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Strictly OG Los Angeles Delivery Review

Posted by | May 2, 2015 | Cannabis Review, Dispensary Reviews

Strictly OG Los Angeles Delivery Review by OCWeedReview.Com

Many of the patients with whom I interact are frightened by the idea of medical marijuana delivery.  Not knowing who will show up at their door or what kind of product they will have with them, these patients prefer driving to their dispensary to ordering in.  With today’s convenience oriented society, this runs completely contrary to trends.  It also forces patients to be seen coming in and out of “pot shops”, taking away any sense of discretion, and to travel with their medication, something we don’t promote here at the review unless necessary.

So what is needed to move patients safely from shops to delivery?  How do we get patients to reconsider delivery as an option?  A good start is for delivery services to rethink their business plans.  And that’s just what Strictly OG has done.  Removing themselves from the typical glorified-drug-dealer delivery style, Strictly OG are professional, tech savvy, and socially and environmentally conscious.

The difference begins with the deliveries themselves.  Brought to you by dedicated bike messengers who are no strangers to zipping around traffic downtown, all of the Strictly OG employees are people you would feel comfortable inviting into your apartment or office or dorm room.  And having met them personally, I stand behind that claim.  With service covering downtown LA and the USC area, MacArthur Park, and The Brewery, they are one of very few downtown delivery services, or dispensaries for that matter, that test their medication.

During the week, their hours are 2 pm to 12am.  Friday and Saturday extends these out to 12 pm to 2 am, meaning whether you need it delivered to home or office during the week or came home to an empty jar after a night out, Strictly OG is waiting to deliver to you.

Committed to only the highest quality products with the cleanest packaging, Strictly OG has become an industry leader in the high end market.  All orders come packaged in handled brown paper bags that could just as easily contain your dinner.  Flower comes sealed in glass jars to contain the smell and wrapped in recycled paper to deter prying eyes.  This makes them the perfect choice for non-descript delivery to the home or office. A boutique delivery service of sorts, their carefully curated menu and impeccable package design commands a more discerning customer.

Their flower is grown in organic soil from mostly indoor grows. All their medication is pesticide-free.  The flowers from Strictly OG are some of the finest I’ve seen anywhere — every bud a homerun.  When visiting their office, I must have spent an hour nosing around in their jars.  And with a lineup including Blue Dream, GSC, Larry OG, Lamb’s Bread, Skywalker OG, and Sour D, you are sure to find a classic.

Starting their edibles stable with Kiva (Terra) and Madame Munchie, they have expanded to add Edipure, OC Weed Review favorites 530 Edibles, Bhang Bars, and Trokie.  Strictly OG’s choosy buyers are always adding new brands, and products that make it past their panel are sure to be of the highest quality.

For the dabbers, Strictly OG has you equally covered with concentrates from A to Z Extracts, The Extractress, Evil Extracts, HGH Extractions, Miss Nug Run, and their own proprietary shatters and wax.  Check this against their menu, as their offerings rotate often with new and rising extract artists, but all the dabs we havereviewed from them have been top of the line, including a 90% THC stunner.  For those looking for 510 thread vape tanks, they have Bloom Farms and Bhang cartridges to keep you on the go.

To start the process as a first time patient, you can text photos of your license and doctor’s recommendation to 213-440-5314 or you can upload it directly through their site using the button at the bottom of their webpage. Once in their system, orders can be made with a phone call, a text, or using the shopping cart feature at  Delivery takes under an hour, with exact times depending on biking distance from their office.

I could talk all day about the many characteristics that make Strictly OG our go to collective when staying in LA, but what makes them so dear to our hearts here at the Review is their activism and belief in positive change. I’ve spoken with them personally about their passions for proper legalization, and their conviction cannot be questioned.  Combine this with their quality medication and professionalism, and Strictly OG is sure to become your favorite LA delivery.

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