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Jilly OG from Moxie Review by OCWeedReview.Com

Posted by | January 2, 2016 | cannabis extract, Cannabis Review, DAB Reviews, OCWeedReview.Com

Jilly OG from Moxie Review by OCWeedReview.Com

I was asked once by a fellow patient whether Moxie extracts were really worth the $10-20 dollars more a gram it goes for in the shops.  To this, I answered, “Absolutely”.  I donate for other brands, all relatively similar in price and presentation.  But the results are always dark brown and tacky and anything but what I have come to expect in a quality shatter, leaving me disappointed when I get home.  So for a few bucks more, I grab Moxie and guarantee I’ll be happy with my choice in meds.

Upon unfolding the parchment this Jilly OG extract is stored in, the terpy scent hits you immediately: tropical and woody.  Flavorful dabs match this profile with a nectar sweet and light cypress wood dominating the subtle orange and spice notes.  The shatter itself is a pale yellow.  Thin and nearly clear enough to see through, Moxie has nailed clarity in this run, creating a perfect shatter.

A longtime favorite on the site, Jilly Bean is a hybrid of Orange Velvet and another popular strain around the office, Space Queen (Cindy 99 x Romulan).  This sativa dominant strain is then crossed with an unidentified OG, because it is Southern California and that’s what we do.  Mostly an upbeat and happy high, Jilly Bean is the kick in the ass needed some days to get motivated.  Adding the OG refines this into a more reposed, weekend strain for days tossing the frisbee at the beach, golfing, or otherwise enjoying your time off.

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