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Shabba Cookies OG Shatter Review

Posted by | August 20, 2014 | DAB Reviews, Reviews

Shabba Cookies OG Shatter Review

In Hebrew, Shabba means to swear an oath.  In Jamaica, it means “I understand”.  In terms of shatter, it seems to mean knockout amazing.  While it is an easy guess that there is some GSC in this hybrid, I had no end of a hard time researching this particular genetic structure.  The closest I came to some solid evidence hinted at a Girl Scout Cookies x XXX OG.  I’m short to jump to hasty conclusions, so it’s best to simply take it for face value.

This nug-run shatter from HGH Extractions is extremely light in color, a promising trait for a clean vaping shatter.  Out of my Gpen microG, I was pulling nice smooth hits and creating huge clouds of vapor.  The sweetness of the vapor was cotton candy like from the Cookies, making for a pleasant vaping experience.  There was also some mild earthy spice from the possible OG link that made for a warm, baked taste.

As with most high percentage concentrates, there was an immediate blast to the head when taking a dab. I was left light headed and loose limbed.  The high isn’t just in the body, and matching the relaxing body buzz was a mellow and spacy cerebral high.  I found Shabba Cookies to be most effective for migraines and joint or muscle pain, while the mild mood elevation makes your physical discomfort more bearable while being treated.

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