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Big Pete’s Treats Take N Bake Snickerdoodles Review by OCWeedReview.Com

Posted by | August 24, 2016 | Edible Reviews, OCWeedReview.Com, Reviews

Big Pete’s Treats Take N Bake Snickerdoodles Review by OCWeedReview.Com

Big Pete’s Treats puts the power of edible making in your own hands, ensuring you always have access to fresh from the oven edibles. With their take n’ bake cookies, now everyone can be an edible maker. Perfect for parties, pick up a tub of Big Pete’s Treats Take n’ Bake for your next get together.


Each tub contains twelve cookies in little frozen 20 mg balls that will soon become your pot cookies. You don’t have to make them all at once. Pulling out and baking only as many as you choose. For best results, the instructions suggest you thaw the dough before cooking. We didn’t because we were stoned and wanted cookies.

Arrange the dough balls evenly on your cookie sheet, leaving room between them. Pre-heat your oven to 350 degrees and then go smoke a bowl. When you are done and the oven is good and hot, bake your cookies for 7 minutes – longer if they are frozen.


Watch your cookies closely. We over cooked ours because we were stoned and forgot we were making cookies. They turned out light and crispy. And you know what to do when bad life choices give you crispy cookies.  You dunk them in milk.

We tested the Snickerdoodle cookies for our review, and they were deliciously sweet and cinnamon. There was no noticeable cannabis taste for such small cookies, despite packing 20 mg of THC, and at just 45 calories per cookie, they offer a low calorie choice in an edibles market full of fatty baked goods.

Like most baked edibles, the high came on slowly.  But when it did, it continued to build to a red eyed haze. With a reasonable 20 mg per cookie, it is easy to multiply your doses. We had leftovers, so I took some cookies to the local coffee shop the next day and found them just as good as when fresh baked.

I was able to concentrate and work s they first kicked in.  But I eventually took to distracted voyeurism, curiously eyeballing everyone who walked in.  This was soon replaced with bouts of daydreaming, each a mini-vacation away from lingering senses of responsibility.

For more information, visit the Big Pete’s Treats website.

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Altai Cherry Vanilla Soothers Review by

Posted by | April 4, 2016 | Edible Reviews, Reviews

Altai Cherry Vanilla Soothers Review by

Sometimes, when the day is done and the responsibilities fulfilled, I like to indulge with a high dose baked edible: the cookies, brownies, and cake pops of the cannabis world that are sometimes brimming with up to 1000 mg of THC.  But for the rest of the day, I need a reasonable, discreet edible like Altai Soothers that allow me to function and perform while still enjoying a level of medicating.

What first drew our attention to the Altai brand were the beautiful details that go into packaging their edibles.  The Soothers, like most of their product line, come in a metal tin to keep them safe during travels and storage.  Medication does you no good when it needs to be left at home.  Take your relief with you and be prepared for when you need it with these highly portable containers.

More than just gorgeous design, though, Altai provides reliable edibles that you will go back to time and again.  Over the months since we first gave them a try, Altai has only grown in our high regards, continuing this trend with their Soothers — small, round hard candies that fit comfortably in the mouth.  Made with natural vanilla bean and cherry flavors, they have a smooth, delicious taste that lingers with just a hint of bitter cannabis.

Altai Cherry Vanilla Soothers Review

Understanding that different patients have different medicating needs, Altai Soothers come in both indica and sativa, covering the spectrum of this plant’s capabilities, and varying doses to best address patients of contrasting tolerances.

Thanks to the fast acting sublingual absorption provided from hard candies, you begin to feel the effects by the time you finish the mint, though the full dose may take up to an hour to manifest.  The tin we tested contained 12 candies.  At 10 mg each, they fall firmly in the low dose category of edibles, perfect for new patients or those who prefer milder effects.  More moderate patients will find it to be a complement to their normal medicating routine.  I relied on them most because of their sheer convenience.  As a medium tolerance patient, I preferred the Altai Soothers because they were useful for on the go dosing, especially when I had important things to do.  Knowing I wouldn’t get too high or smell like marijuana smoke all day, I could medicate with impunity and no one was the wiser.

