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From The Earth Deadpool OG Review by OCWeedReview.Com

Posted by | March 21, 2016 | Cannabis Review, Marijuana Review, OCWeedReview.Com, Reviews, Strain Reviews

From The Earth Deadpool OG Review by OCWeedReview.Com

Ever wonder who grows your medicine or how much your budtender really knows about the strains they are suggesting?  Well, in the case of From The Earth’s Deadpool OG, the details will please you.  Expertly grown by one of From The Earth’s expert budtenders, this classic OG Kush cut is meticulously cultivated for a fully defined OG experience.

Named after everyone’s favorite foul-mouthed Marvel assassin, Deadpool OG isn’t a genetically affected hybrid or a fancy OG cut given an unnecessarily complicated backstory.  Instead, Deadpool OG is is just a carefully grown natural OG.  This care includes specific attentions to detail, such as adding lemon juice to the soil to balance the ph and help ensure the flowering plants uptake the nutrients needed to grow to their fullest.

Because it is so scrupulously grown, the individual characteristics of this plant are all the more pronounced.  The bud’s dark forest greenery contains no shortage of trichomes across its surface.  The nuggets are dense and conical, like bushy xmas trees.  But then they break up chunky and sticky like a lemony sativa.  Surprisingly sticky, actually.  And fragrant.  Leaving the fingers tacky and odorous.  The piney lemon of classic OGs is strong in the scent profile, but I also picked up plenty of myrcene as a dominant terpene with hints of hops and lemongrass.

Deadpool OG is an absolute cure for stress and anxiety — a vacation day in a pop top.  The wellbeing generated by this high is second to none and shows what made OG Kush popular in the first place. It is obviously listed as indica dominant (high levels of myrcene can be sedating) but don’t be surprised if it feels energetic at first before settling into an all over comfortable feeling.  A top of the line OG in my book, like Deadpool, it has superhuman healing abilities: specifically, its capacity for decimating anxiety and tension held in the muscles and joints.

Find this and other great strains at From The Earth in Santa Ana.

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