Flurish Watermelon Gummies Edible Review by OCWeedReview.Com

We have been eying the Flurish line of edibles for a review for some time now: seeing them pop up in all the shops and visiting their booths at all the shows. So when we finally got our hands on a couple of packs, we set right to work.

Flurish gummi edibles come in a range of summery fruit flavors, including pineapple, mango, and sour apple. For my review, I had the watermelon, which has remained my favorite after trying them all, though I’ve been pleased with every flavor.

The delicious soft gummies are sugary sweet and flavorful, yet just 27 calories per serving. As a certified gummi bear addict, I have to say these Flurish are really something. Buttery soft in texture and available in four flavors to keep from getting bored. The real challenge for me was not overdosing due to their irresistible texture and flavor.

It is a good thing I refrained. At 150 mg of THC for the whole box, there is potency to spare. Each piece is a more manageable 37.5 mg per piece. Thanks to testing through SC Labs, you can trust the consistency of Flurish edibles. Each box comes with 4 conveniently sized gummi pyramids. The are small enough to be discreet but large enough to break into smaller servings if necessary.

Our test box said it was a sativa/indica hybrid, and the perfectly rounded high attested to that. Most patients these days look for this balanced hybrid effect, capitalizing on the fullest range of medicinal effects

The high comes on slowly, as most edibles do, and the earliest measurable effects arrived almost an hour after eating. However, after a couple hours, the full force of the edible is felt, giving hours of relief. Comforting without knocking you out, and heady without the paranoia, these hybrid watermelon Flurish hit every need throughout my day for a perfect medicating experience.

Visit the Flurish website for more details.

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Moxie Lemon Cookies Cake Batter Review – by OCWeedReview.Com

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Moxie Lemon Cookies Cake Batter Review – by OCWeedReview.Com

Although I am a large proponent for Moxie’s incredible line of golden shatters, my first experience with their wax has left me equally impressed time and again. Their Lemon Cookies cake batter has all the potency and purity I’ve come to expect from Moxie, but in a much easier to work with medium.  For those hot summer days, when shatters would start to budder, Moxie’s cake batter offers a much more stable solution.

Coming packaged by the half gram in glass jars, Moxie’s Lemon Cookies was a delicate pale yellow, almost white, which is a testament to Moxie’s clarity. As soon as you screw off the top, you are hit with its rich lemon scent, a scent that fills the room when dabbing.

Dabs of Moxie’s cake batter are easily prepared, with an overall texture not unlike that moldable kinetic sand. We moved ours to a silicone jar immediately to make working with it even easier. When dabbed, the taste loses the sweet lemon for a more earthy vapor.  But still with the nose tickling terps we expect from Moxie.

A good dab session with Moxie’s Lemon Cookies left me slow and heavy headed, but dynamic and creative in my thinking. Great for low-key nights in with select friends and intimate conversation, focused work on your favorite hobbies, or any quiet moment alone. Calming and introspective, Lemon Cookies was a wonderful addition to our evenings.

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Secrets Medicated Lollipops Edible Review by OCWeedReview.Com

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There is a very specific scene in the show Weeds in which Nancy, desperate because MMJ dispensaries are cutting into her business, goes to seek advice from Doug, played brilliantly by Kevin Nealon.  When Nancy walks into his office, he pulls a medicated lollipop from his mouth and gleefully exclaims, “I’m getting high right now!”  To me, that solidified California as the holy land of cannabis — a place where creativity and innovation abounded in ways to medicate.  And when I arrived in Orange County and got my doctor’s recommendation, a lollipop was the first medible I wanted to try.

Unfortunately, my first experience left me wanting.  Generically branded and tasting like cannabis butter, it was disappointing as a first endeavor.  So when Secrets approached me to review their gourmet medicated lollipops, I jumped at the chance to get the experience I wanted, and Secrets delivered on all accounts.

The first thing that stood out to us about these lollipops was the packaging.  Delightfully simple in coordinating colors for each flavor, the personal touch of a hand tied bow makes these a possible addition to party gift bags or as hostess gifts or just as a special surprise for a friend.

Hard candies hold the crown for being one of the most discreet edibles on the market in my mind.  Secrets takes that characteristic and makes it their mantra.  With no smoke and no smell, patients who need to medicate in the crowd can do so with impunity thanks to these medicated lollipops.  And with 9 different flavors, there is plenty of variety to keep from getting bored.

Even if pushed, I’d be at a loss to name a single favorite flavor.  The strawberry is incredibly smooth.  The key lime is appropriately puckering.  The tangerine, sweetly acidic.  Each flavor distinct and exact.  There are even a cinnamon and a root beer flavor for those who prefer spice to fruit.

A major drawback to medicated hard candies is the bitter back-of-the-throat taste that only gets worse when potency is raised.  Secrets tackles this by carefully selecting and crafting their flavors to diminish this effect and maximize enjoyment.  This means that across their range of flavors, they can keep their steady 42 mg of THC without sacrificing taste.