Visit the Altai website for more information.

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Zuma Chocolates Edible Review by OCWeedReview.Com

Posted by | March 9, 2016 | Cannabis Review, Edible Reviews, OCWeedReview.Com

Zuma Chocolates Edible Review by OCWeedReview.Com

More and more skilled chefs, bakers, and chocolatiers are getting into the edible business, infusing a stunning range of delicious foods with cannabis, as is the case here with Zuma Chocolates’ lovingly crafted truffles from chef Sam Christopher.  An award winning expert in chocolates and desserts, Sam brings 20 years of experience to creating the recipes for Zuma Chocolates in his quest to make a higher plane of edible.

Zuma Chocolates Edible Review

The boxed set of infused chocolates we received to review contained an assortment of three different flavors among five total pieces.  Each edible had its own personality and taste profile, leaving patients with plenty of tempting variety in their medicating choices.

Coconut White Chocolate with Brownie Chunks: This first truffle of the set contains a creamy white chocolate filling, enhanced with shredded coconut.  The brownie chunk is totally unexpected when you bite into one and shows Zuma’s playfulness in flavors and textures when crafting these edibles.

Peanut Butter and Pecan Pie: A golden dusting across the outer milk chocolate invites you to indulge in this rich and buttery treat.  Velvety in the mouth and nutty against the tongue, it pairs very well with either a glass of milk or a cup of coffee, both of which play off the fluffy peanut butter flavor.

Orange Passion Fruit Chocolate Martini Bon Bon: A refreshingly citrus flavor exists under this galaxy patinaed bon bon.  When you first bite into the edible, the outer dark chocolate and inner fruit filling intermingle in a burst of flavor, while the more subtle flavors like the orange vodka continue to fuse well into the aftertaste, making this our favorite flavor in the box.

Zuma Chocolates Edible Review

Each artisanal truffle contains 20 mg of THC, a bit strong for some beginners, but a good start for more seasoned patients.  These chocolates are as decadent a way to medicate as I’ve experienced.  The melt in the mouth texture encourages a faster uptake and leaves the flavors to mingle along your tastebuds.  I was torn with every bite between the desire to savor each truffle and the desire to devour them all.  In the end, I split the box among 3 uneven servings, for a mild, relaxing high each time.

Whether purchased as a gift, for yourself, or to share with a loved one, these artisan cannabis infused chocolates are a beautiful way to treat someone important to you to a day of wellbeing, even if that person is just yourself.

Visit the Zuma Chocolates website for more information.

ible Review by OCWeedReview.Com

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Scoobie Dewbie Snacks from Incredibles Medibles Review by OCWeedReview.Com

Posted by | January 17, 2016 | Cannabis Review, Edible Reviews, OCWeedReview.Com

Scoobie Dewbie Snacks from Incredibles Medibles Review by OCWeedReview.Com

It became painfully obvious, as we eventually grew up, that Shaggy and Scooby were potheads, and much like myself, they really aren’t fooling anyone.  Really, it is little wonder they were always so hungry for sandwiches.  So in appropriate fashion for these icons of marijuana, Incredibles Medibles has named one of their most addictive and satisfying edibles after everyone’s favorite stoner dog with their Scoobie Dewbie Snacks.

From out of the masses of overly sweet cannabis edibles comes an enjoyably different savory snack, saving my poor teeth from yet another sugary edible.  Starting with a base of standard hard pretzel bites, Incredibles Medibles adds their own cannabis oil and an infusion of dried garlic and an herbally blend of spice.  The taste of these Scoobie Dewbie Snacks continued to grow on me over the course of my test, and by the end, plain hard pretzels were forever ruined by this delicious flavor variant.

As with all Incredibles Medibles products, each pack of Scoobie Dewbie Snacks includes 160 mg of THC, more than enough for most patients.  Perfect as a munchable, each pretzel is low dose, meaning you can nosh your way through quite a few to achieve a moderate level.  But watch out: together and over time, it can add up to a torrent of potency that leaves you more medicated than originally intended.  Prevent this by portioning your doses ahead of time.

