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OneStrain – for your discreet Deliveries

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Just wanted to provide a quick review of http://OneStrain.Com

OneStrain is a discreet delivery services. It caters to Executives, local business owners, and parents which are often uncomfortable with the stigma that comes with purchasing accessories at a smoke or head shop. 

One Strain provides a FREE confidential, professional discreet delivery service of your accessories at a time and place convenient for you. Should you prefer UPS shipping, One Strain offers FREE delivery in nondescript, plain packaging.

​I have personally used and recommend OneStrain. Additionally, I have recomended them to some local SoFla peeps and had only great comments back about the service, fast friendly and discreet. So if you need a nice new toys check out for convenient delivery.



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Guild Extracts GSC High Terpene Extract Review by OCWeedReview.Com

Posted by | October 10, 2016 | cannabis extract, Cannabis Review, Extract Review, OCWeedReview.Com

Guild Extracts GSC

Guild Extracts blasted onto our radar earlier this year when we caught them blowing Cannabis Cup attendees away with their incredible extracts. Eager to get our hands on some ourselves, we approached the company and talked about the science behind their work putting out extracts like high potency crystallized THC and CBD and their HTE (high terpene extracts).

The first thing you notice about Guild’s HTE is that it’s real oily, with a wet sap like consistency. The second thing you notice is just how terpy this extract really is. Like taking a dab of pure flavor, pure Girl Scout Cookies flavor no less, the complexities of the strain’s features start to become clearer.

Although a lower potency than some of Guild’s more mind blowing offerings, the joy here is the overwhelming taste profile. To get stronger dabs, we had fun mixing the HTE with other extracts to blend flavors. We also put it use with Guild Extracts’ crystalline THC-A to add flavor to potency. (It also helped to have something sticky for the THC crystals to hold onto.)

When dabbed alone, our Girl Scout Cookies HTE had a subtle high of its own. Mild but recognizable, the GSC’s complete mind and body high leads to a state of pure euphoria, that place where everything is right in the world and you are completely comfortable. Yoga in a tasty dab? Now there’s transcendence.

High Terpene Extract Review by OCWeedReview.Com

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Moxie Extracts Goji Live Resin Review by OCWeedReview.Com

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Moxie Extracts Goji Live Resin Review by OCWeedReview.Com

This review has been a long time coming.  I first became familiar with Goji OG as a robust house shatter from the old Rite Greens Santa Ana location.  I immediately became hooked on its overwhelmingly joyful high and fresh berry flavor.  This was back before my first dab rig, when I was still using my extracts exclusively from vape pens.  But eventually the man shut down this Santa Ana institution, and I lost track of my most favorite of highs.  I went through several years not seeing Goji on menus anywhere.  Then Orange County dispensaries started carrying Moxie Extracts, and like late night drunk flirting on Facebook, this lost love came rushing back into my life again.  Nary a week goes by now that I don’t have a dab of a Goji extract thanks to our friends over at Moxie.

I can already predict that these are going to be the dabs to beat come time to choose the Review’s extract of the year.  Obviously, this weighs heavily on our own biases, but this past year or so, it seems that Moxie’s Goji has been on all the right menus in Orange County.  And I just can’t get enough of it.  This is just as much true of the Moxie brand.  The coloring of their live resin is always bright yellow and the consistency ideal for pulling off hearty dabs.

As mentioned before, I have largely come to see Goji as the perfect high.  I’m not sure the difference between the Goji OG strain and the extract uncluttered by an OG in its name. (Moxie also offers a Goji OG live resin)  However, not a time goes by that I see Goji or a Goji hybrid at a dispensary and don’t bring it home.  Just the other day, I stopped by a favorite shop in Santa Ana to grab some samples they set aside of their new flower, but when I saw Goji on their Moxie shelf, I pulled out my wallet and bought the bunch.

