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Platinum OG Strain Review

Posted by | February 22, 2015 | Reviews, Strain Reviews

Platinum — one of the rarest of the elements present in the earth’s crust– is largely non-reactive and, therefore, noble.  It is this combination of rarity and ability to resist corrosion that makes platinum one of the most expensive metals on earth.  In level of prestige, platinum reliably ranks above gold, making it the metal of choice for both CEO’s and rappers alike and one step behind diamond in my frequent flyer program.  Thankfully, this world of exclusivity is now open to the other 98% of us.  A hybrid of Master Kush (Hindu Kush x Skunk) and OG Kush, Platinum OG embodies the refined features indica connoisseurs pursue.

The first thing you notice about this strain aesthetically is the odd, alien shaped nugs, similar to what was seen in the Dutch Treat we reviewed late last year, with fingers pointing every which way.  The buds were a very light, bright green, like if pale could glow.  The entire flower was covered in creamy tan trichomes, perfectly timed in their harvest to produce the highest quality medication.  The scent was woody, and the flavor profile in the green hit was OG’s familiar earthy sweet flavor. There was also just a pinch of citrus and a follow of pine or redwood groves.

Platinum OG is best categorized by its increasingly sedative high.  Just when I thought the high couldn’t build anymore, it would put me down in a way that until recently only a fat dab could.  You can feel the weighty gravity of this strain in the shoulders immediately, that couchy Hindu Kush feeling, and it was the dominant effect.  However, the pairing of Skunk in Master Kush is wildly cerebral in its way, giving the stoney nature a thoughtful, dreamlike characteristic.  And as always, SoCal’s favorite OG Kush defies its naming with its mellow but capable high.  This strain has lots of cooks in the kitchen, but the Hindu Kush dominates across the range of the high, meaning Platinum OG is best placed in the late evening strain category, when its effects can be fully enjoyed.

Enjoy this and other top shelf strains from Strictly OG.

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