Scoobie Dewbie Snacks are a fine compliment to an evening entertaining guests, assuming no one eats too many, and can easily be mixed with other Incredibles Medibles savory edibles to make a tasty party mix.  Afraid of over medicating your guests, cut the infused pretzels with some non-medicated cheeze-its or Combos to increase munchability.  Whether enjoyed alone or with company, Scoobie Dewbie Snacks are a variable dose savory edible to fit your specific needs.

Find more information on this and other Incredibles Medibles products by visiting their website.

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Banana Spliff Cake from Incredibles Medibles Review by OCWeedReview.Com

Posted by | November 23, 2015 | Cannabis Review, Edible Reviews, OCWeedReview.Com

Banana Spliff Cake from Incredibles Medibles Review by OCWeedReview.Com

As anyone who follows the Review probably already knows, I’m a big fan of banana bread.  And submitting banana bread samples is probably the most surefire way to get a glowing review.  There is simply no bad banana bread.  However, there is great banana bread: ones that are capable of putting others to shame.  Incredibles’ Banana Spliff Cake, an interesting take on a classic comfort food staple, is one of those banana breads.

The Banana Spliff Cake uses traditional banana bread ingredients, like walnuts and bananas, but is then accented with sweet chocolate chips.  My love of bananas is the key to my fondness of banana bread, so I was pleased to find the banana taste is delightfully present in every bite of the cake.  At first I thought the chocolate would clash with the banana bread motif, but like anyone who has had a frozen banana near Newport Beach, I soon realized the advantages of Gob’s “double chocolate, double nuts”.

As I described to one of my writer’s when I passed them an Incredibles Medibles cake, “Be careful; this high hits you like compound interest.”  Translation:  it builds and builds and then builds again.  More than once I was fooled by its slow come on into sampling just another few bites.  As always with edibles, be patient.  “You can always take more. You can’t take less.”  And you won’t need much of this 160 mg treat.  Even proficient edibles users will agree that high potency treats like this need to be shown respect.

The effects of the Banana Spliff Cake start as a social and outgoing high, making it great for depression, especially when tied to chronic pain.  That is because, before long, a strong physical buzz catches up, soothing pain in muscles and joints, and in one case for me, in my head in the form of migraine relief.  Eventually, the whole works leaves you stoned and comfortable, with far fewer negative effects than your traditional pain medication.

For more information, visit the Incredibles Medibles website today.

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Stokes Confections Watermelon Micros Review by OCWeedReview.Com

Posted by | October 26, 2015 | Cannabis Review, Edible Reviews, Marijuana Review, OCWeedReview.Com, Reviews

Stokes Confections Watermelon Micros Review by OCWeedReview.Com

I’m pleased as punch to see companies in our industry come to embrace the low dose patient, recognizing that a 5 mg baseline is recommended as the average psychoactive dose for beginners.  For those patients who only require single digit THC numbers, products like Stokes Watermelon Micros are the perfect low dose choice.  And with packaging similar to a pill bottle, Stokes Micros are a fitting match to your medicine cabinet at home, your desk at the office, or anywhere else you keep your pharmaceuticals.

Stokes Micros are not much bigger than a tic tac or Starbucks mint, making them discreet and unobtrusive.  Because they are fast acting, thanks to sublingual uptake, they are an efficient way to medicate.  Each bottle of Stokes candies contains 20 individual micros at 5 mg each, for a total of 100 mg per package.

Mercifully sugar free and less than 3 calories per micro, they won’t leave you pudgy like more saccharine sweets.  Stokes are available in a range of flavors, like Honey Lemon Ginger and Mint, but we tested the subtly sweet watermelon.  They are just a bit sour in the back of the throat, especially if chewed up.  But the watermelon flavoring is spot on and did all it could to cover the cannabis.

Stokes are made with a solventless extraction of organic cannabis, so you can be sure you are medicating safely and are lab tested to guarantee potency.  Patients who need to closely manage their intake will appreciate Stokes’ reliability: no more trying to pull off tiny pieces of a 250 mg brownie and guessing the milligram count.

