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Robaxin 500mg suppliers, Indian pharmacy robaxin

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OneStrain – for your discreet Deliveries

Posted by | September 27, 2017 | Cannabis Business, cannabis extract, Cannabis Product Review, Reviews, Vaping, Vaporizer Review







Just wanted to provide a quick review of http://OneStrain.Com

OneStrain is a discreet delivery services. It caters to Executives, local business owners, and parents which are often uncomfortable with the stigma that comes with purchasing accessories at a smoke or head shop. 

One Strain provides a FREE confidential, professional discreet delivery service of your accessories at a time and place convenient for you. Should you prefer UPS shipping, One Strain offers FREE delivery in nondescript, plain packaging.

​I have personally used and recommend OneStrain. Additionally, I have recomended them to some local SoFla peeps and had only great comments back about the service, fast friendly and discreet. So if you need a nice new toys check out for convenient delivery.



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Vaping on a Budget: Here’s How to Get the Best Value for Money

Posted by | February 2, 2017 | Cannabis News, Vaping

Robaxin 500mg suppliers, Indian pharmacy robaxin

Vaping on a Budget: Here’s How to Get the Best Value for Money

Although it’s still far cheaper than smoking, when you calculate the money you spend on e-liquids and electronic cigarettes over the month, the figure can soon add up. For regular vapers who are tight on cash but quickly get down their e-liquid cartridges, it’s time to start being more cost effective if you want to keep up the habit without sacrificing anything else.

By following a few simple steps, you’ll seen be able to make your vaping experience cheaper. Here are a few of the things you can try and do:

Get More Out of Your E-Liquid

Are you fed up of your e-liquid running out far too quickly? This is a common issue amongst vapers, and having to constantly buy new cartridges can be a pain. Thankfully, there are a few things you can do to make your e-lqiuid last longer.

  • Store your juice in a dark place – Some vapers will throw their e juice out after a while if they feel like the flavor has changed. A common cause of this is exposure to the light, so be sure to store it in a dark place to be on the safe side.
  • Think about the atomizer – Fruit flavors are just one example of e-liquids that can stay in the atomizer for longer. You should also regularly clean the atomizer to ensure it doesn’t get blocked up and you aren’t unnecessarily throwing the device out/wasting liquid.
  • Shake up the bottle of juice occasionally – when you shake the bottle containing your e-liquid every once in a while, you will increase your chances of getting the flavors evenly whenever you are vaping. This will ensure that you get more out of your e-liquid.
  • Let the juice “steep” for some days- while some people may dismiss steeping, this technique ensures that your e-liquid darkens. The e-liquid will also marry the different flavors and give you juice that tastes better in the end. In case you notice that your juice has a weird taste, giving it some time to change may produce the desired taste.

The Type of Pen to Go For

Purchasing the right vape pen can be hard. You may think that buying the cheapest model is most cost effective, but chances are this will be a poor product and you’ll only end up replacing it.

You also need to ensure you are buying a vape pen that supports the substance you’re using. The 4 main products available are:

  • E-liquid vape pens – The standard choice for most vapers, used for vaping various flavors of e-liquid.
  • Dry herb vaporizers – Typically for vaping cannabis.
  • Wax and oil vape pens – Used for vaping concentrates so you get the active component of cannabis, THC.
  • 3-in- 1 vape pens – These pens have a system that allows you to change cartridges, with one for the e-juice, another for dry herb and the last one for waxes and oils. So if you aren’t sure what to go for, or want to experiment, this may be best.

Look out for deals

One last piece of advice when buying your vape pen is that you should always look out for new vaping deals. Even if there isn’t currently a deal on the pen itself, you may see offers on tanks, e-juice and mods. These deals are designed to help those budget vapers save some cash, whilst still enjoying some of the best products on the market. Keep your eye out, and you never know what you’ll find.

If you have used vaping as a way to quit smoking, you want to ensure you have considerably cut down on your expenditure. Or alternatively if you just vape for fun, you don’t want it to become an overly expensive habit. Hopefully by learning how to get more out of your e-liquid and by purchasing the right products, you’ll notice a difference in your spending’s.

Do you have any other tips to help out your fellow vapers? If so, leave a comment!

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Spliffin OG Vape Review by OCWeedReview.Com

Posted by | January 2, 2016 | Cannabis Review, Marijuana Review, OCWeedReview.Com, Vaping, Vaporizer Review

Spliffin OG Vape Review by OCWeedReview.Com

f you are going to take on a signature strain for your company, you better make sure it’s a doozy — what with your brand name on the line and all.  And Spliffin’ does just that in their outstanding Spliffin’ OG, giving the type of experience you would expect from their flagship extract.  A nod to Spliffin’s location in LA’s Arts District, they pulled their genetics for Spliffin’ OG from SoCal’s favorite OG Kush.  They then cross it with Larry OG, a hybrid in itself of OG Kush and the SFV OG cut of OG.  All in all, Spliffin’ OG is a refined expression of what a classic OG strain can be.

