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Desired salary: $75,000.00
Desired position type: Full-Time
Location: Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, United States


An experienced and committed professional who adapts easily to situations and challenges. Successfully coordinates a wide range of functions through a combination of creative, organizational, and cooperative approaches to effectively produce desired outcomes and results.
 20+ years’ experience in process improvement, product development, and operations organization
 Leadership of cross functional teams that have delivered demonstrable results
 Problem solving skills using Six Sigma and other methodologies
 Understanding all phases of a product life cycle from concept through to delivery to the customer



  • PhD – Chemistry, University of Akron
  • MBA, University of Toledo
  • Six Sigma Black Belt, Insight Analytical



2014 – present                      nanoGriptech Inc                                                     Pittsburgh, PA

Vice President, Manufacturing

Leading efforts to develop a manufacturing process, building a viable supply chain for both materials and subcontracted manufacturing, and expanding the types of materials available for manufacturing the product.

  • Developed the process for sheet fed manufacturing and managed $689,000 build out of the process
  • Developed polyurethane materials which increased skin friction by 50%
  • Developed silicone mold material which doubled the lifetime of production molds


2011 – 2014                                  Plextronics Inc                                                              Pittsburgh, PA.

Director, Manufacturing and Engineering

Reorganized and built the team that was responsible for sourcing, scaling up, and producing electrically conductive materials for both internal and external customers.

  • Implemented a capital light strategy which qualified 4 suppliers of critical raw materials which supported an increase in sales from $200K to $1.2M in sales and an increase in margins from 65% to 87%.
  • Led the team which increased ink manufacturing capacity from 9L/day to 160L/day with a capital investment of $189K which let the company enter into a $15K/month supply contract.
  • Championed and coached individuals in the implementation of an ERP system which integrated the functions of several departments across the company which allowed for real time inventory and production planning.
  • Led the team which reorganized and populated the department’s Quality documentation, enabling the company to enter into the commercial OLED display business.
  • Developed Monte Carlo simulations which predicted cost probabilities for production processes which avoided a $1.2M capital investment in a product that could not meet cost targets.


2006 – 2011                                 First Solar Inc                                                                Perrysburg, OH.

Process Development Manager – Sub Module Process

Managed the transfer of technology from R&D to volume manufacturing across three international sites. Introduced metrology to control the manufacturing process. Designed equipment in support of the ramp to volume production.

  • Identified critical inputs and implemented a control plan at salt spray which resulted in a $1.01/unit cost reduction resulting in $2.8M/quarter savings.
  • Implemented a new metrology for chloride detection in the bulk film which decreased test time by 75% avoiding the purchase of $450K worth of test equipment.
  • Identified the failure mechanism in a reverse current reliability test and implemented a solution which decreased the failure rate from 60% to >1% resulting in $160M/quarter decrease in warranty reserves.
  • Identified the failure mechanism for field arcing and implemented a material change which dropped the failure rate from 5% to zero resulting in a $13M decrease in warranty reserves.
  • Stabilized a resist coating process which resulted in a 2% increase in sellable watts which increased yearly revenue by $44M.


1998 – 2006                                Western Digital /Maxtor Corp                                 Longmont, CO

Manager – Material Science Lab / Material Science Project Leader / Manager, Continuous Improvement

Managed a team of scientists and engineers which provided chemical analysis services for all areas of the product life cycle. Led projects in conjunction with Supplier Engineering to address supplier quality issues. Led projects in conjunction with Design Engineering to develop new materials to address performance issues. Led project teams that solved ongoing persistent issues as assigned by the executive staff.

  • Identified fraud as a major component of the Asian product return stream and implemented product security measures which resulted in $7.3M/quarter savings
  • Reduced incoming raw material inspection cost to zero by implementing an SPC program across the entire supply base which resulted in $29M/year savings and reduced line downtime by 4%
  • Directed the team which redesigned the ACA assembly which allowed for a 25% increase in data transfer rates meeting the customer’s design requirement and enabling the execution of a major supply agreement.
  • Led the efforts to correlate internal and external analytical lab results which resulted in an average savings of $98K/quarter per test method.
  • Elucidated the mechanism of tin failures in HDD’s which allowed for the implementation of preventive measures which resulted in a $0.08/unit savings in warranty reserves, or $2.3M/quarter.
  • Developed high lubricity coatings for screws which decreased the number screws required for media clamping resulting in a $0.09/unit savings, or $2.6M/quarter.


1991 – 1998                                   Corning Inc.                                                                   Corning, NY

Senior Research Chemist / Group Leader – Advanced Coatings Development

Managed the development of inks, coatings, and adhesives as part of a corporate service group. Managed the production group which manufactured the specialty products developed. The group developed and manufactured the products for internal customers which were a diverse group including Photonics, Optical Waveguides, Life Sciences, Environmental Products, Advanced Displays, and Advanced Ceramics.

  • Managed inks, coating and adhesives development and production for a corporate service group which generated $3.4M/year in revenue.
  • Developed the inks and the manufacturing process for liquid crystal display materials which were critical for the launch of a new business for Corning Inc.
  • Developed adhesives with zero thermal expansion for high end photonic devices which increased the target market from indoor applications to include outdoor applications.
  • Led the project team which repaired the world’s largest piece cast glass (40 tons!).
  • Led the project team which developed the adhesives and manufacturing process for DoD lens and sighting systems.
  • Determined the mechanism for refractory brick failures by salt contamination which extended the life of glass melt tanks by 10%.
  • Led the project team which streamlined the WDM manufacturing process which resulted in a 60% increase in throughput and reduced rework from 47% to zero.

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