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Zuma Chocolates Edible Review by OCWeedReview.Com

Posted by | March 9, 2016 | Cannabis Review, Edible Reviews, OCWeedReview.Com

Zuma Chocolates Edible Review by OCWeedReview.Com

More and more skilled chefs, bakers, and chocolatiers are getting into the edible business, infusing a stunning range of delicious foods with cannabis, as is the case here with Zuma Chocolates’ lovingly crafted truffles from chef Sam Christopher.  An award winning expert in chocolates and desserts, Sam brings 20 years of experience to creating the recipes for Zuma Chocolates in his quest to make a higher plane of edible.

Zuma Chocolates Edible Review

The boxed set of infused chocolates we received to review contained an assortment of three different flavors among five total pieces.  Each edible had its own personality and taste profile, leaving patients with plenty of tempting variety in their medicating choices.

Coconut White Chocolate with Brownie Chunks: This first truffle of the set contains a creamy white chocolate filling, enhanced with shredded coconut.  The brownie chunk is totally unexpected when you bite into one and shows Zuma’s playfulness in flavors and textures when crafting these edibles.

Peanut Butter and Pecan Pie: A golden dusting across the outer milk chocolate invites you to indulge in this rich and buttery treat.  Velvety in the mouth and nutty against the tongue, it pairs very well with either a glass of milk or a cup of coffee, both of which play off the fluffy peanut butter flavor.

Orange Passion Fruit Chocolate Martini Bon Bon: A refreshingly citrus flavor exists under this galaxy patinaed bon bon.  When you first bite into the edible, the outer dark chocolate and inner fruit filling intermingle in a burst of flavor, while the more subtle flavors like the orange vodka continue to fuse well into the aftertaste, making this our favorite flavor in the box.

Zuma Chocolates Edible Review

Each artisanal truffle contains 20 mg of THC, a bit strong for some beginners, but a good start for more seasoned patients.  These chocolates are as decadent a way to medicate as I’ve experienced.  The melt in the mouth texture encourages a faster uptake and leaves the flavors to mingle along your tastebuds.  I was torn with every bite between the desire to savor each truffle and the desire to devour them all.  In the end, I split the box among 3 uneven servings, for a mild, relaxing high each time.

Whether purchased as a gift, for yourself, or to share with a loved one, these artisan cannabis infused chocolates are a beautiful way to treat someone important to you to a day of wellbeing, even if that person is just yourself.

Visit the Zuma Chocolates website for more information.

ible Review by OCWeedReview.Com

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Kaneh Co Chocolate Chip Cookie Review by OCWeedReview.Com

Posted by | March 9, 2016 | Cannabis Review, Edible Reviews, OCWeedReview.Com, Reviews

A new line of cannabis baked goods has been finding its way into the coolers and fridges of Orange County dispensaries, and it’s high time we reviewed them for our readers.  Kaneh Co. produces a range of edible potencies in a list of over 20 flavors, meaning that there is likely a favorite Kaneh Co flavor out there for you, but for this review, we were lucky enough to try their chocolate chip cookie.

Kaneh Co. bakes a large, flat cookie, just like it was fresh from your grandma’s cookie jar.  There are no fancy bells and whistles, just a basic but enticing chocolate chip cookie.  Much of this is due to Kaneh Co.’s use of natural, made-at-home ingredients, like eggs, butter, brown sugar, and vanilla.  Light and airy, patients needing the full potency will find it easy to complete in a single sitting.

For our review, we tested the 100 mg cookie.  However, stronger potencies are also available in Kaneh Co. edibles, ranging all the way up to 1000 mg.  Although clearly aimed at the high dose user, the relatively large size of the Kaneh Co. edibles means that the 100 mg versions can effortlessly be split into smaller doses for those new to edibles and unsure of their baseline potency.

I had my sample cookie early in the evening after a long day of work.  Physically and mentally fatigued, the Kaneh Co. chocolate chip cookie hit me with a strong, stoney high.  Physically relaxing and mentally distracting, it provided all the effects I needed after a high stress afternoon.  Paired with a favorite TV show, video game, or hobby, this is the way to unwind and end your busier days.  Just don’t forget a glass of ice cold milk in which dunk your cookie.

For more information, visit Kaneh Co. online.

