VANCOUVER, WASH. — Washington’s marijuana business has created a legal occupation that offers career opportunities for bud trimmers, according to The Columbian and The Associated Press.

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“I’ve done everything from pumping gas to remodeling houses, but I think there’s longevity in this,” 32-year-old bud trimmer Kurt Vermillion told The Columbian. “I think there’s lots of growing room in this industry. I want to do whatever they need me to do.”

Bud trimmers make between $12 and $15 an hour and use small scissors to trim away leaves and other things from marijuana buds. Most trimmers work on about a pound to a pound and a half of marijuana per day.

Experienced workers can move up to gardeners or concentrate makers and make $50,000 to $90,000 a year.

For 37-year-old Julie Whittaker, who started trimming buds in November, the job turned out to be less stressful than her former work in the banking software industry.

“I’ve been learning my way as I go,” she said. “I’m intrigued by this whole industry. It’s a big shift for me, and honestly I find it to be better regulated than even my old career in banking.”

Vermillion and Whittaker work at Cedar Creek Cannabis, where Mark Michaelson, head of operations, is eyeing ways to hold onto workers. The company has 14.

“We want to work on employee retention,” he said. “Eventually we’ll have health and dental insurance and full benefits for them, too.”

Clark County has eight growers that have been approved by the Liquor Control Board, and five stores have opened in Clark County so far and two more are planning to open within two months.

Before the legalization of marijuana, bud trimmers migrated from job to job and were paid in cash by the pound and risked arrest. Now, bud trimmers typically make an hourly wage, though some are paid by the pound.

“I think what happens is people think in this industry, people are just hanging out and maybe even smoking,” said 32-year-old Brittny Houghton, 32, whose family owns Cedar Creek Cannabis. “But that’s not what we do. It’s a real job, it’s 9 to 5, you have to be on time, you don’t have to be a smoker, and the quality of the work is important.”

At CannaMan Farms, another marijuana business, owner Brian Stroh said trimmers come from a variety of backgrounds.

“It’s a business that people who work hard can move up in,” he said.

Job Growth in the Cannabis Industry by leafhead

Cannabis boom in 2014: 2014 was a banner year for medical marijuana legislation and 2015 looks to be another year filled with legalization, decriminalization and the expansion of the medical marijuana business. In the state of Colorado $573 Million was spent on medical marijuana with $60 Million collected in taxes whereas in Washington $64 Million was spent on medical marijuana with $15 Million collected in taxes. Is there any wonder why the job economy has also raised in those states? $8 Million was given to marijuana and cannabis research, Alaska and Oregon passed legislation as well as Washington D.C.

Job Growth for Medical Marijuana Workers10,000+ new jobs were created last year with only half of the country having legalized or passing medical marijuana legislation. Considering that 3 new states passed legislation and 6 more states are in play in the coming year the potential for job growth has become exponential. With a total of 4 states out of the 23 legalized states having specific amendments to include recreational smoking and use of cannabis the markets for jobs and career growth has grown as well. The projections made about the industry include nearly $10 Billion in revenue for marijuana-legal states within the next three years and if more states are added to that list the growth in the economy could be even more substantial.


Investment Trading in the Coming Year With the release of the breaking story about Founders Fund investing in Privateer Holdings Inc. opens up a new era in the legitimacy of cannabis entrepreneurship. Larger more privatized firms will take the cue from Founders Fund to begin investing within other businesses in the cannabis industry. Ancillary services are growing every day in the industry and with the existing infrastructure for pot only being developed within the last couple years the time for job growth through investment capital has finally come. The states that stand to make the greatest benefit through medical marijuana jobs are those that didn’t have an infrastructure for manufacturing and growing of cannabis. States such as Alaska and Oregon’s amendments included recreational provisions thus making the demand for medical marijuana greater. Through legalization the economy expands to create new businesses, more jobs and careers, and more tax revenue as a result of sales.

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LA deals a blow to cannabis home-delivery

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Image: LA deals a blow to cannabis home-delivery

Los Angeles city attorney Mike Feuer has put a stop to cannabis home-deliveries in California.He’s asked a judge to close Nestdrop, the first app for smartphones that enables customers to order therapeutic marijuana for home delivery. The reason being that the app, which was designed initially to sell alcohol and then to sell cannabis, violates the strict rules governing the distribution of the substance. These include the obligation to respect predetermined distances from schools, public parks and childcare centres.

