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Dutch Treat Marijuana Strain Review

Posted by | September 28, 2014 | Reviews, Strain Reviews

Dutch Treat Marijuana Strain Review

While the genetics of Dutch Treat are unconfirmed, its desirability as a strain certainly isn’t.  Coming to us from Amsterdam, where it has gained quantified fame, Dutch Treat is only just beginning to be recognized in California as a superior indica dominant strain–a feat unaided by our unfaltering love for all things OG.  However, as more and more patients give it a chance, it is inevitable that it will become a part of California’s rather impressive pantheon of strains.

When I opened my pop top container after getting my eighth of Dutch Treat home, I was hit with a blast of candied citrus.  There is also a desert flora scent, like sage or eucalyptus.  The buds were incredibly sticky, due in no short part to the khaki colored trichomes encrusted across the surface.  Under this fuzziness is a dark green, oddly shaped nugget.  Instead of the typical conical shape to the buds, these had strange fingers poking out like alien appendages at odd angles.

Dutch Treat offers a strong indica lean, with some claiming it to be up to 80% indica.  However, it is not without its sativa mood enhancement.  I found it to be good for early evening as you unwind with a book or your favorite network crime drama.  You will experience great relief from work stress, and the anxiety and depression that can follow.  Secondary medical effects can be relief from minor aches and pains and a slight push of drowsiness to help mild insomnia, confirming my recommendation of late day use.

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