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King Louis XIII Marijuana Strain Review

Posted by | August 20, 2014 | Reviews, Strain Reviews

King Louis XIII Marijuana Strain Review

King Louis XIII is one of those strains that is on the menu of any dispensary worth its salt.  A classic, its genetics point directly to an indica base.  Many growers believe it to possess partial OG Kush genetics or possibly even be an OG Kush phenotype.  Determining genetic parenting can get murky, especially when the much beloved and, therefore, cross-bred OG Kush comes into play, whose own genetics are largely unclear.  During my exploration of the grow boards, I even heard one rather ridiculous story that this strain was King Louis of France’s favorite strain, given to him as a trophy after the war of 1808, though I see that anecdote as highly unlikely.

The sensuous profile of this strain is all pine and spice, with a potent skunk follow.  It is “THE” smell I think of when I think of marijuana.  I am instantly reminded of when I first started smoking pot and the smell was still new to me.  The green hit mirrors the pine, while the exhale is all earthy spice, like juniper and rich hazelnut.  It was a bit harsh in the throat, made even more noticeable after reviewing a bowl of a lighter sativa. Speaking of sativas, King Louis XIII is sativa like in its bud structure, though it was left a bit leafy.  And what is this?  A seed!  I’ll be saving that for later.  Overall, this is a high quality grow that could use a better trim.

More than any other effect, I found King Louis XIII to be surprisingly sedative, necessary in any anti-anxiety medication.  A zoned out head high adds to this relaxation, since it removes the mind from all worries.  I normally go straight for sativas for my stress alleviation, and I even had some great sativa choices on hand this week.  But several times, even during the day, I reached past them to grab my jar of King Louis XIII.  Its sedative manner simply attracted me when I was overwhelmed by work.  I also found it to offer relief from minor aches and pains and excellent reprieve from insomnia when used late at night.

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Alaskan Thunder Fuck Marijuana Strain Review

I have long been aware of a strain that went by the moniker Alaskan Thunder Fuck.  However, I have not had the chance to try it.  I had not, until now.  It is legendary strains like this that remind me of why I started this site.  I was excited to get it home and see how it would stack up, and it is my conclusion that ATF nears cannabis excellence.  Grown in the Mananuska Valley in Alaska, it is often called Mananuska Thunder Fuck.  However, I ran into some issue in determining whether they are indeed the same plant or perhaps even just phenotypes.

ATF was a lovely strain to work with, and most notable of its characteristics is that it is sticky, real sticky.  It’s been awhile since I’ve had a strain this tacky, and I wasn’t prepared when I tried to roll it in a blunt.  It stuck to my fingers and the outside of the paper and more or less everything else it touched, making for a difficult task.  Best used in a bowl or water pipe, I would also suggest a grinder when dealing with ATF.  The scent is very sweet, like candied lemon.  The green hit mimics this sugary citrus, but it is spicy in the exhale.  There is also a notable pine zest, though it plays third fiddle in this band.

A surprising north climate straight sativa, ATF produces a phenomenal cerebral high.  Despite the heady haze, this strain is an ideal daytime high.  There is minimal body relief, meaning it is strictly for psychosomatic symptoms– like PTSD, anxiety, and depression.  Some patients find it to create a more refined thought pattern, enhancing creative or intellectual work.  Not productive in the traditional sense, ATF will have your mind racing in original, visionary directions.

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