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The Herbal Chef THC Infused Cuisine Review by OCWeedReview.Com

Posted by | November 3, 2015 | Cannabis Review, Edible Reviews, OCWeedReview.Com, Reviews

The Herbal Chef THC Infused Cuisine Review by OCWeedReview.Com

For the longest time, cannabis and food meant skunky brownies and rice krispy treats, made at home or bought out of the back of a van at the Phish show.  However, as the industry matures, they are slowly learning that you can put cannabis in just about anything that uses butter or oil, opening up a world of infused culinary possibilities.  This, of course, culminates in the work of Christopher Sayegh, The Herbal Chef.  Creating fully serviced multi-course, cannabis infused meals, he is putting a whole new twist on the catered dinner party.

Coming from a family that embraced cooking and eating together, a career as a chef was a natural undertaking for Chris.  However, it wasn’t until his technique was hardened in the kiln that is the kitchen of a Michelin rated restaurant that Chris became the chef he is today.  Training extensively under James Beard Award winning head chefs, the gratifying experience is recalled fondly by him as, “the hardest time of my life.”  Since then, Chris has been bringing his skill and passion to medicated fine dining, cooking under the Herbal Chef brand for the past six years.

Preparation for Chris’s meals begins months in advance with visits to the event’s location to begin searching for his ingredients from neighboring farms.  Truly adopting a locally sourced attitude, Chris pulls his seasonal menus from the event’s surrounding area to put the diner in touch with the region.  Ingredients not obtained locally are brought in from carefully selected vendors, such as certified Wagyu beef from Japan, fine imported caviar, and prized truffles.  Doing whatever it takes to craft the perfect culinary experience, Chris is not above foraging for his own culinary elements, including perfectly paired wines and liquors from Napa and beyond.

Each The Herbal Chef meal is customizable, though Chris works best when kept off a tight leash.  Surprising even the pickiest of palates, he uses his extensive training in taste and texture to craft adventurous menus, often featuring methods that Chris himself refers to as avant garde.  Even just a glance into his favorite courses reveals this bold spirit: options include fennel panna cotta, apricot gele, and smoked pepper; locally sourced seasonal vegetables, basil and cayenne oils, and a mozzarella “cloud”; or leg of lamb, escargot, foraged mushrooms, and an arugula “moss”.  Creativity in craft and presentation allows Chris to conceive breathtaking meals.  The dinners themselves can be medicated at varying doses for individual guests, meaning everyone at the table is able to enjoy the entire meal, regardless of their tolerance level or usage.

From planning to execution to cleanup, Chris and his team take care of everything, leaving guests to enjoy the experience worry free.  The Herbal Chef events include an educational session about cannabis dosing and edibles, pairing information about wine and liquor choices, and detailed descriptions of each course, making these catered dinners accessible to all levels of patient, regardless of their experience with either cannabis or cuisine.

For more information or to book The Herbal Chef for your next event, visit theherbalchef.comor follow on Instagram @the_herbal_chef.

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Deez Nutz Cookie from Super Baked Review by OCWeedReview.Com

Posted by | September 30, 2015 | Edible Reviews, OCWeedReview.Com, Reviews

Deez Nutz Cookie from Super Baked Review by OCWeedReview.Com

As the edibles industry rapidly grows, we here at the Review have become increasingly vigilant in discovering companies that we feel are, if you will, “doing it right”. Creativity in design, lab tested numbers, and socially ethical ingredients all contribute to an industry leading edible, and Super Baked displays each in spades.

The Super Baked consideration for detail begins with their ingredients. Locally sourced, sometimes obtained as close by as right in their backyard of Oceanside, they create an important link between Super Baked and their community. Organic ingredients like unbleached whole wheat flour, cane sugar, and coconut palm sugar are combined with cage free eggs, hemp seed hearts, and flax meal to create a wholesome and socially responsible edible.

But the real stars of the Super Baked Deez Nutz cookie are, of course, the nuts. Well, only the hazelnuts are true nuts. Technically speaking, almonds and pistachios are drupes, like the cherry, but no one would buy a cookie called Deez Drupes and a Nut. I was especially excited by the interesting combination of rarely used cookie nuts, like the hazelnut, and shows the way in which Super Baked is willing to think outside the typical edible to craft their cookies.

The 125 mg of THC in the Deez Nutz cookie is backed with testing done by PharmLabs, so you know exactly what potency you are receiving. Dosing out baked goods can be difficult, and I was content to just nibble and munch. However, I found the high to be engaging and productive. After eating nearly the entire cookie in a few hours in the office, I was still able to complete quite a bit of work. Eventually, the effects peaked, leaving me stoney and creative. There is plenty of residual body buzz to help combat mild to moderate pain, while the calming sedation soothes away stress.