According to Feuer, these rules weren’t being respected by Nestdrop, as well as the fact that “a mobile marijuana business is, by definition, in violation of laws on transport in vehicles.” But only a judge can determine if laws have been violated. While the city attorney is calling for Nestdrop to remain outside LA’s boundaries, he also states that there will be no legal consequences for existing users of the service.

However, Nestdrop boss Michael Pycher has announced that he intends to formally oppose the application for an injunction. The app, says Pycher, neither distributes nor cultivates drugs. It’s just technology that works perfectly: it puts patients in touch with local dispensaries, offering an essential service.

And while Nestdrop is the first, it is certainly not the only company operating in this sector: there are now hundreds of safe and convenient delivery services throughout southern California. But Feuer’s court action is putting them all at risk and has already led to the closure of 402 medical marijuana dispensaries, halving their number. This has been a hard blow for the cannabis trade, which doesn’t just depend on the freedom to buy and sell, but also on having products that are widely available. And if they’re delivered straight to your door, even bette

San Diego moving backwards on medical marijuana

By Jack Daniel in Legalize It, Medical, News
Friday, June 6, 2014 at 1:20 pm


Leading up to the statewide California election this past Tuesday, it is probably safe to say that a majority of voters in San Diego did not realize that they were casting ballots either for, or against, safe access to medical marijuana in the city.

There were no particular referendums for reefer, no specific ballot measures for medical marijuana, but the disappointing results in the city’s District Attorney race, and a rightward-shift in the too-powerful City Council, are reportedly the result of low voter turnout.

It was a tough day at the polls for pro-cannabis activists in America’s Finest City. Another in a disheartening string of crushing blows against any legitimacy for medical marijuana in San Diego.

As a new City Council-concocted medical marijuana ordinance is implemented in San Diego, critics are concerned about the fact that the new ordinance only allows for 30-35 storefront dispensaries to service the entire city and county of San Diego.

As a result of a heavy crackdown on the 300+ storefront dispensaries that marked every corner of the map in 2011, a compounded number of marijuana delivery services cropped up, promising to hop in their vehicle and service all reaches of San Diego.

Currently, zero medical marijuana dispensaries are allowed to be open, until the ordinance takes full effect. There are, however, at least a couple dozen brick and mortar storefronts operating illegally in the city. But still, deliveries reign king since those clandestine walk-in pot shops cannot possibly service the 70,000+ registered medical marijuana patients in the city.

The incredibly restrictive ordinance passed this year by the San Diego City Council has already been panned by pro-cannabis activists across the nation for being too harsh, but as James Palen of the San Diego Daily Transcript is reporting, the City Council may not be done writing rules yet.

Many people don’t realize that with absolutely no rules in place from 1996-2014, operating a delivery service is just as illegal as operating a storefront dispensary in the eyes of the City Council. Until now, delivery services have been tolerated as an acceptable alternative to storefronts, but apparently, even that will be changing if the Council has its way.

The City Council’s Committee for Public Safety and Livable Neighborhoods is scheduled to meet for the second time on the issue of regulating weed delivery services on July 16th. Palen reports that in the first Committee meeting – which was pretty much totally unreported on -ideas were proposed that ranged from realistic to ridiculous.

For example, Councilwoman Myrtle Cole proposed in that first meeting a single sentence that, if taken word for word, could turn out to be one of the most nefarious moves yet by one of the most anti-cannabis City Councils in the country.

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Cannabis Jobs – Kentucky: Survey Shows 78 Percent of Those Polled Support Legalizing Medical Marijuana

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Kentucky - Free the Weed

Kentucky – Free the Weed


Cannabis News – The Kentucky Health Issues Poll shows that 78 percent of those individuals that       participated in the polling support legalizing marijuana for medicinal dedications and 40    percent of those polled are in support of legalizing the plant for any purpose adults see fit.

Find Cannabis Jobs

The poll in question validates a previous polling released back in May which was    conducted by the Institute for Policy Research at the University of Cincinnati which  revealed that approximately 80 percent of those Kentuckians that participated supported  the legalization of marijuana for medical purposes. Furthermore, May’s polling View Post  results share similarities with the most recent survey due to the fact that 38 percent of t  those polled stated that they favor the legalization of marijuana for recreational purposes.

Earlier this year Kentucky lawmakers approved a measure that legalizes the cultivation of hemp for industrial and commercial purposes once the federal government grants states the right to legally cultivate the crop. The latest surveys show that Kentuckians not only want to bring an end to the prohibition of hemp farming but also are very eager to see the reforming of the current laws regarding marijuana. All of those supporting legalization also know how much money will come in to the state for Cannabis Jobs.