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Korova Chocolate Peanut Butter Bar Edible Review | OCWeedReview.Com

Posted by | April 17, 2015 | Edible Reviews, Marijuana Review, OCWeedReview.Com, Reviews

Korova Chocolate Peanut Butter Bar Edible Review | OCWeedReview.Com

New from Korova’s Organik line, their Chocolate Peanut Butter Bar is bringing Korova’s “unrivaled potency” to a healthy new level.  Being driven by a much more health conscious patient, these Organik edibles are geared for the hiking, biking, Bikram yoga set and offer a much more reasonable approach to using edibles for daily medicating.

To craft these new wholesome treats, Korova started by sourcing all organic ingredients that are naturally vegan and gluten free, including oats, coconut flour, brown rice cereal, and sea salt.  Korova’s new Chocolate Peanut Butter Bar is also low in sugar thanks to their use of an agave based sweetener.  However, their effort for a more healthy edible doesn’t stop there.  The solventless extract in their infused coconut oil is tested for mold, fungus, and pesticides, along with potency — an extra step that demonstrates Korova’s mission for a safe and pure edible.

I loved the light consistency of this edible.  Thanks to the brown rice cereal, these Chocolate Peanut Butter Bars are airy and crispy and won’t weigh you down.  However, the peanut butter and oats are hearty enough to help energize your activities.  The chocolate is a sweet afterthought, a thin layer across the top, instead of a thick saccharine cocoa barrier.

Korova’s edibles tend to get me into trouble because they are both tasty and potent.  Packed into each modestly sized treat are 300 mg THC and 3.6 mg of CBD: the equivalent of 6 grams of dried cannabis.  Dosing in baked goods is not exactly precise, especially when trying to eyeball it, but Korova suggests a split of 6 doses per bar or 50 mg per dose. Certainly a moderate dose for many users, rookies may want to use significantly less, breaking the suggested dosing at least in half.  Although the full weight of the effects take some time to kick in, there is no letdown to this high.  Instead, I found it to be sociable and giddy and increasingly uplifting.  For daily users, more modest doses can be a great companion for weekday chores, but be careful not to go overboard, lest you become the object of Korova’s moral — “You can always eat more, but you can’t eat less.”

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Cherry Pie from Strictly OG Strain Review | OCWeedReview.Com

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Cherry Pie from Strictly OG Strain Review | OCWeedReview.Com

Growing up in the 80’s, I loved hair metal songs for, among other things, their gratuitously sexual overtones, and one of the most overtly sexual was Warrant’s Cherry Pie.  Starting with the album cover and continuing through to the video, this song oozed a sort of dirty lustfulness.  Cherry Pie is an equally sexy strain.  With genetics pulling from Grand Daddy Purp (indica) x Durban Poison (sativa) with a possible cross of OG Kush with the Durban, she’s been blessed with all the right genes.

These Cherry Pie buds were a combination of sweet and tart, drawing on both the dark berry from GDP and a lighter earthy sweetness from the Durban.  It is almost candy sweet and sticky on the fingers.  When looking at the nuggets, there are some dark greenery accents mixed along hand trimmed buds.  This Cherry Pie has golden blond hairs and creamy trichomes.  Aesthetically one of the most interesting strains I’ve seen, it is gorgeous flowers like this that made me start this site in the first place.

Prior to reviewing this Cherry Pie, I had been smoking Strictly OG’s Blue Dream.  When the Cherry Pie’s effects took over, the change was immediate and distinct.  There was a weird back and forth struggle in the high’s characteristics, and the mixed Cherry Pie genetics seemed to be pulling me strongly up and strongly down.  Unlike the Blue Dream, which seems to give a soft, balanced high, the smoothest aspects of each parent strain, Cherry Pie takes the most intense characteristics of each parent and pits them against each other.  In the end, the Durban’s caffeine like rush is subdued by the narcotic high of the GDP, creating effects perfect for anxiety, mild pain, or PTSD.

Order this and other great strains from Strictly OG.

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Sour Diesel x Grand Daddy Purp Strain Review | OCWeedReview.Com

Posted by | April 11, 2015 | Cannabis Review, Marijuana Review, OCWeedReview.Com, Reviews, Strain Reviews

Bill Gates and Paul Allen.  Fish and Chips.  Brangelina.  All are iconic pairings in people’s minds.  And I’m fast imagining a world where the same holds true for Sour Diesel and Grand Daddy Purp.  Like when the Beatles met Bob Dylan, here is an encounter between two famous strains that do what they do exceptionally well, doing it well together.  And like when Bob met the Brits, everyone involved is sure to end up stoned.