Visit for more information.

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Old Fashioned Lemonade Cannabis Quencher Review by OCWeedReview.Com

Posted by | September 12, 2015 | Cannabis Review, Edible Reviews, OCWeedReview.Com

Old Fashioned Lemonade Cannabis Quencher Review by OCWeedReview.Com

Few things say summer more than an ice cold glass of lemonade.  And here in Southern California, the heat is just starting to build, making the need for a shady refreshment all the more important.  So as the sun peaks in the sky, duck for cover and pour out an old fashioned lemonade Cannabis Quencher for a medicated mid-day break.

Before opening your Cannabis Quencher, be sure to give it a vigorous shake, not just to mix up the sediment, but also to evenly distribute the medication.  Although refrigeration isn’t required, I highly suggest keeping your Cannabis Quencher chilled, as ice cold is the way to go for an improved taste.  We were able to split the bottle into two glasses filled with ice for a perfect 8 ounce dose to share under the shade of the porch.  At 75 mg per 16 ounce bottle, each glass comes to an easy 37 mg or so.

At 110 calories, a full 16 ounce Cannabis Quencher has fewer calories than most sodas.  The all natural ingredients include cane sugar, lemon juice concentrate, and organic lemon flavor.  A puckeringly sour lemon is balanced by the saccharine natural sweetener for a fine complement to the mild cannabis flavor.

Great for a trip to the beach, a bike ride down to the park, or just lounging in the backyard, Cannabis Quenchers are a refreshing and convenient way to medicate during these dog days of summer.  With potency to share, they make a good addition to any picnic or social gathering, and when served over ice, the classic lemonade is a cooling way to endure Southern California’s heat.

Get yours from PSA Collective today.

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Pot Stix from Goodies By MaGooch Edible Review via

Posted by | September 9, 2015 | Cannabis Review, Edible Reviews, OCWeedReview.Com, Reviews

Pot Stix from Goodies By MaGooch Edible Review via

As a professional reviewer of edibles, it is an absolute relief to have a product come across my desk that isn’t a case of cannabis infused diabetes waiting to happen.  Made with Goodies By MaGooch’s medicated olive oil, the same they now offer in the shops, their Pot Stix medicated pretzels are the savory edible snack you’ve been hoping for.  Healthier than sugar loaded candies, and unlike fancy baked goods, there is no need for refrigeration.  Versatile and lasting, Pot Stix are ready when you need them.

Unlike many infused edibles, even ones at this potency level, you simply cannot taste the cannabis in these Pot Stix.  Not normally a fan of pretzels, myself, I took to these immediately, enjoying the addition of the mild olive oil flavor.  One of my favorite methods for using these medicated pretzels is mixed in with other treats to make a tasty, low dose party mix.  Or if the crowd is right, double up by adding other medicated Goodies by MaGooch, like their cheez-its, for a non-alcoholic alternative to party supplies.

Tested at 117 mg of THC per bag, there is enough potency for even moderate users.  However, it is tough to dose out into accurate portions without counting and mathing out the the number of pretzels in the bag.  Rather, I found them best for casual munching here and there, to bring on a soft, enduring high.  But they are great by the handful as an addition to your lunch, as a mid-hike snack, or blended into a snack mix for the game.  Regardless of how you eat them, Pot Stix from Goodies By MaGooch offer a consistent full body medicating experience.

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Trikom Treats Triple Chocolate Brownie Review by OCWeedReview.Com

Posted by | August 7, 2015 | Cannabis Review, Edible Reviews, OCWeedReview.Com, Reviews

Trikom Treats Triple Chocolate Brownie Review by OCWeedReview.Com

I’ve had many a brownie in my day, medicated and otherwise, and this Triple Chocolate Brownie from Trikom Treats is one of the most scrumptious.  I’ve remarked in the past that a well made brownie can be a finer thing than one complicated with bells and whistles.  In this edible from Trikom Treats, you get just that: the kind of delicious medicated brownie that your talented friend or family member might make, but none of the wildly varying potencies that come with homemade medibles.

My sample Triple Chocolate Brownie had just about 100 mg of total cannabinoids.  And unlike other popular brands that test once, if ever, to obtain their potency numbers, Trikom Treats tests every batch of oil, so you know the numbers listed on the package are the actual numbers received in the edible.  I cannot stress enough that this should be the industry standard, and Trikom Treats is singular in their dedication to precise dosing.