As a moderate patient who enjoys 35-70 mg per dose, I found that these tiny mints can also work to accent or maintain an existing high, magnifying and extending effects.  Long after a high should wear off, Stokes Micros can keep it going.  Kept conveniently at hand, these tiny candies are excellent for times when open medicating is impossible and discretion is necessary.

Regardless of tolerance, all levels of patient can find a place for Stokes Micros, delighting in their ease of precise dosing, low calorie flavor, and unassuming use in public.

Visit for more information.

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S’mores Bar from TKO Edibles Review by OCWeedReview.Com

Posted by | August 20, 2015 | Cannabis Review, Edible Reviews, OCWeedReview.Com, Reviews

S’mores Bar from TKO Edibles Review by OCWeedReview.Com

There is just something about a s’more.  Tied to the specific necessity of an open fire, to make them is an experience, an event.  Friends and family gather in a circle to help each other toast the perfect marshmallow or clean sticky hands and faces.  But unless you have access to a fire pit year round, it can be a rare occurrence to savor these gooey treats.  Thankfully, TKO Edibles captures everything you love about the s’more in a convenient and mess free package for enjoyment anytime.

Fitting in with their line of cereal bar edibles, the TKO Edibles S’mores Bar, like a traditional Rice Krispy bar, is a combination of marshmallows and, in this case, Golden Grahams cereal, coated with chocolate and topped with mini-marshmallows for flair.  Undeniably chewy, this treat is a workout for the jaw and the tastebuds.  Pro-tip:  Use your food safe torch on low to toast and melt the marshmallows for the full s’mores effect.

We tested our S’mores Bar, where else, but around a campfire on the beach.  A fitting match for the crisp, salty air and crackling logs, we felt all 100 mg of THC in this edible by sundown.  A burbling and talkative come on early in the night transitioned into a comforting, body buzzing high that became quite tweaky towards the peak.  Sensory engagement is intensely heightened: a welcome sensation to some, but uncomfortable for others.  Beginning or even moderate users will want to portion this potent edible out into smaller doses.

Visit TKO Edibles for more information.

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Mellow Madness Bar from Goodies By OCWeedReview – MaGooch Edible Review

Posted by | August 7, 2015 | Cannabis Review, Edible Reviews, Marijuana Review, OCWeedReview.Com, Reviews

Mellow Madness Bar from Goodies By OCWeedReview – MaGooch Edible Review

Crafted from a combination of fruity and regular crispy rice cereals and held together with sweet marshmallows, the Mellow Madness Bar from Goodies By MaGooch is a fruity and flavorful variation on a classic medicated treat.  There is a delightful homemade charm to the bar, and it tasted much like my own attempts at baking edibles, before I moved to California and learned someone else will do it for me — and better.

Goodies By MaGooch presents a dense and chewy crispy rice cereal bar, good for a more portable medicating experience.  Because it contains 165 mg of THC, most moderate users will be able to get multiple doses out of a single edible.  While doing my review, I kept one in my laptop bag, pulling off pieces at around 40 mg at a time.  And since the Mellow Madness Bar is made with extra virgin olive oil, the same medicated olive oil that Goodies By MaGooch sells in dispensaries, it is a low fat replacement for edibles made with cannabutter.

A simple yet tasty treat, the Mellow Madness Bar packs plenty of relief into a single edible.  So it is no surprise that there is a noticeable cannabis smell when opening the package, which is thankfully double sealed in plastic wrap and a mylar bag.  Not a choice for those trying to avoid the cannabis flavor all together, I found the taste to be complementary, and it didn’t affect my medicating in any way than to remind me of the potency with which I am dealing.

The high from this edible is enlightening and, as the name suggests, mellow.  Effective for relaxation and the mitigation anxiety, the Mellow Madness bar is a wonderful distraction from today’s work-a-day world.  However, bouts of daydreaming may make this edible out of the reach of all day use, placing it in the category of physical and mental relief from your busy day.

