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Healthy High’s Peanut Butter Bar With Chips Edible Review

Posted by | January 8, 2015 | Edible Reviews, Reviews

Healthy High's Peanut Butter Bar With Chips Edible Review

Since I’ve begun reviewing edibles, I’ve sampled an outrageous variety of medicated treats — cookies, brownies, hot chocolate, gummy bears, chocolate bars, hot buttered popcorn, doughnuts, honey, fudge, ice cream, a Twinkie, cupcakes, and a chocolate fountain, just to name a few.  However, there is a motif to that list.  They are largely sugar loaded or fatty treats that, while ok for the occasional splurge, are quite unnecessary for daily use.  For those with chronic issues or high tolerance, such edibles, though tasty, simply aren’t practical.  However, as is proved to me time and again, good food doesn’t have to bad for you, and no where is this more evident than in Healthy High edibles.

This peanut butter oatmeal bar is outrageously flavorful.  With its sprinkling of chocolate chips, there is just enough sweet to complement its savory nuttiness.  Peanut butter has long been a favorite munchies food for me.  Often, a spoonful of Jiffy smooth is hanging out of my mouth post medicating session, so these may prove to be trouble.  But because they aren’t loaded with corn syrup, I can medicate with impunity.

Healthy High offers as wholesome a treat as you can find, medicated or otherwise.  In a world where it is ever more difficult to find a healthy snack, it is a comforting surprise to find such natural, organic ingredients in a medicated edible as are listed here: cannabis, peanuts, oats, coconut oil, brown sugar, sugar, flax seeds, vegan chocolate chips, pure vanilla, and sea salt.  And challenging the idea that you need overly saccharine sweets to cover the taste of cannabis, this potent treat hinted at nothing but peanut butter and oatmeal, throughout.

These peanut butter oatmeal bars are also quite filling, making them a great companion for excursions, whether they be in the urban jungle or one more verdant.  Convenient for all day medicating while on the go, with 2g of dried cannabis used in each bar, you’ll have relief to spare.  I took one bar with me to Joshua Tree, tucked into my day pack for medicating while on the trail.  While the indica high may slow you down at larger doses, it is superb for when when muscle exertion will be strenuous.  The high CBD count helps soothe your sore limbs, and the relaxing sense of wellbeing helps you connect with your environment.  Plus, because they don’t need to be refrigerated, you can take them with you on longer trips as well, knowing they will be there when you need them for healthy, convenient, and flavorful medicating.

Head over the Healthy High’s website for orders and to view more edibles.

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Chocolate Caramel Cake Pop from Miss Mary Jane’s Bake Shop Review

Posted by | November 16, 2014 | Edible Reviews, Reviews

Chocolate Caramel Cake Pop from Miss Mary Jane's Bake Shop Review

When I was given one of Miss Mary Jane’s Bakeshop’s chocolate caramel cake pops, it was alluded that they would be fluffy, moist, and delicious.  But somehow being told doesn’t fully prepare you for the reality.  This cake pop is formed using a base of brilliantly velvet chocolate cake with an indulgent core of soft caramel filling.  Around all of this is the thinnest crispy crust of decadent chocolate, drizzled to perfection to complete the aesthetic effect.  There is a hint of cannabis to the taste.  But it is hard to mask completely.  That’s why chocolate is so often used in edibles–the complementing effect.  Rather than cover up the green flavor, the chocolate uses it to its benefit.

This particular medicated cake pop was made with Charlotte’s Web, a CBD rich strain first bred by the Stanley brothers from out of Colorado for Charlotte Figi, an 8 year old Dravet Syndrome patient who found relief from her seizures with the high CBD strain.  Miss Mary Jane’s Bakeshop obtained their Charlotte’s Web from Coastal Collective in Santa Ana, one of the only Southern California dispensaries to carry this prized genetic.

