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Flurish Watermelon Gummies Edible Review by OCWeedReview.Com

We have been eying the Flurish line of edibles for a review for some time now: seeing them pop up in all the shops and visiting their booths at all the shows. So when we finally got our hands on a couple of packs, we set right to work.

Flurish gummi edibles come in a range of summery fruit flavors, including pineapple, mango, and sour apple. For my review, I had the watermelon, which has remained my favorite after trying them all, though I’ve been pleased with every flavor.

The delicious soft gummies are sugary sweet and flavorful, yet just 27 calories per serving. As a certified gummi bear addict, I have to say these Flurish are really something. Buttery soft in texture and available in four flavors to keep from getting bored. The real challenge for me was not overdosing due to their irresistible texture and flavor.

It is a good thing I refrained. At 150 mg of THC for the whole box, there is potency to spare. Each piece is a more manageable 37.5 mg per piece. Thanks to testing through SC Labs, you can trust the consistency of Flurish edibles. Each box comes with 4 conveniently sized gummi pyramids. The are small enough to be discreet but large enough to break into smaller servings if necessary.

Our test box said it was a sativa/indica hybrid, and the perfectly rounded high attested to that. Most patients these days look for this balanced hybrid effect, capitalizing on the fullest range of medicinal effects

The high comes on slowly, as most edibles do, and the earliest measurable effects arrived almost an hour after eating. However, after a couple hours, the full force of the edible is felt, giving hours of relief. Comforting without knocking you out, and heady without the paranoia, these hybrid watermelon Flurish hit every need throughout my day for a perfect medicating experience.

Visit the Flurish website for more details.

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