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GoJilly OG Nug Run Shatter Review

Posted by | August 25, 2014 | DAB Reviews, Reviews

GoJilly OG Shatter Review

HGH GoJilly  OG Nug Run shatter absolutely jumped off the shelf when I visited Diamond Grove for the first time.  A combination of Bodhi Seeds’ Goji OG (Snow Lotus x Nepali OG) and Jilly Bean from TGA genetics (Orange Velvet x Space Queen), this product is superior shatter made from superior strains.  Beyond the designer strains in its genetics, this concentrate is beautifully packaged on folded parchment paper and placed inside a small mylar bag.  Outside of all this is a printed envelope with this company logo.  This is where the future of designer weed is going, and HGH is right onthe forefront.

Holy moly this is some clear shatter.  It is a beautiful golden yellow color, and it shimmers glass-like under bright light.  It was a bit soft in these warm California afternoons, but it made loading my Cloud pen no more difficult.  When heated, it let off a light vapor, just a bit expansive, which is a nice change to some cough inducing waxes and shatters I’ve had.  There is a real nice berry and tropical fruit flavor–like pineapple and mango– and a bit of citrusy acid.  Expect some sweet woodiness from the OG Kush as a marginal addition to the taste spectrum.  All in all, it is an absolutely fragrant and delectably tasty shatter.

With Jilly Bean and Goji OG the most likely genetic combo, I was expecting a sativa dominant, happy high.  I was right.  It was immediate and intense.  Not especially clear headed, it was a hazy high.  I had a hard time finishing sentences or concentrating on a single idea when first medicating.  It eventually evened out to a thoughtful, introspective high.  I found myself prone to fits of smiling.  It was one of those delightfully mellow stoner highs that erase pain and problems in a single blow.

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