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Northern Lights Marijuana Strain Review

Posted by | September 1, 2014 | Reviews, Strain Reviews

Northern Lights Marijuana Strain Review

Northern Lights is one of the classic Afghani indicas–a favored landrace for its quick flowering time and potent physical effects.  Manifesting itself in several prominent phenotypes, Northern Lights also acts as a base in many popular strains, such as Super Silver Haze, Big Bud, G-13, and Hash Plant.

First whiffs of Northern Lights produce a pungent musk and some warm baking spice. There is also an old bark scent. All this combines for a richness that is like the outdoors after a rainfall.  There are also under notes of sweet citrus that offer it just a dash of lightness.  The mostly conical buds were a bit dry, but broke up full and fluffy.  The smoke was smooth, almost soothing in the throat, minimizing smoker’s fatigue.

Northern Lights produces immediate body effects.  It is lazy without being locking, making it a rare daytime indica, like a Romulan.  It is also powerfully psychedelic for an indica–most likely because contemporary Northern Lights has been crossed with a Thai landrace sativa.  I hate when euphoric is used to describe a high, but Northern Lights is actually euphoric, generating a delightful sense of wellbeing.  Like a vacation day, it is easy going and carefree.  It is not terribly productive, but it is engaging and thoughtful.  These effects, along with a looseness in the joints and muscles, helps sooth away anxiety, while the psychosomatic effects provide contentment and relief from depression.

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