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Remington Extracts OG #1 Space Crystals Extract Review

Posted by | October 26, 2014 | DAB Reviews, Reviews

Remington Extracts OG #1 Space Crystals Extract Review

When Strictly OG from out of LA arranged for me to review Remington Extracts’ solventless Space Crystals, I had no idea what I was getting myself into.  Then they arrived at my doorstep, packaged in their cleverly re-imagined matchbook with the clean 60’s space age design.  I couldn’t wait to tear into them.  Anything packaged this well has to be exceptional.  And true to expectations, these crystalline extractions are as pure a concentrate as any I’ve seen before.

I took to these Space Crystals immediately upon beginning my review, and this is almost entirely due to their stability, even at high temps.  The OC Weed Review’s office get blasted by afternoon sun, buddering shatters and causing most waxes to become gooey, making them difficult to work with.  However, these Space Crystals are a dream to handle, and it was a breeze pulling off perfectly sized dabs every time.

Remington Extracts’ OG #1 Space Crystals absolutely glistened in the sun when we photographed them, giving off a golden yellow hue.  Some of the fatty lipids in the extract leached out in our SoCal heat, as can be seen in the picture, but this didn’t affect my experience negatively.  Lower temp dabs, as suggested on the packaging, revealed that wooded flavor of a conifer forest early in the damp morning dew — a rich, earthy flavor — for which OGs are known.  Hands down one of the tastiest extracts I’ve had this year.

Although I personally prefered the SD x OG in terms of its sativa leaning effects, this OG #1 is the better of the two samples we received.  In comparison to the hybrid, this OG #1 is lighter in its color, smoother in itshit, cleaner in its taste.  It is everything a great extract should be.

With SC Labs test results at over 88% THC, this extract is not for the faint at heart.  However, like all great OG phenotypes, there is a great mellow build to the high.  There is a certain body buzz created by a good OG, like being hugged by hundreds of butterflies or faeries or other tiny winged entities that people who are into crystals like.  It is the denotative definition of comfort, perfect after a stressful day or to ease away mild pain.  It causes some drag when put to long sessions, resulting in a couch-locking effect.  The wonderful thing about a potent extract like this is that a little goes a long way and lasts for hours.  Meaning you will be enjoying these Space Crystals for a long time.

Order yours from Stricly OG.

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