly comforting physical sensation.

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Tangie Walker Shatter Review

Posted by | October 8, 2014 | DAB Reviews, Reviews

Tangie Walker Shatter Review

Gold Coast is known for putting together some sublime strain combinations to make their shatters, and this nug run Tangie Walker is no different.  Assuming the “Tangie” comes from Tangerine Dream, then this cross with Whitewalker OG creates a balanced indica/sativa strain worthy of their creations.

This shatter has a powerfully sweet orange citrus scent.  This terpene rich experience carries into the flavor of the vapor.  Dabs of Tangie Walker make the whole room smell, and even just opening the plastic container my half gram came in sends out an acidic rush.  The shatter itself is a deeply translucent amber color, which was smooth and consistent for that beautifully shimmering aesthetic.

Tangie Walker’s high starts clear headed and purposeful.  There is plenty of mind wandering creativity to help brainstorm projects at work.  It is an uplifting enterprise, which was nice after a week of heavy kush.  Each dab brings a very cerebral rush and enjoyable mood enhancement, making it seem perfect for work days.  But then it turns.  At higher doses or with extended medicating, Tangie Walker becomes dissociated and slow, manifesting in the stereotypical faded and stoned feeling.

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GoJilly OG Nug Run Shatter Review

Posted by | August 25, 2014 | DAB Reviews, Reviews

GoJilly OG Shatter Review

HGH GoJilly  OG Nug Run shatter absolutely jumped off the shelf when I visited Diamond Grove for the first time.  A combination of Bodhi Seeds’ Goji OG (Snow Lotus x Nepali OG) and Jilly Bean from TGA genetics (Orange Velvet x Space Queen), this product is superior shatter made from superior strains.  Beyond the designer strains in its genetics, this concentrate is beautifully packaged on folded parchment paper and placed inside a small mylar bag.  Outside of all this is a printed envelope with this company logo.  This is where the future of designer weed is going, and HGH is right onthe forefront.

Holy moly this is some clear shatter.  It is a beautiful golden yellow color, and it shimmers glass-like under bright light.  It was a bit soft in these warm California afternoons, but it made loading my Cloud pen no more difficult.  When heated, it let off a light vapor, just a bit expansive, which is a nice change to some cough inducing waxes and shatters I’ve had.  There is a real nice berry and tropical fruit flavor–like pineapple and mango– and a bit of citrusy acid.  Expect some sweet woodiness from the OG Kush as a marginal addition to the taste spectrum.  All in all, it is an absolutely fragrant and delectably tasty shatter.

With Jilly Bean and Goji OG the most likely genetic combo, I was expecting a sativa dominant, happy high.  I was right.  It was immediate and intense.  Not especially clear headed, it was a hazy high.  I had a hard time finishing sentences or concentrating on a single idea when first medicating.  It eventually evened out to a thoughtful, introspective high.  I found myself prone to fits of smiling.  It was one of those delightfully mellow stoner highs that erase pain and problems in a single blow.

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Shabba Cookies OG Shatter Review

Posted by | August 20, 2014 | DAB Reviews, Reviews

Shabba Cookies OG Shatter Review

In Hebrew, Shabba means to swear an oath.  In Jamaica, it means “I understand”.  In terms of shatter, it seems to mean knockout amazing.  While it is an easy guess that there is some GSC in this hybrid, I had no end of a hard time researching this particular genetic structure.  The closest I came to some solid evidence hinted at a Girl Scout Cookies x XXX OG.  I’m short to jump to hasty conclusions, so it’s best to simply take it for face value.

This nug-run shatter from HGH Extractions is extremely light in color, a promising trait for a clean vaping shatter.  Out of my Gpen microG, I was pulling nice smooth hits and creating huge clouds of vapor.  The sweetness of the vapor was cotton candy like from the Cookies, making for a pleasant vaping experience.  There was also some mild earthy spice from the possible OG link that made for a warm, baked taste.

As with most high percentage concentrates, there was an immediate blast to the head when taking a dab. I was left light headed and loose limbed.  The high isn’t just in the body, and matching the relaxing body buzz was a mellow and spacy cerebral high.  I found Shabba Cookies to be most effective for migraines and joint or muscle pain, while the mild mood elevation makes your physical discomfort more bearable while being treated.

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