And with the primarily sublingual uptake of the cannabinoids from lollipops, you don’t have to wait around for that 42 mg to kick in.  Starting happy and uplifting, as edibles tend to do, and eventually settling into a full body high that is both euphoric and physically comforting, these Secrets medicated lollipops are effective for a number of symptoms, ranging from depression and anxiety to chronic pain and nausea.

So while I’m sure I look as suspicious as Doug sucking on a lollipop in public, they remain one of the most portable and convenient edibles we’ve sampled for the site.  Kept in your bag, your desk, or even your pocket, they offer relief when you need it most — on the go.

Learn more at

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Key Lime Pie Medicated Chocolate Bar from Sweet Green Confections Review by OCWeedReview.Com

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Key Lime Pie Medicated Chocolate Bar from Sweet Green Confections Review by OCWeedReview.Com

When I stumbled across the Sweet Green Confections booth at the SoCal Cannabis Cup this year, the sun was at its highest and I was desperate for relief.  Then my oasis appeared in the form of medicated ice cream and shade from the sun.  After a bit of rest and some wonderful conversation that left me impressed with Sweet Green’s quality edibles and socially and environmentally responsible business philosophy, I was on my way with one of their medicated chocolate bars to review.

Although I was given a choice from across their range of flavors, including potato chip, cherries and marshmallow, spiced tangerine, and of course, the classic pan-fried bacon, those who follow the site know the only option was the key lime pie.  The real struggle came when I had to refrain from sampling it until after the photo shoot could be completed.  The packaging indulged me with promises of key limes and crushed graham crackers in a smooth white chocolate.  And when the photos were finally approved, it was time to eat.

Although I’m not normally a fan of white chocolate, here it is a nice neutrally sweet flavor for the namesake ingredients to build on.  The smattering of crushed graham cracker is enough to give the illusion of a crust, while the freshly tart lime accents the white chocolate.  Not overly sweet or lip puckeringly sour, these chocolates are the definition of artisanal crafting.

Sweet Green Confections’ mission in providing ethically sourced and deliciously natural ingredients in their edibles is a constant theme in this chocolate bar.  The chocolate is single origin and fair traded.  The cannabis used is tested for safety and potency by the Werc Shop.  Every edible is crafted with ingredients free of artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, and sweeteners.  And far from being content to stop there, Sweet Green’s kitchen is health department certified and their treats are made by award winning chocolatiers.  The packaging is even printed on 100% recycled paper to ensure the edible in your hand is the most responsible it can be.

Each candy bar from Sweet Green Confections contains 180 mg of THC, which I mathed out to 7.5 per segment.  This is a nice base dose for beginner users, and more experienced users can multiply up from there.  With each row then equating to 30 mg, my prefered average dose of 60 mg made for a tasty and satisfying two rows of chocolate.

An uplifting and spirited high, the potent cerebral effects are only surpassed by its comforting and meltingly relaxing body buzz.  Never too overwhelming to function, even at higher doses, these edibles are a capable solution to discreet medicating.  And thanks to their myriad of effects, these tasty chocolates are a useful solution to a range of physical and psychosomatic symptoms.


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Korova Chocolate Peanut Butter Bar Edible Review | OCWeedReview.Com

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Korova Chocolate Peanut Butter Bar Edible Review | OCWeedReview.Com

New from Korova’s Organik line, their Chocolate Peanut Butter Bar is bringing Korova’s “unrivaled potency” to a healthy new level.  Being driven by a much more health conscious patient, these Organik edibles are geared for the hiking, biking, Bikram yoga set and offer a much more reasonable approach to using edibles for daily medicating.

To craft these new wholesome treats, Korova started by sourcing all organic ingredients that are naturally vegan and gluten free, including oats, coconut flour, brown rice cereal, and sea salt.  Korova’s new Chocolate Peanut Butter Bar is also low in sugar thanks to their use of an agave based sweetener.  However, their effort for a more healthy edible doesn’t stop there.  The solventless extract in their infused coconut oil is tested for mold, fungus, and pesticides, along with potency — an extra step that demonstrates Korova’s mission for a safe and pure edible.

I loved the light consistency of this edible.  Thanks to the brown rice cereal, these Chocolate Peanut Butter Bars are airy and crispy and won’t weigh you down.  However, the peanut butter and oats are hearty enough to help energize your activities.  The chocolate is a sweet afterthought, a thin layer across the top, instead of a thick saccharine cocoa barrier.

Korova’s edibles tend to get me into trouble because they are both tasty and potent.  Packed into each modestly sized treat are 300 mg THC and 3.6 mg of CBD: the equivalent of 6 grams of dried cannabis.  Dosing in baked goods is not exactly precise, especially when trying to eyeball it, but Korova suggests a split of 6 doses per bar or 50 mg per dose. Certainly a moderate dose for many users, rookies may want to use significantly less, breaking the suggested dosing at least in half.  Although the full weight of the effects take some time to kick in, there is no letdown to this high.  Instead, I found it to be sociable and giddy and increasingly uplifting.  For daily users, more modest doses can be a great companion for weekday chores, but be careful not to go overboard, lest you become the object of Korova’s moral — “You can always eat more, but you can’t eat less.”

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