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OneStrain – for your discreet Deliveries

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Just wanted to provide a quick review of http://OneStrain.Com

OneStrain is a discreet delivery services. It caters to Executives, local business owners, and parents which are often uncomfortable with the stigma that comes with purchasing accessories at a smoke or head shop. 

One Strain provides a FREE confidential, professional discreet delivery service of your accessories at a time and place convenient for you. Should you prefer UPS shipping, One Strain offers FREE delivery in nondescript, plain packaging.

​I have personally used and recommend OneStrain. Additionally, I have recomended them to some local SoFla peeps and had only great comments back about the service, fast friendly and discreet. So if you need a nice new toys check out for convenient delivery.



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Seego Vhit King Dry Herb Vape Pen| OCWeedReview.Com

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Seego Vhit King Dry Herb Vape Pen| OCWeedReview.Com

I’ve long looked at getting myself a dry herb vaporizer so that I could give my lungs a much needed break after almost two decades of smoking cannabis.  However, by the time I fully committed to vaping, extracts were all the rage, and I ended up getting wrapped up in the new fangled concentrate pens.  This didn’t curb my curiosity about dry herb pens, though, so when Seego approached me with the chance to try out their new Vhit King dry herb vape, I jumped at the opportunity to finally vape flower.

I’ve mostly used mini vapes like the Cloud and the microG, so a piece this size is a new experience for me.  The unit itself is quite long, just a couple inches short of a foot, but can still conveniently be thrown in a laptop bag or large purse.  Despite this, I found it easier to keep the unit at home.  But even with its size, it is notably more discreet than smoking due to the lack of smell.  I could comfortably vape in my home or backyard without worrying about the negative smell of smoke and those who might be bothered by it.

Seego’s dry herb vape is quite heavy as well, further limiting some of its portability.  Its heft is due to its solid steel construction.  In a world of cheap plastic and thin aluminum vape pens that break as soon as you use them, it is refreshing to find Seego using such quality materials.  Just handling this pen, it is clear that it has been well crafted and will last for years, and I’m confident that I will still be using this vape well into the future.

The Vhit King offers a clean, metallic design and several great innovations.  The first of these is their mosquito coil heating element, which increases the surface area from where the heat is produced and raises the overall effectiveness of the pen.  The second is their unique plunger system that assists in both thepacking of your dry herb and emptying of the unit after use.  Lastly, the Vhit King offers a choice of air intake sizes so that you can control the airflow of your hit.  With these advances in mind, Seego clearly has interestin producing a cutting edge vaping experience due to the development put into this unit.

I found that using very dry, finely ground flower worked best when vaping with this unit: think that freerollfrom your dispensary last visit.  Also, be sure not to exert the plunger too hard, or your cannabis will pack too tight, restricting air flow and singeing your green, causing a burnt smell and taste.  My one criticism about the Vhit King isn’t about the vape attachment, but about the battery.  I would have preferred a system that allowed longer than a 5 second hit, but it sounds like, as of printing the review, Seego has already addressed this with their new batteries, the G-hit GIB-2, offered in the Vhit King Kit, which includes everything you need to get started using the Vhit King dry herb vape.

This unit does not make the huge clouds of vapor that my wax pens do, if really vaping and not just burning the flower.  However, the pure taste of flavorful cannabis buds tells you its hitting.  There was also no real way to tell when the bud was cashed, which took some trial and error to learn.  However, I must say I have gotten better using the Vhit King with practice.  Training myself on what to expect with use, dry herb vapinghas become one of my preferred methods of medicating thanks to Seego’s Vhit King.

Purchase yours today from Seego.

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Herbstick Deluxe – One Bad-ass Vaporizer

Are you looking for a new vaporizer – dry herb, dabbing? Well if so look no further.

I have been on the lookout for a new dry leaf vaporizer. Well my good friends at Ciggo reached out to see if I would be interested in reviewing their Herbstick Deluxe. Well of course – give me a reason to smoke a little more while testing out the latest technology is reason enough for me 🙂

After a few days of anxious waiting I received the package in the mail. I can say that the Herbstick Deluxe was packaged very well. Here are a few pictures of the unboxing.

IMAG0074 IMAG0082 IMAG0080 IMAG0088

What struck me right away was the how well made this vaporizer is. I just really liked the feel, weight, shape – it is just one bad-ass constructed vaporizer.

After un-boxing, I had to run some errands, so I plugged-in the Herbstick Deluxe and left the house for a few hours. When I came back I broke out some of my MMJ and tested out the vaporizer.

Well I can honestly say on initial impression this was one of the best if not the best vaporizer I have used! The chamber is a little bigger than other vaporizers I have tried, which means you can pack a little more in and get a few extra draws. I cranked up the temp and was able to get a good clean draw, the taste was excellent – not tinny or mechanical like some other vaporizers I have used. Also I didn’t feel like the draw / air was over heated.

I really like the design, weight, feel. The Herbstick Deluxe is a well-made. I like the rectangular shape, but that is a personal taste.

My only and I mean my only complaint, is that there should have been a few extra screens included. But overall that is very minor.

So this is my initial review. I will update again in a week or two after I give the Herbstick Deluxe some use.

If you have used the Herbstick Deluxe let me know your comments and feedback.

Check back in a few weeks as we update the review after we have used the Herbsitck Deluxe for a little while.


Here is the Manufacturer link, / detail below:

retail: $299

Quick Overview:

Revolutionary Vaporizer, the highest standard in herb vaping device. Exquisite and powerful. OLED display, battery power and burning temperature is clearly visible, help you find ideal range for Vaping. Pop-up mouthpiece and magnetic cover make the device more beautiful, practical and easy to carry. Diamond indicator shining different colors along with temperature changes. Big heating chamber can hold 0.5g herb. Absolutely perfect for Vaping.

Smart Vaporizer


Power indication

Press the Enter button down for 3 seconds to turn Herbstick Deluxe on. The indicator flashes 5 times and then keep lighting on. Shining color shows power level of battery.

  • White light: Power(60%-100%)
  • Blue light: Power(20%-60%)
  • Red light: Power(0-20%)

Temperature setting

To set your temperature, press the + (Plus) or – (Minus) button to choose your preferred temperature. The lowest temperature is 120℃ and the maximum temperature is 225℃ (in 5℃ increments). By pressing the Enter button to confirm your setting (The setting temp will be saved automatically). The operating temperature displays below the setting temp. l

Temperature indication

At different temperatures shining the indicator different colors:

  • Cyan light: < 169℃/336.2℉
  • Blue light: 170-179℃/338-354.2℉
  • Green light: 180-189℃/356-372.2℉
  • Purple light: 190-199℃/374-390.2℉
  • Yellow light: 200-209℃/392-408.2℉
  • Red light: >210℃/410℉ l

Vibrating alert

In following cases the device will vibrate, while the display shows “Vibration” icon:

  • When the temperature reaches the set value.
  • The device doesn’t work over 1 minute.

(The temperature will automatically fall to 120℃ and stand by. Once moving it, the device will automatically restart to heat to the setting temp.)

  • The device is used over 8 minutes. (Press the confirm button before or after Vibration to enter the next cycle.)

Pop-up mouthpiece


The mouthpiece is made of zinc alloy and hidden. By press to release it or hide it back. l

Magnetic cover

The cover of heating chamber is magnetic. When add ground tobacco to the chamber, the cover can be attracted tightly in the magnet area to prevent it from missing.


Portable vaporvap7

Packaging contents