As mentioned before, this bud combines two legendary strains.  Starting with Ken Estes’ creation, GDP is a breeding of Purple Urkle x Big Bud.  A patient favorite and not just because of its interesting coloring, Grand Daddy Purp is an exemplary indica, used for a wide variety of physical symptoms.  On the other end of the spectrum is Sour Diesel, of preeminent NYC fame.  This is the strain I grew up on, getting my start on the East Coast, and it fueled my preference for sativas that I still carry today.

This hybrid offered some detailed coloration in its bud, but not a lot of the deep purple you might expect from a Purple Urkle strain.  There were plenty of dark purple hairs, though.  And when broken up, there was an obvious lavender purple hue mixed with the faintly toned greens.  There were tons of purple terps in the flavor profile, overpowering Sour D’s fuel smell.  That makes for a mildly sweet, over-ripe berry that carried well past the green hit.  As with the entire flower menu from Strictly OG, this harvest consists of perfectly picked buds that are heavy with creamy trichomes.

Strictly OG gave me several near 50/50 hybrids in their sample bags, but the SD x GDP was one of my favorites.  Sour D’s strongly energetic and cerebrally intuitive high is immediate.  However, it doesn’t take long for GDP’s classic euphoric body buzz and mind melt, perfect for sedation and pain control, to kick in.  Hitting on a full range of effects, this hybrid touches the near perfect balance for which most patients are looking.

Order this and other top shelf strains from Strictly OG.

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Key Lime Bar from 530 Edibles Review | OC Weed Review.Com

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Key Lime Bar from 530 Edibles Review | OC Weed Review.Com

My first real interaction with key lime pie came from Red Lobster of all places when it was the restaurant of choice for childhood birthdays.  Later in grad school, I became hooked when I would travel out to Montauk Point at the tip of Long Island to the beachside crab shacks and clam bars and follow each meal with a Red Stripe and a slice of key lime pie.  Ever since, when the sun is beaming and the breeze is warm and salty, I begin instinctively to seek out a beachfront bar and my favorite tart key lime treat.

530 Edibles’ Key Lime Bar is a re-imagining of the pie I’ve come to love, with a sweet cracker crust and sour lime cake, topped with a generous dusting of powdered sugar.  Not unlike the dessert I often crave, 530 Edibles has added their own pucker lipped twist, making for an incredibly tasty experience.

The first thing you notice about the Key Lime Bar is its hue.  With a color like this, it would be a perfect substitute for a non-alcoholic St. Patty’s celebration.  Each bite of this generously sized edible was melt-in-mouth moist and soft.  Best if stored in the fridge, our sample kept through Cannabis Cup weekend in the trunk of a car, for over a week in the office, and then through a photo session under the lights, and was still in great shape when I finally had a chance to eat it.  With size enough to split into 2 or more doses or to share, I ate it over a single serving for breakfast, and it was altogether filling.

Testing in at 70 mg of THC, these edibles give off a fun little high.  Giggly and goofy, it still has dreamy elements with no lack of haze.  Like my favorite thatch-roofed shore side bars, it is sunny and inviting, but if you stay too long, you might end up asleep on the dunes.

Available from 530 Collective, Shasta Lake, or Strictly OG in LA.

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530 Edibles Raspberry Bar Review | OC Weed Review

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530 Edibles Raspberry Bar Review | OC Weed Review

I spent a summer in Princeton between terms in my graduate program.  I wasn’t employed and, technically, homeless, but I had a stash of grant money from my college and nothing to do but relax and read.  Each morning, I’d stop off at the local coffee house and buy a coffee and pastry.  I would then make my way over to Palmer Square off Nassau Street and settle under one of the leafy elms that stood sentry and provided shade for the benches below.  There, I’d pop the top off my coffee to let it cool,  unwrap the cellophane from my breakfast, and open my book.  Those were some of my happiest days, and everything about this medicated raspberry bar from 530 Edibles reminds me of them.

I was a bit apprehensive about testing 530 Edibles’ medicated raspberry bar on the morning that I did.  I wasn’t particularly hungry, and a heavy, sugary sweet dessert didn’t sound appealing at the time.  However, this raspberry bar was light and flavorful, and not overly saccharine at all.  It was the perfect pairing with my coffee, and I easily finished it all.

The bar has a simple crust, a tart raspberry middle, and light topping drizzled gently with chocolate.  It is a modest, well made piece, yet incredibly tasty.  Similar in just about every way to the same type of treat you would get in your treasured coffee shop, which fits into my daily routine perfectly.

Although 530 Edibles also come in 210 mg, which are more likely to be split into smaller doses, I sampled the 70 mg strength bar, a good potency for a moderate to heavy user.  And every little bit of the 70 mg came through in the high.  There was no denying I was medicated.  However, it was capable and not too stoney or locking: perfect as a day starter.  For a regular user like myself, getting to my desired medicated level can take some time and effort.  Beginning your day with an edible, of which I’ve gotten into the habit, can help you get a head start on the day.  After all, breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Get yours from Strictly OG or direct from 530 Edibles.

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