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Trippin Treats The Bomb Banana Nut Bread Edible Review by OCWeedReview.Com

Posted by | July 19, 2015 | Edible Reviews, OCWeedReview.Com, Reviews

Trippin Treats The Bomb Banana Nut Bread Edible Review by OCWeedReview.Com

I prefer my bananas hard and green and still a bit sour.  By the time they are turning yellow and grow spots, I’m completely disinterested… unless we are talking about making them into banana bread.  That, my friend, is a horse of a different color.  Mashed to a pulp and mixed with nuts and sugar, suddenly they become irresistible to me.  So when I learned that Trippin Treats made a medicated banana bread, I was all in for a review.

There is a certain farmers’ market quality to Trippin Treats The Bomb Banana Nut Bread that I find endlessly appealing.  A firm believer of supporting local small business, these hand-made, small batch mini-loaves are as authentic as they come.  And like any homemade banana bread, Trippin Treats uses all natural ingredients and no preservatives.  This edible will undoubtedly get moldy if left out of the fridge, so proper storage must be a concern.

Each mini-loaf contains approximately 100 mg of cannabinoids.  This is enough potency for a moderate user to enjoy at least a couple of doses per loaf; low dose patients will be able to get more medication per edible.  Regardless of how much you consume, Tippin Treats banana bread is a delicious alternative to the typical edible.

I began one morning out on my patio with a few slices warmed and served with melted butter and paired with a hot tea for breakfast.  The next morning, I tossed 4 thin slices in an egg batter with cinnamon and nutmeg and fried them for some delicious medicated banana bread French toast.  For brunch the day after that, I ate my last slices with a smear of cinnamon/raisin cream cheese.  I literally couldn’t think of a bad way to eat Trippin’ Treats The Bomb Banana Nut bread, and neither will you.

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Trippin Treats Cherry Pot Pie Edible Review by OCWeedReview.Com

Posted by | July 16, 2015 | Cannabis Review, Edible Reviews, OCWeedReview.Com

Trippin Treats Cherry Pot Pie Edible Review by OCWeedReview.Com

Our first featured edible from Trippin’ Treats is this adorable little Cherry Pot Pie.  Fitting in the palm of my hand (I have big hands) and adorned with a pot leaf crust on top, these charming confections are a whimsical way to medicate and make excellent gifts or shared desserts among friends after dinner.

Although the term is over-used in today’s artisan obsessed world, Trippin’ Treats is truly a mom and pop operation in the best ways possible, and after nearly a decade in the industry, their family is still crafting handmade medicated desserts in small batches.  Because of their all natural ingredients and zero preservatives, refrigeration of these pies is a must and consumption is generally better sooner instead of later.

Similar to any homemade pie, Trippin’ Treat’s Pot Pies are flakey, sweet, and delicious.  I can’t deny a noticeable cannabis taste. But it blends so well with the cherry pie filling.  It proves itself a perfectly baked pairing for the marijuana — very saccharine and flavorful.  I can only assume the other flavors complement the cannabis just as well.

Each edible contains an estimated 100 mg.  However, in recognition of industry trends, lab tested numbers on the packaging are soon to follow in a labelling redesign for Trippin’ Treats.  But if the slight green tint to the crust means anything, there should be plenty of potency in these pies to share.  Or do as I did and split your pie between a nighttime snack and breakfast the next day.

The high from Trippin’ Treats’ Pot Pies takes practically no time to come on and continues to build over time until peaking several hours after consumption.  As with most edibles, the high starts with cleansing mood elevation and gentle relaxation before transitioning into a more potent form of physical relief, offering unquestionable support for symptoms like chronic joint pain, muscle soreness, and even insomnia when used late enough in the day.

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530 Edibles Medicated Hard Candies Review Part 2 by OCWeedReview.Com

Posted by | July 3, 2015 | Cannabis Review, Edible Reviews, Marijuana Review, OCWeedReview.Com

We loved these medicated hard candies from 530 Edibles the first time around, so when I caught up with the 530 Edibles gang at the Leafly Cannabis Cup pre-party and they said they had new flavors for us to try, I was ecstatic to get these hard candies back on the site.  We simply adored the simplicity and convenience of these edibles last time we had them.  In addition, all of the new flavors are sugar free, as is now my most beloved flavor from last time, the Sour Punch.