Because Spliffin’ OG is a part of Spliffin’s superior Pure lineup of vape pens, you get all extract and no fillers, distinguishing them from many other brands. With their entire line of extracts testing in at over 70% THC, the vaporous hits you get are loaded with potency.  The high quality hardware of the cartridges matches the extracts inside.  Each cartridge has a solid, durable feel, without too much added weight, thanks to the stainless steel, and superior leak prevention due to use of exceptional materials.  I’ve yet to have a Spliffin’ cartridge fail on me in any way.  The tempered glass cylinder allows you to appreciate the golden color of the extract, while the wickless heating element makes sure you enjoy its vapor with consistently full hits.

The earthy flavor of the typical OG profile, woody and acidic, is enhanced here with a natural, floral note in the exhale.  As with any manifestation of OG Kush, Spliffin’ OG is an incredibly relaxed, if not a bit disconnected, high.  Perfect for anti-anxiety effects, stress melts away as the mind wanders from tense thoughts and is allowed to settle in unexpectedly pleasant places.  The body is also affected with a soft, melting physical high.  There is some lethargy, especially in the come down or if used with frequency.  This makes Spliffin’ OG an option for treatment of insomnia or to just settle a racing mind before bed.  I’ve come to be prepared for Spliffin’s potency, but their Spliffin’ OG seemed to hit me all the harder with its calming, sedating effects, forcing me to pause a moment during my normally hectic days.  And that makes it worth its weight in gold.

For more information, visit Spliffin’ online.

Alien OG from W Vapes Review by OCWeedReview.Com

W Vapes comes to us with one of the most advanced totally disposable pens on the market.  Loaded with 350 mg of Alien OG extracted cannabis oil, once empty, you simply throw the whole pen away, battery and all.  The environmental type?  So are W Vapes, and they encourage you to recycle your pens by mailing them back to them postage free.

One of our favorite characteristics of the W Vapes is its small and portable format.  Easily thrown into a pocket, these pens let you vape your cannabis anywhere vaping is allowed.  And because the W Vapes pen looks like any other disposable e-cigarette on the market, discreet medicating is a snap, regardless of your setting.

Overall, I was surprised at how sturdy these pens were, considering that they were completely disposable.  Although the tendency towards cheap construction is strong among disposable products, W Vapes uses durable parts to keep your pen working from beginning to end.  That said, I would discourage long storage of your pen once you begin use.  Tight draws become more of a problem when your pen is left sitting over time.

W Vapes use clean and safe supercritical CO2 extracted oil in their disposable pens, making them a healthy option when choosing a vape brand.  By the means of a proprietary technique, terpenes are separated and reintroduced during the extraction process to ensure strain specific characteristics in every pen.  This step places W Vapes apart from their competition, who usually see exhausted terpenes as an acceptable loss.

With most W Vapes oils coming in around 50% THC, they fall in the midrange for potency among vape pens, perfect for precise medicating without needing to worry about overdoing it.  Knowing W Vapes provides strain specific effects and flavors, I was expecting a stoney head, a sedated body, and a piney and citrus flavor.  Check, check, and… check.  A hybrid of Tahoe OG and Alien Kush, Alien OG is the heavy indica you’d expect from an OG and Kush hybrid, making this pen an effective solution for pain control, anti-anxiety effects, and insomnia relief.

Visit W Vapes for more information.

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Jack Herer from Spliffin Vape Review by OCWeedReview.Com

Posted by | September 9, 2015 | Cannabis Review, OCWeedReview.Com, Reviews, Vaping, Vaporizer Review

Jack Herer from Spliffin Vape Review by OCWeedReview.Com

By now, it is of no surprise that we here at the Review are big fans of the Spliffin’ vape brand.  Delivering quality extracts and lasting durability, Spliffin’ fills a much needed gap in the portable vape market.  This being our third outing with one of their vape cartridges, we were confident that Spliffin’s Jack Herer Pure vape topper would hit our high expectations once again.

I hesitate to call Spliffin’ a high end product only because a product shouldn’t be considered high end just because it does its job right.  At $60 a gram in most shops, Spliffin’ is priced to sell, considering their strains test in at over 70% THC.  Combine this much higher than average potency with their solid stainless steel and tempered glass construction, and Spliffin’ embarasses their competition.  Finally, we’ve discovered that for which we were so long searching: a truly reliable disposable vape system that can rival the best extracts in the shops.