When flying, I have gotten into the habit of using an edible to make for a more enjoyable flight, easing any stress and anxiety caused from traveling.  Trikom Treats Triple Chocolate Brownie was reviewed in just that setting.  Eaten with a hot latte while waiting at the gate to board, by the time my group is called the tension easing and sociable high effects begin to settle in, allowing for a more comfortable boarding experience.  The easy aura given off allows for a friendly engagement with fellow passenger and crew alike.  Once in the air, a calming body high washes over me, mixing with the mood elevation for a euphoric trip.

Trikom Treats takes commercial edibles to a professional new level.  Their packaging contains nutritional values and ingredients, user warnings, and testing numbers so recent that they have corresponding born on dates.  Our Triple Chocolate Brownie had its infused coconut oil tested on the 14th and was baked just three days later on the 17th.  Our review took place a scant week later.  There is little doubt that Trikom Treats takes your experience very seriously, and that begins with proper dosing and accurate packaging and continues through their line of delicious and fresh products.

Visit Trikom Treats for more information.

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Mellow Madness Bar from Goodies By OCWeedReview – MaGooch Edible Review

Posted by | August 7, 2015 | Cannabis Review, Edible Reviews, Marijuana Review, OCWeedReview.Com, Reviews

Mellow Madness Bar from Goodies By OCWeedReview – MaGooch Edible Review

Crafted from a combination of fruity and regular crispy rice cereals and held together with sweet marshmallows, the Mellow Madness Bar from Goodies By MaGooch is a fruity and flavorful variation on a classic medicated treat.  There is a delightful homemade charm to the bar, and it tasted much like my own attempts at baking edibles, before I moved to California and learned someone else will do it for me — and better.

Goodies By MaGooch presents a dense and chewy crispy rice cereal bar, good for a more portable medicating experience.  Because it contains 165 mg of THC, most moderate users will be able to get multiple doses out of a single edible.  While doing my review, I kept one in my laptop bag, pulling off pieces at around 40 mg at a time.  And since the Mellow Madness Bar is made with extra virgin olive oil, the same medicated olive oil that Goodies By MaGooch sells in dispensaries, it is a low fat replacement for edibles made with cannabutter.

A simple yet tasty treat, the Mellow Madness Bar packs plenty of relief into a single edible.  So it is no surprise that there is a noticeable cannabis smell when opening the package, which is thankfully double sealed in plastic wrap and a mylar bag.  Not a choice for those trying to avoid the cannabis flavor all together, I found the taste to be complementary, and it didn’t affect my medicating in any way than to remind me of the potency with which I am dealing.

The high from this edible is enlightening and, as the name suggests, mellow.  Effective for relaxation and the mitigation anxiety, the Mellow Madness bar is a wonderful distraction from today’s work-a-day world.  However, bouts of daydreaming may make this edible out of the reach of all day use, placing it in the category of physical and mental relief from your busy day.

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Trippin Treats The Bomb Banana Nut Bread Edible Review by OCWeedReview.Com

Posted by | July 19, 2015 | Edible Reviews, OCWeedReview.Com, Reviews

Trippin Treats The Bomb Banana Nut Bread Edible Review by OCWeedReview.Com

I prefer my bananas hard and green and still a bit sour.  By the time they are turning yellow and grow spots, I’m completely disinterested… unless we are talking about making them into banana bread.  That, my friend, is a horse of a different color.  Mashed to a pulp and mixed with nuts and sugar, suddenly they become irresistible to me.  So when I learned that Trippin Treats made a medicated banana bread, I was all in for a review.

There is a certain farmers’ market quality to Trippin Treats The Bomb Banana Nut Bread that I find endlessly appealing.  A firm believer of supporting local small business, these hand-made, small batch mini-loaves are as authentic as they come.  And like any homemade banana bread, Trippin Treats uses all natural ingredients and no preservatives.  This edible will undoubtedly get moldy if left out of the fridge, so proper storage must be a concern.

Each mini-loaf contains approximately 100 mg of cannabinoids.  This is enough potency for a moderate user to enjoy at least a couple of doses per loaf; low dose patients will be able to get more medication per edible.  Regardless of how much you consume, Tippin Treats banana bread is a delicious alternative to the typical edible.

I began one morning out on my patio with a few slices warmed and served with melted butter and paired with a hot tea for breakfast.  The next morning, I tossed 4 thin slices in an egg batter with cinnamon and nutmeg and fried them for some delicious medicated banana bread French toast.  For brunch the day after that, I ate my last slices with a smear of cinnamon/raisin cream cheese.  I literally couldn’t think of a bad way to eat Trippin’ Treats The Bomb Banana Nut bread, and neither will you.