And just as with the 530 Edibles Sour Punch’s spooky similarity to the “bug juice” or fruit punch of my youth, all three new flavors in their line of hard candies, Tropical Chili Lime, Root Beer Float, and Orange Creme, remind me of specific drinks from my past, all duplicated nearly directly out of my memory.

Root Beer Float:  In my younger days, my family would spend the bulk of each summer down the Jersey shore.  This meant we spent countless hours sitting in traffic, only ever inching our way towards our destination — Seaside Heights.  Once off the Garden State Parkway, our situation would only devolve on the surface streets, and to ebb the rise of car-bound anger, we would stop at the tiny orange and brown A&W burger stand on Rt. 37 for hot dogs and root beer floats.  The creamy root beer and bubbly vanilla ice cream flavors that stick in my mind from those trips are solidified in these candies.

Tropical Chili Lime:  When I was in my graduate program, my roommate and I used to hop onto the Long Island Railroad on our days off and head into NYC for a good natured rumpus around the bars of the city.  During one particular trip on a Tuesday evening, we found ourselves in Greenwich Village on Bleeker Street among the bridge and tunnel crowd who were just off work and looking for release.  We ended up ducking into Senor Swanky’s for a rowdy night of drinking margaritas, chomping complimentary chips and salsa, and hitting on Italian women from Staten Island who were way too old for us.  And it is this experience that is mimicked in this Tropical Chili Lime flavor.  The sweet and sour lime and bitingly spicy chili conjure up Mexican breezes (or NYC humidity) and plenty of tequila.

Orange Creme: This final flavor is a more recent memory, rooted here in Southern California.  It is not uncommon to find me, nose to the grindstone, field testing products on the beaches between Newport and Balboa piers.  And when the work is done, I pop up to the Ruby’s at the end of the Balboa Pier for a Creamsicle shake and the sunset.  It is the same smooth orange flavor that is present in these Orange Creme hard candies, as calming and delicious as sundown at Ruby’s.

As with other 530 Edibles products, these hard candies come in two potency levels: 210 mg and 70 mg per tin.  As convenient as a tin of Altoids, and not nearly as big, they can be left in a laptop bag or purse and office or nightstand drawers for when needed most.  And like we boasted on the site before, their portability and discreet nature make them the most pragmatic edibles we’ve reviewed on the site.

Visit for more information.

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Medicated Glazed Pecans from Auntie Dolores Edible Review

Posted by | May 2, 2015 | Cannabis Review, Edible Reviews, OCWeedReview.Com


Medicated Glazed Pecans from Auntie Dolores Edible Review by OCWeedReview.Com

I first met up with Auntie Dolores at last years Cannabis Cup to review a pack of their brownie bites and their caramel popcorn.  This year, they sampled us out some of their new glazed pecans, which were wildly popular with the crowd.  This is not a surprise to see.  Many forward thinking edibles companies like Auntie Dolores have been moving away from traditional chocolate and sugary sweets and introducing more savory snacks instead, a trend we love because it creates options for the health conscious and those with dietary restrictions.

These Auntie Dolores medicated glazed pecans are vegan, contain no gluten, and are low glycemic, putting them high on the list for the fit set.  They are mildly sweet from the organic coconut sugar, but there is a spicy kick from the cayenne pepper and chipotle in the throat.  A bold addition to baked goods, they are also delicious when added into stir-fry or chopped over salads.  Edibles this versatile even bring to mind a whole new concept of entertaining guests.  Replacing alcohol at a dinner party, these pecans can be left out as an appetizer or offered as an ingredient in the meal.  Even after dinner activities like cards and board games can be vastly improved with a handful of Auntie Dolores medicated pecans.

And at 100 mg per bag, a recommended 10 doses at 10 mg each, there is plenty of potency in these packages for most users to share with others or break into multiple personal doses.  Auntie Dolores also uses CO2 extracted oil from a combination of both indica and sativa strains for a full range of effects — great for those of us who seek to treat multiple symptoms at once or prefer an all encompassing high.  Plus, because each pecan only has a handful of milligrams of cannabinoids, it is a snap to closely tailor your medicating.

