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Kaneh Co Chocolate Chip Cookie Review by OCWeedReview.Com

Posted by | June 2, 2016 | Edible Reviews, OCWeedReview.Com, Reviews

A new line of cannabis baked goods has been finding its way into the coolers and fridges of Orange County dispensaries, and it’s high time we reviewed them for our readers.  Kaneh Co. produces a range of edible potencies in a list of over 20 flavors, meaning that there is likely a favorite Kaneh Co flavor out there for you, but for this review, we were lucky enough to try their chocolate chip cookie.

Kaneh Co. bakes a large, flat cookie, just like it was fresh from your grandma’s cookie jar.  There are no fancy bells and whistles, just a basic but enticing chocolate chip cookie.  Much of this is due to Kaneh Co.’s use of natural, made-at-home ingredients, like eggs, butter, brown sugar, and vanilla.  Light and airy, patients needing the full potency will find it easy to complete in a single sitting.

For our review, we tested the 100 mg cookie.  However, stronger potencies are also available in Kaneh Co. edibles, ranging all the way up to 1000 mg.  Although clearly aimed at the high dose user, the relatively large size of the Kaneh Co. edibles means that the 100 mg versions can effortlessly be split into smaller doses for those new to edibles and unsure of their baseline potency.

I had my sample cookie early in the evening after a long day of work.  Physically and mentally fatigued, the Kaneh Co. chocolate chip cookie hit me with a strong, stoney high.  Physically relaxing and mentally distracting, it provided all the effects I needed after a high stress afternoon.  Paired with a favorite TV show, video game, or hobby, this is the way to unwind and end your busier days.  Just don’t forget a glass of ice cold milk in which dunk your cookie.

For more information, visit Kaneh Co. online.

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