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530 Edibles Medicated Hard Candies Review Part 2 by OCWeedReview.Com

Posted by | July 3, 2015 | Cannabis Review, Edible Reviews, Marijuana Review, OCWeedReview.Com

530 Edibles Medicated Hard Candies Review Part 2 by OCWeedReview.Com

We loved these medicated hard candies from 530 Edibles the first time around, so when I caught up with the 530 Edibles gang at the Leafly Cannabis Cup pre-party and they said they had new flavors for us to try, I was ecstatic to get these hard candies back on the site.  We simply adored the simplicity and convenience of these edibles last time we had them.  In addition, all of the new flavors are sugar free, as is now my most beloved flavor from last time, the Sour Punch.

And just as with the 530 Edibles Sour Punch’s spooky similarity to the “bug juice” or fruit punch of my youth, all three new flavors in their line of hard candies, Tropical Chili Lime, Root Beer Float, and Orange Creme, remind me of specific drinks from my past, all duplicated nearly directly out of my memory.

Root Beer Float:  In my younger days, my family would spend the bulk of each summer down the Jersey shore.  This meant we spent countless hours sitting in traffic, only ever inching our way towards our destination — Seaside Heights.  Once off the Garden State Parkway, our situation would only devolve on the surface streets, and to ebb the rise of car-bound anger, we would stop at the tiny orange and brown A&W burger stand on Rt. 37 for hot dogs and root beer floats.  The creamy root beer and bubbly vanilla ice cream flavors that stick in my mind from those trips are solidified in these candies.

Tropical Chili Lime:  When I was in my graduate program, my roommate and I used to hop onto the Long Island Railroad on our days off and head into NYC for a good natured rumpus around the bars of the city.  During one particular trip on a Tuesday evening, we found ourselves in Greenwich Village on Bleeker Street among the bridge and tunnel crowd who were just off work and looking for release.  We ended up ducking into Senor Swanky’s for a rowdy night of drinking margaritas, chomping complimentary chips and salsa, and hitting on Italian women from Staten Island who were way too old for us.  And it is this experience that is mimicked in this Tropical Chili Lime flavor.  The sweet and sour lime and bitingly spicy chili conjure up Mexican breezes (or NYC humidity) and plenty of tequila.

Orange Creme: This final flavor is a more recent memory, rooted here in Southern California.  It is not uncommon to find me, nose to the grindstone, field testing products on the beaches between Newport and Balboa piers.  And when the work is done, I pop up to the Ruby’s at the end of the Balboa Pier for a Creamsicle shake and the sunset.  It is the same smooth orange flavor that is present in these Orange Creme hard candies, as calming and delicious as sundown at Ruby’s.

As with other 530 Edibles products, these hard candies come in two potency levels: 210 mg and 70 mg per tin.  As convenient as a tin of Altoids, and not nearly as big, they can be left in a laptop bag or purse and office or nightstand drawers for when needed most.  And like we boasted on the site before, their portability and discreet nature make them the most pragmatic edibles we’ve reviewed on the site.

Visit for more information.

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Medicated Glazed Pecans from Auntie Dolores Edible Review

Posted by | May 2, 2015 | Cannabis Review, Edible Reviews, OCWeedReview.Com


Medicated Glazed Pecans from Auntie Dolores Edible Review by OCWeedReview.Com

I first met up with Auntie Dolores at last years Cannabis Cup to review a pack of their brownie bites and their caramel popcorn.  This year, they sampled us out some of their new glazed pecans, which were wildly popular with the crowd.  This is not a surprise to see.  Many forward thinking edibles companies like Auntie Dolores have been moving away from traditional chocolate and sugary sweets and introducing more savory snacks instead, a trend we love because it creates options for the health conscious and those with dietary restrictions.

These Auntie Dolores medicated glazed pecans are vegan, contain no gluten, and are low glycemic, putting them high on the list for the fit set.  They are mildly sweet from the organic coconut sugar, but there is a spicy kick from the cayenne pepper and chipotle in the throat.  A bold addition to baked goods, they are also delicious when added into stir-fry or chopped over salads.  Edibles this versatile even bring to mind a whole new concept of entertaining guests.  Replacing alcohol at a dinner party, these pecans can be left out as an appetizer or offered as an ingredient in the meal.  Even after dinner activities like cards and board games can be vastly improved with a handful of Auntie Dolores medicated pecans.