Whether eaten alone or mixed into your meal, all at once or little by little, shared or hoarded to yourself, these medicated glazed pecans are one of the most versatile products on the market today and are just part of the new lineup of edibles from Auntie Dolores.

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7 Layer Bar from 530 Edibles Review

Posted by | April 30, 2015 | Cannabis Review, Edible Reviews, OCWeedReview.Com, Reviews


7 Layer Bar from 530 Edibles Review

By OCWeedReview.Com

Everything about this energy packed 7 Layer Bar from 530 Edibles screams hiking, camping, and general outdoor adventures, perhaps something to be expected from a company based in Shasta Lake and near so many national forests.  Whether as a tasty treat before hitting the trails or tossed into the daypack for fuel on the go, this creation from 530 Edibles will keep you moving.

The 7 Layer Bar is as wholesome as it is because of its ingredients: including, graham cracker, oatmeal, butter, sweetened condensed milk, coconut, butterscotch chips, peanut butter chips, chocolate chips, almonds, and, of course, cannabis.  There are a few allergens in there, so those with limitations be aware.  Now, I don’t know about layers, but this bar had so many different things going on that literally every bite was a different combination of flavors.  Just like how you can never enter the same river twice, you will never have the same bite of this treat.  Each munch, even each section of the bar, is a completely unique taste experience.  The graham cracker, peanut butter, and oatmeal make a fantastic base for the chips, almonds, and shredded coconut to be piled on top.  Those looking for taste in their edibles will not want to miss this outing from 530 Edibles.

The edible I reviewed had 70 mg of THC, but it also comes in 210 mg.  As filling a treat as this is, the 70 mg could easily be broken into more than one serving and still be satisfying.  Though for a moderate user, when eaten whole, it could be a great breakfast for a different type of wake n’ bake experience.  The high is, as always with 530 Edibles, uplifting and social.  Their treats never hold me back or couchlock me.  On the contrary, I am often moving: working, walking around town, at the gym.  As a daily medication, I know I can rely on 530 Edibles to keep me on my feet, while still treating both my arthritis and depression.

Order yours from Strictly OG or direct from 530 Edibles.

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Mama Kush Edibles Medicated Beef Jerky Review by OCWeedReview.Com

Posted by | April 21, 2015 | Edible Reviews, Reviews

Mama Kush Edibles Medicated Beef Jerky Review by OCWeedReview.Com

It was rather serendipitous that I ran into the Mama Kush gang at this year’s Cannabis Cup in LA.  Coming out of a panel discussion sponsored by Women Grow, I walked smack into a wall of Mama Kush t-shirts.  I got to talking with Mama Kush herself, and next thing I know, I have a couple packs of their medicated jerky in my hand to review.

Mama Kush Edibles starts with high quality steak when making their beef jerky, not the stringy, fibrous meat other companies use that reminds me of my college roommate’s venison jerky with deer hair still in it.   This is expertly cured and seasoned with a sweet and flavorful teriyaki sauce and a sprinkling of sesame seeds, and then kicked up with some cracked black pepper.  I found them to be as tender and delicious as any beef jerky I’ve had.

When the weather starts to warm, I begin to prepare my hiking and camping gear, and this includes storing up solid pieces of high protein snackery.  Already, this medicated jerky has found its way into my daypack for trips to Joshua Tree and the Cleveland National Forest.  And because it doesn’t require special storage, Mama Kush can go with you on longer expeditions, too.

Though I found it to be an absolute blessing during a day out on the hiking trails to soothe worked muscles, Mama Kush’s medicated jerky has almost 11 mg of CBD to 75 mg of THC, meaning there is lots of physical sedation and anti-anxiety effects.  Watching the ballgame, lazing in the hammock, walking around downtown, it will all be enhanced by the CBD’s relaxation, while the relief from soreness and stress will help you enjoy your day.

More about this and other Mama Kush Edibles here.

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Key Lime Bar from 530 Edibles Review | OC Weed Review.Com

Posted by | April 8, 2015 | Edible Reviews, OCWeedReview.Com, Reviews

Key Lime Bar from 530 Edibles Review | OC Weed Review.Com