Originally a Sensi Seeds creation and still available among their genetics, Jack Herer, named after the activist and author, is a hybrid of Haze and a Northern Lights and Shiva Skunk cross.  Best known for its high content of Pinene and Limonene, Jack Herer is a blast of sweet lemon and spicy cured pinewood.  Here in Spliffin’s Pure line, there are no fillers to get in the way of Jack’s terpy goodness.

A sativa dominant strain, Jack Herer’s high is foremost uplifting and joyful.  An absolute mood changer, it is just the strain to lift you out of a funk.  However, users most rave about Jack’s creative and purposeful qualities.  Excellent for those who are able to work while medicated, the Jack Herer strain has been the galvanizing force behind more than a few of my projects in the office.  While most patients will find it most effective against depression, Jack is surprisingly helpful for nausea and offers some minimal pain relief as well.

Visit Spliffin’ for more information.

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Santa Cruz Vape Pen Review by OCWeedReview.Com

Posted by | September 2, 2015 | OCWeedReview.Com, Reviews, Vaping, Vaporizer Review

Santa Cruz Vape Pen Review by OCWeedReview.Com

When you check out the Santa Cruz Vape Instagram feed, it is laden with pictures of their vape being used at the beach, along hiking trails, and at beautiful scenic overlooks.  While our experience of using it around the office was somewhat more tame, the variation of situations where the Santa Cruz Vape fits is astounding.  Whether you have your feet up at the campsite or in your own backyard, or are walking to the trailhead or your job, Santa Cruz has the vape system that goes where you go.

Santa Cruz Vape Pen Review

And thanks to full metal construction, I have no worries about it getting roughed up in daily use.  Even weeks after beginning my testing, our unit is shiny and scratch free.  However, unlike similar pens, the Santa Cruz Vape isn’t bulky or top heavy.  It is too tall to be a useful pocket unit.  But this doesn’t mean it isn’t good for travel.  These vape pens slip seamlessly into laptop bags, purses, or backpacks, ready to use when you need it.  However, the Santa Cruz Vape is just as effective at home, fitting comfortably in your hand for convenient vaping through the day, sans butane torch and hot nail.

There is no shortage of vape pens on the market these days that allow patients to vape waxes and other cannabis concentrates.  So to make your mark, it helps to do things better than the next guy.  Much of this centers on the design of the pen’s atomizer.  In the case of the Santa Cruz Vape, they went with a dual, wickless titanium coil in their Dabomizer Bullet Proof atomizer.  Giving off incredible heat with no fear of burning the wick, I rarely found myself needing the full battery time, getting huge hits with just a few seconds holding the button. The pinched atomizer cap keeps most of your extract down on the heat. However, there is some splash-up if you use thinner concentrates, like shatter or CO2 oil.  Or if you add too much extract in one load and let it clog.  As with similar pens, reasonable use and regular cleaning will keep excess oil from being an issue.

Santa Cruz Vapes boast around 600 hits per battery charge — higher than most competitive brands.   However, I never needed to test that number: partly because I don’t feel like counting to 600, and partly thanks to their clever battery light indication system, which helps keep me from being stranded with a low battery.  Combine this with a clever bottom charging position, meaning I can vape with it plugged into my laptop’s usb port, and I don’t need to worry about being left without a way to medicate.

Available in a classic polished metal or a range of bright colors to match your personality, the Santa Cruz Vape has the styling, power, and reliability to become your pen of choice.  VisitSanta Cruz Vape for more information or to order yours today.

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Absolute Xtracts Vape Pen Review by OCWeedReview.Com

Posted by | August 25, 2015 | Cannabis Review, Marijuana Review, OCWeedReview.Com, Reviews, Vaping, Vaporizer Review

Absolute Xtracts Vape Pen Review by OCWeedReview.Com
Since I first began my lifelong quest with cannabis, I have struggled with ways to get or maintain a high while on the go. This has lead to many alleyway smoke sessions, poorly made home-cooked edibles, and near misses with the law. But that was then, and this is now. The 21st century has been kind to the cannabis user in the form of research and development into extracts and vape pens. No longer concerned with the smell, I can vape with impunity from my convenient and discreet Absolute Xtracts pen.