Dabs of Goji exude a light berry flavor.  It is tasty without being overly terpy, with most of the flavor coming in the exhale.  The fast hitting dabs leave the user with the most remarkable high.  Goji manages to be happy without being manic or giggly.  It is comfortable without being tired.  Even in heavy doses, the subtle cerebral and physical effects leave me simply content to exist in a world where a high like this exists.  I was distracted from my problems, but fully able to comprehend the world around me.  People often ask me how I can be so high functioning a stoner as the editor of a cannabis review site.  Strains like Goji certainly help.

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Gold Drop Trainwreck Vape Pen Review by OCWeedReview.Com

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Already known for potent shatters, Gold Drop now also offers disposable 510 thread vape pen cartridges that feature their golden extracts. These super-slim vape pens have been growing in popularity and most large extractors are getting in on the market.

For our review, we were given Gold Drop’s Trainwreck vape pen. A classic strain that doesn’t come around dispensary shelves enough, it is nice to see it here in this ultra-portable pen. I immediately found hits of Gold Drop’s vape to be easy and smooth, with no irritation in the throat. The vapor was sweet with hints of lemon and a woody pine. Although not dab sized, I was getting surprising clouds from Gold Drop’s oil.

As mentioned above, Trainwreck is one of those highs that just isn’t available as much as you’d like. Trainwreck carries a sativa lean thanks to Mexican and Thai landrace sativas. To balance these cerebral genetics, Trainwreck adds the ever popular weighty Afghani indica.

Far too many strains get labeled euphoric by lazy reviewers (I’m guilty myself). But there is an absolute euphoria to Trainwreck’s high. Happiness abounds, leading to a more open and engaged outlook toward the world. Creative thinking is enhanced, and a jaunt around the museum might be appropriate, as would a first date or an educational seminar.

I found this happy rush best used for working. Lame, I know. But as a writer, the tilted thought process opens avenues previously barred, allowing for a more open engagement with my topic. The high THC content makes Trainwreck effective for depression, while the Afghani grounds it for anti-pain and anxiety effects.  At high doses or during long sessions, it can begin to slow you down, and a delightfully spacey couch-lock might be inevitable.

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Ganja Gold SFV OG Honey Oil Review – by OCWeedReview.Com

Posted by | August 18, 2016 | cannabis extract, Cannabis Oil, OCWeedReview.Com, Reviews

Ganja Gold SFV OG Honey Oil Review – by OCWeedReview.Com

From the people who bring you your favorite pre-rolled tarantula joints comes a pure, versatile way to get your medical marijuana. Ganja Gold’s new honey oil is extracted using an FDA approved iso-hexane extraction, considered much safer than some other solvents. The oil is then put through an additional purification process to ensure you are getting the cleanest oil possible.  There are no additives and the oil is in no way adulterated to alter its consistency.

The golden oil comes in an easy to dispense syringe. The premarked syringe also helps with measuring out your doses when on a specific routine. Our review sample was lab tested at 60% THC.  While not on the extreme side in potency, it is much higher than typical flower and even some pre-filled vape pens.

Ganja Gold’s oil has already been decarboxylated, making it a versatile product that can fill several roles. You can use the oil to bake with, crafting personalized edibles to fit your needs. You can also add the oil to joints and blunts when you smoke to enhance your high, and the oil works well dripped onto an atomizer in your vape pen. However, we found the most use out of it dabbed on our rig.

Each syringe is filled with strain specific oils, which helps patients who have a proven favorite strain for their ailments. For our review, we tried Ganja Gold’s SFV OG. A phenotype of the classic OG Kush, the SFV OG cut is said to be a more upbeat, sativa like version of OG Kush’s endless relaxation. What you are left with then is a stress relieving strain that keeps you moving all day long, perfect for weekend days out enjoying the California sun.

Visit Ganja Gold for more information.

