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Just when I feel that every flavor imaginable has come across my desk, I am handed Watermelon Kush.  A far cry from the berry, citrus, and tropical flavors of other acclaimed “Kush” strains, Watermelon stood out to me immediately as a uncommon exception.  The exact genetics of Watermelon Kush seem to be a mystery, but the common consensus is an intense indica genetic dominance.

The first time on the site for Royal 710, their branded extracts are on par with the established names in the industry.   Our sample of their Watermelon Kush shatter was a deep earthy brown, that buddered after some time in the heat into a nice shiny cluster of crystals.  As for the taste, when the mind tells you it should taste like snozzberries, it tends to taste like snozzberries.  Low temp dabs reveal a complex flavor profile of Kush’s trademark hashiness and dark berry, accented by lighter strawberry and tropical punch flavors.

A daytime solution for those who prefer to medicate with Kush strains, Watermelon Kush is a surprisingly uplifting and cerebral Kush, with equally noticeable body effects for an all over high.  Bordering on OG territory with its effective stress and anxiety relief and mellow mood elevation, Watermelon Kush also offers moderate pain relief with none of the lock of other Kush strains.  For an unusually upbeat Afghani experience, this is a must try Kush cut.

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