Entry grower/grower assistant, concentrate extractor,

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Desired salary: $13.65
Desired position type: Full-Time
Location: Portland Oregon, United States



Hello I am Darian, I have a passion for growing and working with Cannabis, I have done it before and have done a good amount of BHO extracts in my personal time.

I am looking for a full time day job with a decent company that is apart of the Cannabis industry, close to bus lines/max or mixed with walking.

I am also seeking a minimum compensation of 13.60/hr If possible, or a little lower if provided with good opportunity/training.


I went to Clackamas community college and completed my GED.

Passed the Olcc recreational cannabis worker permit, with 90% accuracy as well


I have past experience in Building Services (good personal/hands on experience with working with cannabis in several different aspects.)

I have 2 years experience in cleaning/maintaining and light maintenance with heavy cleaning tools, I passed and had the certification for building services/osha training from my previous employer.

I’d say a year of hands on working with cannabis, and another one or two with reading about it.

I have worked in building services (graveyard janitor) at Nordstrom for almost two years previous, it would have been two years next Sept 5th. I have experience with chemicals and equipment for cleaning and believe I am more than capable of learning other equipment and different job duties, I had a certification from my last regional manager in all the previous Osha training, hazard coms, blood born pathogens, ppe, ladders and so on.

I am a pretty fast hands on/visual learner and have experience working in a fast paced labor environment, I take pride in my work.

I have a good attention to detail, am responsible, a strong communicator, if I have a question and I am confused I will ask and get clarification. I have annual reviews from my old manager at Nordstrom as a reference to what I am saying.

I have a huge passion for working with cannabis and plants. I would do well in trimming, entry into growing, extracting concentrates and or labor duties.

I have skill in basic pre-planning tasks and leadership as well, I had to direct my past Co-worker to start and finish specific tasks on near daily basis, along with having to preplan and record extra duties on a calendar.

I also have personal experience with trimming, growing (White Widow, Bubblicious, and Blue Mystic strains) cannabis. I have experience in processing Bho as well as using a custom made 0.5 micron screen filter tube, vacuum pump and dehydrator. At one point I had my OMMP growers and caregiver card, I passed the recreational Cannabis worker permit with 90% accuracy also. The hash I processed after my indoor grow was a beach sand white, someone had told me it was the tastiest they had, and they worked in a dispensary.

I have a decent amount of personal hands on experience handling metal halide and high pressure sodium bulbs/ballasts and a portable ac/dehumidifier to help keep proper temperature and resist mold/mildew, along with some of the organic liquid nutrients (with fox farm soil) used for veg and flowering plant stages. (My grow was indoors in a reflective grow tent with around 2-3k watts of lighting, cfm fans for venting and all (it was a personal grow from home). I was wanting to eventually get into outdoor growing or perhaps hydroponics and cloning with rooting gel also.

I will probably need a quick refresh of some things as it has been a while since I have worked with/in the cannabis industry.


  • Detail cleaning, light maintenance, operating machinery and heavy cleaning equipment, entry growing, cannabis BHO extracting, trimming.


    team management

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