And at 100 mg per bag, a recommended 10 doses at 10 mg each, there is plenty of potency in these packages for most users to share with others or break into multiple personal doses.  Auntie Dolores also uses CO2 extracted oil from a combination of both indica and sativa strains for a full range of effects — great for those of us who seek to treat multiple symptoms at once or prefer an all encompassing high.  Plus, because each pecan only has a handful of milligrams of cannabinoids, it is a snap to closely tailor your medicating.

Whether eaten alone or mixed into your meal, all at once or little by little, shared or hoarded to yourself, these medicated glazed pecans are one of the most versatile products on the market today and are just part of the new lineup of edibles from Auntie Dolores.

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7 Layer Bar from 530 Edibles Review

Posted by | April 30, 2015 | Cannabis Review, Edible Reviews, OCWeedReview.Com, Reviews


7 Layer Bar from 530 Edibles Review

By OCWeedReview.Com

Everything about this energy packed 7 Layer Bar from 530 Edibles screams hiking, camping, and general outdoor adventures, perhaps something to be expected from a company based in Shasta Lake and near so many national forests.  Whether as a tasty treat before hitting the trails or tossed into the daypack for fuel on the go, this creation from 530 Edibles will keep you moving.

The 7 Layer Bar is as wholesome as it is because of its ingredients: including, graham cracker, oatmeal, butter, sweetened condensed milk, coconut, butterscotch chips, peanut butter chips, chocolate chips, almonds, and, of course, cannabis.  There are a few allergens in there, so those with limitations be aware.  Now, I don’t know about layers, but this bar had so many different things going on that literally every bite was a different combination of flavors.  Just like how you can never enter the same river twice, you will never have the same bite of this treat.  Each munch, even each section of the bar, is a completely unique taste experience.  The graham cracker, peanut butter, and oatmeal make a fantastic base for the chips, almonds, and shredded coconut to be piled on top.  Those looking for taste in their edibles will not want to miss this outing from 530 Edibles.

The edible I reviewed had 70 mg of THC, but it also comes in 210 mg.  As filling a treat as this is, the 70 mg could easily be broken into more than one serving and still be satisfying.  Though for a moderate user, when eaten whole, it could be a great breakfast for a different type of wake n’ bake experience.  The high is, as always with 530 Edibles, uplifting and social.  Their treats never hold me back or couchlock me.  On the contrary, I am often moving: working, walking around town, at the gym.  As a daily medication, I know I can rely on 530 Edibles to keep me on my feet, while still treating both my arthritis and depression.

Order yours from Strictly OG or direct from 530 Edibles.

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Mama Kush Edibles Medicated Beef Jerky Review by OCWeedReview.Com

Posted by | April 21, 2015 | Edible Reviews, Reviews

Mama Kush Edibles Medicated Beef Jerky Review by OCWeedReview.Com

It was rather serendipitous that I ran into the Mama Kush gang at this year’s Cannabis Cup in LA.  Coming out of a panel discussion sponsored by Women Grow, I walked smack into a wall of Mama Kush t-shirts.  I got to talking with Mama Kush herself, and next thing I know, I have a couple packs of their medicated jerky in my hand to review.

Mama Kush Edibles starts with high quality steak when making their beef jerky, not the stringy, fibrous meat other companies use that reminds me of my college roommate’s venison jerky with deer hair still in it.   This is expertly cured and seasoned with a sweet and flavorful teriyaki sauce and a sprinkling of sesame seeds, and then kicked up with some cracked black pepper.  I found them to be as tender and delicious as any beef jerky I’ve had.

When the weather starts to warm, I begin to prepare my hiking and camping gear, and this includes storing up solid pieces of high protein snackery.  Already, this medicated jerky has found its way into my daypack for trips to Joshua Tree and the Cleveland National Forest.  And because it doesn’t require special storage, Mama Kush can go with you on longer expeditions, too.

Though I found it to be an absolute blessing during a day out on the hiking trails to soothe worked muscles, Mama Kush’s medicated jerky has almost 11 mg of CBD to 75 mg of THC, meaning there is lots of physical sedation and anti-anxiety effects.  Watching the ballgame, lazing in the hammock, walking around downtown, it will all be enhanced by the CBD’s relaxation, while the relief from soreness and stress will help you enjoy your day.

More about this and other Mama Kush Edibles here.

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530 Edibles Raspberry Bar Review | OC Weed Review

Posted by | April 8, 2015 | Edible Reviews, Marijuana Product Review, OCWeedReview.Com, Reviews

530 Edibles Raspberry Bar Review | OC Weed Review