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HNH Rocks from Hand n Hand Patient Care Review – OCWeedReview.Com

Moonrocks have taken the California cannabis market by storm the last few years, as the industry searches for ever more inventive ways to up the potency factor of marijuana.

Like the turducken of marijuana, moonrocks layer incredible ingredients for an unmistakable experience. Hand n Hand Patient Care offers their own custom made moonrocks called HNH Rocks with strain specific bud, wax, and kief for unique combinations found nowhere else. HNH Rocks start with buds of HNHPC’s top shelf flower, which are then coated in oil and rolled in kief to complete the effect. Once cured, these dense nuggets pack a dark matter like weight into the tiniest bowls. You are sure to embarrass every other bag at the sesh when you pulls these out.

Moonrocks, as a general rule, are a bit tricky to work with. Sticky and tight, breaking them up by hand can be difficult. Scissors or a knife or even a steel grinder makes things a whole lot easier. Your bowl will smolder after a hit, so it’s best to try to cash it in one rip. We primarily smoked HNH Rocks out of our bong to help facilitate large hits. But they also aren’t bad blended with other flower and thrown into a joint or a blunt for an enhanced smoke.

Some of the most potent buds available, moonrocks are best for kept for experienced smokers, but anyone can smoke them responsibly if they are aware of the potency. Moonrocks provide a strong high, heavy and thorough, that is felt throughout the body. As the strains change with each batch, keep an eye on the HNHPC Weedmaps menu to see what they have in stock.

HNH Rocks are available exclusively at Hand n Hand Patient Care.

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