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Already known for potent shatters, Gold Drop now also offers disposable 510 thread vape pen cartridges that feature their golden extracts. These super-slim vape pens have been growing in popularity and most large extractors are getting in on the market.

For our review, we were given Gold Drop’s Trainwreck vape pen. A classic strain that doesn’t come around dispensary shelves enough, it is nice to see it here in this ultra-portable pen. I immediately found hits of Gold Drop’s vape to be easy and smooth, with no irritation in the throat. The vapor was sweet with hints of lemon and a woody pine. Although not dab sized, I was getting surprising clouds from Gold Drop’s oil.

As mentioned above, Trainwreck is one of those highs that just isn’t available as much as you’d like. Trainwreck carries a sativa lean thanks to Mexican and Thai landrace sativas. To balance these cerebral genetics, Trainwreck adds the ever popular weighty Afghani indica.

Far too many strains get labeled euphoric by lazy reviewers (I’m guilty myself). But there is an absolute euphoria to Trainwreck’s high. Happiness abounds, leading to a more open and engaged outlook toward the world. Creative thinking is enhanced, and a jaunt around the museum might be appropriate, as would a first date or an educational seminar.

I found this happy rush best used for working. Lame, I know. But as a writer, the tilted thought process opens avenues previously barred, allowing for a more open engagement with my topic. The high THC content makes Trainwreck effective for depression, while the Afghani grounds it for anti-pain and anxiety effects.  At high doses or during long sessions, it can begin to slow you down, and a delightfully spacey couch-lock might be inevitable.

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