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Jedi OG Marijuana Strain Review

Posted by | September 19, 2014 | Reviews, Strain Reviews

Jedi OG Marijuana Strain Review

When I was younger, I had the Star Wars action figure case shaped like Darth Vader’s helmet.  It was chock full of all the original characters in movable plastic.  Long ago, it disappeared as toys tend to when their owners leave home for college.  And although if I still owned that case I could sell them and retire early, I must be satisfied with the nostalgia this strain brings me.

I couldn’t find information on Jedi OG, but I was able to find genetics for Jedi Kush: a hybrid of Death Star and SFV OG.  Death Star can be further broken down to Sour D and Sensi Star.  This at least creates a base to begin to understand its effects.  Odds are about even that this Jedi OG is either just a misnamed Jedi Kush or a hybrid of an OG and Jedi Kush.

Jedi OG is a fantastically complex mural of green hues: among them a kelly green so dark it was almost blue.  Across the bud are rich, espresso brown hairs and a creamy frosting of trichomes.  Reminiscent of an exotic spice market, the scent is all black tea and spice.  It is every bit a sensuous bud that will entice you to light up as soon as you experience it.

An indica high all the way, Jedi OG will have your head in space but your body locked firmly on the couch.  Good for a late night comedown, it will help with light insomnia symptoms, but it’s not enough for an immediate knockout.  Red eyed and dazed, Jedi OG’s high is best described by the word stoned and is that stereotypical burnt out high.  Although it may not seem like that would have medical applications, this type of disconnecting high is perfect for anxiety or PTSD.


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