At nearly 60 mg of total cannabinoids, this edible produces an incredibly sedative high, making it a fantastic treatment for the physical symptoms of anxiety.  Since CBD counteracts the anxiety or “paranoia” effect created by THC, Charlotte’s Web provides relief rather than creating more problems.  There is an amazing physical relaxation, as pain melts away along with your stress.  Proponents of CBD rich products tout a lack of intoxication in the effects, making it great for those looking to avoid the traditional cannabis high.  There may not be an “intoxication”, but I found plenty of light,smooth social interaction due to the ease of tension.  This edible made me re-think the value of CBD, being a sativa fan myself.  As a sufferer of both pain and anxiety, this edible was an effective relief from my range of symptoms.  While some patients’ utilization of high THC for other medicating needs prevents them from being able to rely solely on CBD rich products, edibles like Miss Mary Jane’s Bakeshop’s chocolate caramel cake pop have plenty of pragmatic medicating uses.

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530 Edibles Peppermint Patty Edible Review

Posted by | October 16, 2014 | Edible Reviews, Reviews

530 Edibles Peppermint Patty Edible Review

As a recent emigrant who settled in SoCal, I often miss the cooler latitudes from which I originate.  There is something crisply refreshing about the cold air when you walk out your door and into sub-zero weather.  It is difficult to describe the way your breath becomes like crushed ice in your mouth when you inhale deeply.  Unfortunately, this frosty feeling is widely unavailable here in Orange County — until now.

As with all of 530 Edibles’ wonderful treats, the deeply rich, but bitter chocolate is the cornerstone to this medible.  Inside this is the icy cool mint filling that gives this dessert its wintery palate.  I kept mine in the fridge, saving it for a scorching day, which didn’t take long to arrive.  The melt in the mouth consistency is not unlike taking a bite of freshly fallen, chocolate covered snow.

This edible has a nice size to it, and I found myself eating it rather passively as a snack while working.  Due to both its bulk and its 70 mg potency, 530 Edibles’ peppermint patty could easily be shared.  In its principle, it is just like the ones you might get from the movie theater, only quite a bit larger.  And much higher quality.  And a hell of a lot tastier.  There is also absolutely no cannabis taste due to the overpowering mint for those who try to avoid it in their medication.

Expect a slow, unassuming come on that is light and hardly noticeable, until it is on you.  I found it to be a fully capable medication, delightfully mellow, especially after the peak.  Good for a movie marathon or entertaining guests for dinner, the sativa leaning effects will have you elevated and social while still providing an effective body buzz.  If you don’t feel like being convivial, bring a chilled peppermint patty out to your backyard hammock and beat the heat with its brisk mint flavor and soothing high, while swinging in the breeze to your favorite tunes.

To place an order, email or visit them at

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Agave Sweetened Raw Vegan Chocolate from the Venice Cookie Company

Posted by | August 9, 2014 | Edible Reviews, Reviews

Agave Sweetened Raw Vegan Chocolate from the Venice Cookie Company

You know a dispensary is business savvy when they have small add ons near the register, the oldest trick in the retail book, to tempt me to walk out with no cash left in my pocket.  Last visit to PSA, I was duped out of my very last cent, when a gleaming gold pyramid begged my attention as my budtender weighed me out.  The brilliant treat in question: Agave Sweetened Raw Vegan Chocolate.  Try saying that five times fast.

Shiny things are just so enticing, and the Venice Cookie Company shrewdly uses a nice gold leaf foil packaging to wrap this chocolate edible.  There wasn’t much info on each individual treat, but most importantly, it did contain mg counts.

The edible itself is full of dark chocolate bitterness.  However, there is also a smooth, mocha like finish to please the palate at the end.  The Venice Cookie Company typically uses magnificent chocolate in their edibles, but this delicacy is like none other.  I’m a cannabis connoisseur, not chocolate, but this rich indulgence is to be savored.  You don’t need to be an expert to see that.

At 30 mg of THC, it will give a nice base high.  10-30 mgs is the recommended dose for beginner to light cannabis users, and they will find in this edible a level and unobtrusive high.  It’s a bit low for more moderate users who may need two, but it’s nice for when I am out and need to be mildly and discreetly medicated.  For patients who use lower doses, this may be more than enough, and even the package suggests only taking a quarter dose at first.  With edibles, I find the best barometer is to be aware of the mg counts in your product and count out your doses in that manner.  It takes a bit of math–nooo!!!–but knowing your typical dose size can help you from under or over medicating.  I tend to shy away from any product that doesn’t list THC content.  No one wants to be unexpectedly laid with too large a dose.  With Venice Cookie Company edibles, that is never a problem, and your doses will always be perfect.

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