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Jilly OG from Moxie Review by OCWeedReview.Com

Posted by | January 2, 2016 | cannabis extract, Cannabis Review, DAB Reviews, OCWeedReview.Com

Jilly OG from Moxie Review by OCWeedReview.Com

I was asked once by a fellow patient whether Moxie extracts were really worth the $10-20 dollars more a gram it goes for in the shops.  To this, I answered, “Absolutely”.  I donate for other brands, all relatively similar in price and presentation.  But the results are always dark brown and tacky and anything but what I have come to expect in a quality shatter, leaving me disappointed when I get home.  So for a few bucks more, I grab Moxie and guarantee I’ll be happy with my choice in meds.

Upon unfolding the parchment this Jilly OG extract is stored in, the terpy scent hits you immediately: tropical and woody.  Flavorful dabs match this profile with a nectar sweet and light cypress wood dominating the subtle orange and spice notes.  The shatter itself is a pale yellow.  Thin and nearly clear enough to see through, Moxie has nailed clarity in this run, creating a perfect shatter.

A longtime favorite on the site, Jilly Bean is a hybrid of Orange Velvet and another popular strain around the office, Space Queen (Cindy 99 x Romulan).  This sativa dominant strain is then crossed with an unidentified OG, because it is Southern California and that’s what we do.  Mostly an upbeat and happy high, Jilly Bean is the kick in the ass needed some days to get motivated.  Adding the OG refines this into a more reposed, weekend strain for days tossing the frisbee at the beach, golfing, or otherwise enjoying your time off.

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Secrets Medicated Lollipops Edible Review by OCWeedReview.Com

Posted by | June 19, 2015 | cannabis extract, Cannabis Review, Edible Reviews, OCWeedReview.Com, Reviews

Secrets Medicated Lollipops Edible Review by OCWeedReview.Com

There is a very specific scene in the show Weeds in which Nancy, desperate because MMJ dispensaries are cutting into her business, goes to seek advice from Doug, played brilliantly by Kevin Nealon.  When Nancy walks into his office, he pulls a medicated lollipop from his mouth and gleefully exclaims, “I’m getting high right now!”  To me, that solidified California as the holy land of cannabis — a place where creativity and innovation abounded in ways to medicate.  And when I arrived in Orange County and got my doctor’s recommendation, a lollipop was the first medible I wanted to try.

Unfortunately, my first experience left me wanting.  Generically branded and tasting like cannabis butter, it was disappointing as a first endeavor.  So when Secrets approached me to review their gourmet medicated lollipops, I jumped at the chance to get the experience I wanted, and Secrets delivered on all accounts.

The first thing that stood out to us about these lollipops was the packaging.  Delightfully simple in coordinating colors for each flavor, the personal touch of a hand tied bow makes these a possible addition to party gift bags or as hostess gifts or just as a special surprise for a friend.

Hard candies hold the crown for being one of the most discreet edibles on the market in my mind.  Secrets takes that characteristic and makes it their mantra.  With no smoke and no smell, patients who need to medicate in the crowd can do so with impunity thanks to these medicated lollipops.  And with 9 different flavors, there is plenty of variety to keep from getting bored.

Even if pushed, I’d be at a loss to name a single favorite flavor.  The strawberry is incredibly smooth.  The key lime is appropriately puckering.  The tangerine, sweetly acidic.  Each flavor distinct and exact.  There are even a cinnamon and a root beer flavor for those who prefer spice to fruit.

A major drawback to medicated hard candies is the bitter back-of-the-throat taste that only gets worse when potency is raised.  Secrets tackles this by carefully selecting and crafting their flavors to diminish this effect and maximize enjoyment.  This means that across their range of flavors, they can keep their steady 42 mg of THC without sacrificing taste.

And with the primarily sublingual uptake of the cannabinoids from lollipops, you don’t have to wait around for that 42 mg to kick in.  Starting happy and uplifting, as edibles tend to do, and eventually settling into a full body high that is both euphoric and physically comforting, these Secrets medicated lollipops are effective for a number of symptoms, ranging from depression and anxiety to chronic pain and nausea.

