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Cherry Pie from Strictly OG Strain Review | OCWeedReview.Com

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Cherry Pie from Strictly OG Strain Review | OCWeedReview.Com

Growing up in the 80’s, I loved hair metal songs for, among other things, their gratuitously sexual overtones, and one of the most overtly sexual was Warrant’s Cherry Pie.  Starting with the album cover and continuing through to the video, this song oozed a sort of dirty lustfulness.  Cherry Pie is an equally sexy strain.  With genetics pulling from Grand Daddy Purp (indica) x Durban Poison (sativa) with a possible cross of OG Kush with the Durban, she’s been blessed with all the right genes.

These Cherry Pie buds were a combination of sweet and tart, drawing on both the dark berry from GDP and a lighter earthy sweetness from the Durban.  It is almost candy sweet and sticky on the fingers.  When looking at the nuggets, there are some dark greenery accents mixed along hand trimmed buds.  This Cherry Pie has golden blond hairs and creamy trichomes.  Aesthetically one of the most interesting strains I’ve seen, it is gorgeous flowers like this that made me start this site in the first place.

Prior to reviewing this Cherry Pie, I had been smoking Strictly OG’s Blue Dream.  When the Cherry Pie’s effects took over, the change was immediate and distinct.  There was a weird back and forth struggle in the high’s characteristics, and the mixed Cherry Pie genetics seemed to be pulling me strongly up and strongly down.  Unlike the Blue Dream, which seems to give a soft, balanced high, the smoothest aspects of each parent strain, Cherry Pie takes the most intense characteristics of each parent and pits them against each other.  In the end, the Durban’s caffeine like rush is subdued by the narcotic high of the GDP, creating effects perfect for anxiety, mild pain, or PTSD.

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