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Ganja Gold SFV OG Honey Oil Review – by OCWeedReview.Com

From the people who bring you your favorite pre-rolled tarantula joints comes a pure, versatile way to get your medical marijuana. Ganja Gold’s new honey oil is extracted using an FDA approved iso-hexane extraction, considered much safer than some other solvents. The oil is then put through an additional purification process to ensure you are getting the cleanest oil possible.  There are no additives and the oil is in no way adulterated to alter its consistency.

The golden oil comes in an easy to dispense syringe. The premarked syringe also helps with measuring out your doses when on a specific routine. Our review sample was lab tested at 60% THC.  While not on the extreme side in potency, it is much higher than typical flower and even some pre-filled vape pens.

Ganja Gold’s oil has already been decarboxylated, making it a versatile product that can fill several roles. You can use the oil to bake with, crafting personalized edibles to fit your needs. You can also add the oil to joints and blunts when you smoke to enhance your high, and the oil works well dripped onto an atomizer in your vape pen. However, we found the most use out of it dabbed on our rig.

Each syringe is filled with strain specific oils, which helps patients who have a proven favorite strain for their ailments. For our review, we tried Ganja Gold’s SFV OG. A phenotype of the classic OG Kush, the SFV OG cut is said to be a more upbeat, sativa like version of OG Kush’s endless relaxation. What you are left with then is a stress relieving strain that keeps you moving all day long, perfect for weekend days out enjoying the California sun.

Visit Ganja Gold for more information.

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