So while I’m sure I look as suspicious as Doug sucking on a lollipop in public, they remain one of the most portable and convenient edibles we’ve sampled for the site.  Kept in your bag, your desk, or even your pocket, they offer relief when you need it most — on the go.

Learn more at

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Gold Coast Extracts Tangie Walker Shatter Review by OCWeedReview.Com

Posted by | June 3, 2015 | cannabis extract, Cannabis Review, DAB Reviews, Marijuana Review, Reviews

Gold Coast Extracts Tangie Walker Shatter Review by OCWeedReview.Com

Gold Coast is known for putting together some sublime strain combinations to make their shatters, and thisnug run Tangie Walker is no different.  Assuming the “Tangie” comes from Tangerine Dream, then this cross with Whitewalker OG creates a balanced indica/sativa strain worthy of their creations.

This shatter has a powerfully sweet orange citrus scent.  This terpene rich experience carries into the flavor of the vapor.  Dabs of Tangie Walker make the whole room smell, and even just opening the plastic container my half gram came in sends out an acidic rush.  The shatter itself is a deeply translucent amber color, which was smooth and consistent for that beautifully shimmering aesthetic.

Tangie Walker’s high starts clear headed and purposeful.  There is plenty of mind wandering creativity to help brainstorm projects at work.  It is an uplifting enterprise, which was nice after a week of heavy kush.  Each dab brings a very cerebral rush and enjoyable mood enhancement, making it seem perfect for work days.  But then it turns.  At higher doses or with extended medicating, Tangie Walker becomes dissociated and slow, manifesting in the stereotypical faded and stoned feeling.

$35/.5 g


1918 S. Main St.

Santa Ana, CA

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Honey B Nectar from Hungry Monkey Company Review by OCWeedReview.Com

Posted by | May 20, 2015 | cannabis extract, Cannabis Review, DAB Reviews, Marijuana Review, OCWeedReview.Com

Honey B Nectar from Hungry Monkey Company Review by OCWeedReview.Com

I was able to meet up with the Hungry Monkey Company during a recent Weed 4 Warriors event held at the OC Norml office in Santa Ana.  After a sesh and a sampling and some fine conversation, I walked away with their Honey B nectar to feature on the site.  The 2013 HTCC 1st place winner in San Bernardino in the extracts category, Honey B is a Barney’s Farm creation and as soaring a sativa as you can find.

This extract sample from the Hungry Monkey Co. was a buttery light color and had a softer consistency.  It worked well in several of our pens in the office, as well as off our domeless ceramic.  Honey B as a concentrate makes for a flavorful dab, like sweet candied orange, with a sugary after-taste on the exhale.   I could vape this extract all day.  And I did. Until it was gone

Modest dabs of this Honey B nectar created enormous clouds of vapor, and lung expansion was out of this world.  The high hits immediately in a rush upon exhale.  It is physically comforting, but Honey B really shines in its cerebral effects, as expected from its almost entirely sativa genetics.  The clear, focused high makes it useful as a workday strain.  But patients will find it an effective treatment for depression and other psychosomatic symptoms at any time.

There is little wonder that Honey B scored the gold two years ago at the SoCal Cannabis Cup.  An incredibly uplifting sativa, we quickly exhausted our sample from the Hungry Monkey Company with constant, flavorful dabs.  A crowd favorite, and enthusiastically endorsed by us here at the Review, sativa lovers are sure to love this extract.

First seen on OCWeedReview.Com

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Remington Extracts White Widow Shatter Review : OCWeedReview.Com

Posted by | April 14, 2015 | cannabis extract, Cannabis Review, Marijuana Review, Reviews

Remington Extracts White Widow Shatter Review : OCWeedReview.Com

White Widow is one of the most popular and recognizable strains in the world.  It’s first breeding in the Netherlands in the early ‘90’s can trace its genetics to the original landraces: a sativa from South America and a carefully selected indica from the Sub-Indian regions.  Shortly later in 1995, it won the Cannabis Cup.  Since then, it has enjoyed wild popularity in South Florida and worldwide and has been crossed with an endless variety of strains, creating hybrids across the spectrum of effects.  Just recently, White Widow has had a resurgence in LA and Orange Counties appearing on nearly every menu in town.

