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Flights ReadyPacks Review by OCWeedReview

Posted by | July 19, 2016 | OCWeedReview.Com, Reviews

Flights ReadyPacks Review by OCWeedReview

As the editor of a marijuana review site, I spend a surprising amount of time on the road, visiting company headquarters, attending conferences, and covering the many Cannabis Cups, Hempcons, and other assorted “fests” that are crammed into each calendar year. With all this moving around, it is essential to have discreet medication on hand that can be stashed away easily in luggage yet is ready to go on a moment’s notice.

That is the exact role Flights ReadyPacks were designed to fill. Flights have cornered this market and made it all their own. Their ultra thin, scent sealed packs mean they are odor free until you tear them open. Just rip open the top of the sealed ReadyPack and then peel it open. Because the flower is pre-ground, it saves time when on the go.

Each individual pack contains just over .3 grams of pre-ground flower. One pack is good for a few bowls or a small joint, two will get you a nice sized joint for sharing, and three packs fills a blunt about perfectly. Can’t use the entire pack in one sitting? Roll the foil up and save it for later.

Flights ReadyPacks Review

Although Flights ReadyPacks are designed for easy travel, we found ourselves using them everywhere. The grind was a perfect, fluffy consistency for every strain we tried, and there wasn’t a stem in sight. We discovered Flights are great for an easy bowl or a fast joint, and they are also perfect for dry herb vaporizers.

I kept some ReadyPacks handy, tossed into my pocket with some rolling papers, during our time field testing them, ducking off hiking trails and discreetly smoking at the beach with ease. But Flights are equally useful at home. In fact, we smoked most of our review samples out of our favorite honeybear bong on our front porch.

Flights carries a wide variety of strains, including popular classics like GDP and Jack Herer, and new favorites like Gorilla Glue #4, with new strains being added weekly. We tried four different strains from the Flights lineup, and all tested over 23% THC. The company is transparent with their testing numbers, posting them to their website.

Chiquita Banana:

Best known for the incredible genetics mastered at Utopia Farms, Chiquita Banana is an incredibly potent strain known for reliably breaking 30% THC. The flower in Flights’ ReadyPacks is no different, testing at 30.6%. There was a pale yellow hue to the pre-ground flower. A fruity kush scent jumps out of the pack when you tear it open and hits give off a fresh, ripe flavor. The high is mellow and full of grins, but energetic enough for daytime use. This is not a strain to pass up if you find it in the shops.

OG Kush:

Nothing says Southern California in my mind like OG Kush. With a profile that is all pine, lemon, and rich redwood, this classic strain smokes like no other. As always, the OG Kush high is incredibly relaxed, elevating you to that no worries attitude embodied in SoCal. Well known as an effective stress killer, OG Kush is the best choice for after work and days off.

Girl Scout Cookies:

How do you improve on OG Kush? Add a healthy dose of Durban Poison, the Review’s favorite South African sativa. The end result is Girl Scout Cookies, a sweet and earthy strain capable of providing a slight body buzz for moderate pain relief. Relaxing and sedative, GSC’s high is heady and euphoric, making it excellent for anxiety as well.

Royal Tangerine:

Tangerine strains have enjoyed incredible success in shops up and down California in the past year or so. Most Tangerine or Tangie strains have Tangerine Dream somewhere in their genetics. Without knowing, I assume the same here. Motivated and uplifting, this mostly sativa strain brings mood elevation without leaving you sedated and couch locked or too stoned to function.

Flights ReadyPacks Review

Flights have been designed with the mobile toker in mind, but they are also environmentally conscious. A recyclable box and minimal packaging means that there is less waste per eighth than when buying flower, which should make you feel good at the end of the day.

Next time you are taking a road trip, flight, or mini-adventure around town, or when just need a convenient way to smoke around the house, pick up a couple Flights ReadyPacks and know you’ll have fresh top quality bud when you need it.

Visit Flights online at to learn more or to find Flights near you.

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