Absolute Xtracts uses the industry standard 510 thread battery, which is a relief to see since I can then use the cartridges, charger, and battery interchangeably with my other platforms. The autodraw battery feature means there are no buttons to accidently press in your pocket or 5 button lock sequences to bother with. When you need a hit, it’s ready. Just draw on the mouthpiece like you were taking a sip from a straw. After you are finished, the slim design means it slips easily into a pocket or purse. While testing our Absolute Xtracts pen, I kept it in my front pocket at all times, where the mouthpiece sat just below view, waiting my use. And thanks to the combination of metal and high-grade plastic construction, these cartridges are substantially more durable than some other brands on the market.

Packaged in a padded carrying case with space for your battery, charger, and one cartridge. Absolute Xtracts designed their pens for easy and durable transportation. No longer worried about oils leaking onto my stuff, I can throw the Absolute Xtracts case in my briefcase, gym duffel, or overnight bag with abandon, knowing my medication is safe. I’ve also found the case useful to carry all essential backup components to keep me moving on a trip. No matter whether I need a charger, or a spare cartridge or battery, I can keep it all handy and in one place.

Our review box from Absolute Xtracts came with three different strains: Blue Dream, OG Kush, and Sour Diesel. A more classic lineup of flavors is hard to imagine. Each strain was true to its expectations. The Blue Dream was introspective and euphoric. The OG Kush, mellow and worry-free. One of our long time favorites, Sour Diesel was purposeful and energetic. Knowing the effects will be as intended, patients can feel comfortable their medication fits their symptoms.

Each cartridge is pre-loaded with 100% pure CO2 Oil, extracted using supercritical carbon dioxide. This stands as part of a trend by vape pen manufacturers to move away from the use of fillers, like Propylene Glycol or other glycerine products. Although there doesn’t seem to be much of a flavor profile to these vapes, and there are entire threads online complaining about “that CO2 oil taste”, CO2 is largely considered a safer product than other extraction methods, and many patients prefer it for their medicine, despite the loss of terpenes. As with other vape pens, there can be some harshness in the throat with heavy use, and they are most effective for low dose purposes.

Overall, we thoroughly enjoyed our time with Absolute Xtacts’ pre-filled vape pens. No stranger to the pros and cons of CO2 extraction, time and again we have endorsed their use to our readers as a healthier alternative to BHO concentrates. Regardless of your medicating level, these convenient vape pens will assure you are never too far from the relief you need.

Visit Absolute Xtracts for more information.

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aGo G5 3 Mode Vape Pen from King Pen Vapes Review by OCWeedReview.Com

Posted by | June 11, 2015 | OCWeedReview.Com, Reviews, Vaping, Vaporizer Review

Robaxin 500mg suppliers, Indian pharmacy robaxin

It seems like vape pens are everywhere lately.  Ex-smokers are using them to kick the habit.  Millennials are using them for the richly flavored clouds they can create with their vape juice, and cannabis patients love them for discreet medicating with the assortment of mediums we have available to us.  The problem thenbecomes, not whether a vape pen exists for your needs, but how many different pens you find yourself needing.  If you have a separate pen for your oils, waxes, and flower, then you are the perfect user for the new aGo G5.  Each unit comes with 3 attachments: one for liquid vape juices and oil, a wax atomizer for cannabis concentrates, and a dry herb coil.  No matter how varied your demands, the aGo G5 can handle them.

One of the first things you notice about the G5 is that it has the industry standard 510 thread, meaning both the battery and the attachments are interchangeable with most other pens.  So unlike your Apple products, your aGo G5 will play nice with all your other toys.  During our time testing this pen, we loved the versatility of both the battery and the interchangeable attachments, and we still use the components, together and separately from each other, daily.

Personally, I have just begun using dry herb vape pens.  Though even in my brief experience, I have learned to spot the difference between a true vaping experience and just burning the plant material.  Be sure to order the clear heat filter offered by King Vapes to keep your bud up and off the coil.  Even using this added spacer, I still ended with some light singeing and a burnt taste and smell when taking big hits, a lighter pack and shorter times on the hot coil lessened this effect.  There is a convenient spring that keeps the bud on the heat, while the multiple layers of filters help the mouthpiece from becoming resinous or clogged.  Each pack gave 2-3 hits, the first being the most vaporous, with each hit diminishing from the last.  True dry herbvaping doesn’t produce the big clouds that wax and liquid vaping do.  But the taste and the high will let you know it’s working.

With the wax attachment, we had air flow issues.  If not originating in the design, it may have been anoverpack effect because it certainly wasn’t a power issue.  The wick and coil became red hot almost immediately upon hitting the power button.  I found it offered quick vaporizing of the waxes I used with it, and the extended battery time means that you can take long, cloudy rips.