This extract had a dull, hardwood color and was unfortunately auto-buddered, as certain strains are apt to do, by the time we reviewed it.  It would work well in a vape pen in this state, though I prefered it off the domeless.  Even with a glowing hot nail, there was a clearly noticeable punky wood scent, like a wet fern forest.  The vapor was full and expansive, and I had to prepare myself for the huge hits even a modest dab would make.

As I’ve come to expect with Remington Extracts work, this White Widow shatter was incredibly potent.  However, the pulsing high is focused and energetic — even a bit manic at times.  With all the hypeStrawberry Cough has received this year as an effective strain for when on the clock, White Widow’s creative drive has helped me finish many more projects, even late into the evening, than any other strain.

Order this and other Remington Extracts products from Strictly OG.

First Published on OCWeedReview.Com

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Utah hospital will use cannabis extract to treat kids with epilepsy

Posted by | July 2, 2014 | cannabis extract, Cannabis News, Marijuana News, medical marijuana

First Published Jun 30 2014 11:11 am • Last Updated Jun 30 2014 10:59 pm

Starting in July, a new law will allow some Utah families of children with epilepsy to import cannabis oil from Colorado. But children who use the oil may be disqualified from enrolling in an upcoming trial of pharmaceutical-grade cannabis oil at Primary Children’s Hospital in Salt Lake City.

Neurologists at Primary Children’s Hospital are one step closer to being able to prescribe pharmaceutical-grade cannabis to children and teens with severe epilepsy.

Only those who apply to be part of a drug trial will be eligible — 25 spots are available — and it’s not known when the study will start.

The study’s lead author, neurologist Francis Filloux, is waiting for a license from the Drug Enforcement Administration freeing him to handle Schedule 1 substances, said Ed Clark, chief medical officer at Primary Children’s.

Schedule 1 drugs are considered the most dangerous and potentially addictive; the category includes heroin, LSD and marijuana. No doctor or researcher at Primary Children’s or the University of Utah has a Schedule 1 license, Clark said. But he’s confident Filloux will be approved.

“This is a federally approved study. I see no barriers other than bureaucracy,” he said. “We’re very excited to be doing this. Our teams here recognized that this was an emerging need and started to put this study together in 2013.”

It’s an open-label observational trial, which means everyone enrolled will receive Epidiolex, a liquid, purified form of cannabidiol (CBD), a nonpsychoactive chemical in marijuana. Epidiolex is manufactured by British drugmaker GW Pharmaceuticals.

GW Pharmaceuticals and the U.’s Institutional Review Board have approved Primary Children’s as a study site.

The trial will be open to children ages 2 to 17 who have treatment-resistant epilepsy, defined as not responding to at least four anti-epileptic drugs.

The primary goal will be to test the tolerability of Epidiolex and the optimal dose of CBD, a chemical shown to have powerful anti-seizure properties in children who have tried whole-plant marijuana extracts.

Parent activists who pushed for Charlee’s Law — which frees Utahns with epilepsy to import whole-plant CBD extracts from states where medical marijuana is legal — have long hoped Primary Children’s would study Epidiolex.

But the timing of the study poses a challenge for families who are on a waiting list for a highly sought CBD oil made by Colorado Springs growers at the Realm of Caring Foundation.

Those families will be eligible to apply for a Utah “hemp supplement” registration card starting July 8. But taking the oil could exclude them from participating in Primary Children’s study, which has an unknown start date.

“It’s a decision point for families, to do this study or try a whole plant extract,” acknowledged Clark.

Epidiolex is similar but not identical to “artisanal” CBD oils, which contain trace amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the chemical in cannabis that gives users a high.

The artisanal oils have been shown to work for patients who have exhausted all other remedies. In an observational

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