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his is our first time reviewing the ever popular chocolate bars from Hubby’s Edibles. These edibles have been on the shelves of Southern California dispensaries since long before the Review was founded. They are a staple medication for many of the patients we talk to, so it is long past time for us to do a review.

For our first outing, I chose the dark chocolate bar, and only partly due to its eye catching gold wrapper. I love dark chocolate, and its bitterness interacts best with the cannabis taste. The chocolate was buttery and smooth but thick against the tongue.  I found it had a warm taste with some hint of cannabis oil, but only if held long in the mouth. It wasn’t the bitter dark chocolate I had hoped for. Instead, I found it rich and velvety.

The Hubby Bar proved to be a consistently potent edible. The whole bar contains 130 mg or just over 20 mg per piece, and the segmented bar makes dosing a snap. If the chocolate is held in the mouth, activation is speeded thanks to sublingual uptake. The high was stoney and hazed over, definitely not for when you need to be active or responsible but perfect for an afternoon in the hammock or a night on the couch watching movies. Pain and anxiety slip away and are replaced by easy, loose-limbed relaxation.

Hubby’s edibles are available at Hand in Hand Patient Care

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