I’d never used a vapor pen before that used liquid, so I took a trip to my local vape store to see what they could recommend.  I ended up walking out with a strawberry flavored, nicotine-free “juice”.  Being a novice, I enjoyed the easy to fill reservoir, and holding up to 1.6 ml of liquid, it is large enough to take on the road with you without needing a refill.  The wick system used by the G5 is incredibly efficient.  The fast heating and long hit time offered huge clouds with minimal warm up.  With a saccharine sweet strawberry flavor to my vape juice, I could easily see the appeal to using this attachment just for flavored vapes.  It can also use glycerine based vape oil with either nicotine or cannabis, meaning this is a multifunctional attachment for vapors of all types.

One of our favorite features of the G5 is its battery life.  We were able to log over 350 hits per charge just using it around the office.  Regardless, thank goodness for the power gauge, so you can realistically know how much charge is left when it finally does run down, rather than just guessing like with some batteries.  The hit counter resets after each charge, adding to the ability to avoid your battery being drained when you need it most.  Not once while using the aGo G5 have we been stranded with a dead battery.

When buying this complete set from King Pen Vapes, you get all three attachments mentioned above.  You also receive the usb charger and an added wall charger, a cleaning brush and an extra spring for the dry herb unit, and a multi-purpose packing tool.  Not only that, but King Pen Vapes offers free shipping and includes a gift with every purchase.  On an anonymous follow up order we placed to test their service, they upgraded one item we ordered and doubled the quantity of another.  We’ve been pleased with the aGo G5 pen and the King Pen Vapes online vape store and confidently recommend them both.

Order yours now by clicking here.


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Seego Vhit King Dry Herb Vape Pen| OCWeedReview.Com

Posted by | April 17, 2015 | Cannabis Product Review, Marijuana Product Review, OCWeedReview.Com, Reviews, Vaping, Vaporizer Review

Seego Vhit King Dry Herb Vape Pen| OCWeedReview.Com

I’ve long looked at getting myself a dry herb vaporizer so that I could give my lungs a much needed break after almost two decades of smoking cannabis.  However, by the time I fully committed to vaping, extracts were all the rage, and I ended up getting wrapped up in the new fangled concentrate pens.  This didn’t curb my curiosity about dry herb pens, though, so when Seego approached me with the chance to try out their new Vhit King dry herb vape, I jumped at the opportunity to finally vape flower.

I’ve mostly used mini vapes like the Cloud and the microG, so a piece this size is a new experience for me.  The unit itself is quite long, just a couple inches short of a foot, but can still conveniently be thrown in a laptop bag or large purse.  Despite this, I found it easier to keep the unit at home.  But even with its size, it is notably more discreet than smoking due to the lack of smell.  I could comfortably vape in my home or backyard without worrying about the negative smell of smoke and those who might be bothered by it.

Seego’s dry herb vape is quite heavy as well, further limiting some of its portability.  Its heft is due to its solid steel construction.  In a world of cheap plastic and thin aluminum vape pens that break as soon as you use them, it is refreshing to find Seego using such quality materials.  Just handling this pen, it is clear that it has been well crafted and will last for years, and I’m confident that I will still be using this vape well into the future.

The Vhit King offers a clean, metallic design and several great innovations.  The first of these is their mosquito coil heating element, which increases the surface area from where the heat is produced and raises the overall effectiveness of the pen.  The second is their unique plunger system that assists in both thepacking of your dry herb and emptying of the unit after use.  Lastly, the Vhit King offers a choice of air intake sizes so that you can control the airflow of your hit.  With these advances in mind, Seego clearly has interestin producing a cutting edge vaping experience due to the development put into this unit.

I found that using very dry, finely ground flower worked best when vaping with this unit: think that freerollfrom your dispensary last visit.  Also, be sure not to exert the plunger too hard, or your cannabis will pack too tight, restricting air flow and singeing your green, causing a burnt smell and taste.  My one criticism about the Vhit King isn’t about the vape attachment, but about the battery.  I would have preferred a system that allowed longer than a 5 second hit, but it sounds like, as of printing the review, Seego has already addressed this with their new batteries, the G-hit GIB-2, offered in the Vhit King Kit, which includes everything you need to get started using the Vhit King dry herb vape.

This unit does not make the huge clouds of vapor that my wax pens do, if really vaping and not just burning the flower.  However, the pure taste of flavorful cannabis buds tells you its hitting.  There was also no real way to tell when the bud was cashed, which took some trial and error to learn.  However, I must say I have gotten better using the Vhit King with practice.  Training myself on what to expect with use, dry herb vapinghas become one of my preferred methods of medicating thanks to Seego’s Vhit King.

Purchase yours today from Seego.

First seen on OCWeedReview.Com