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Second recreational marijuana legalization effort launched at Capitol in Arizona

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Second recreational marijuana legalization effort launched at Capitol in Arizona

A second group launched its own effort Tuesday to legalize marijuana for recreational use in Arizona, potentially putting both campaigns in jeopardy.

The new group, known as the Campaign to Legalize and Regulate Marijuana, filed the necessary paperwork Tuesday to start gathering signatures for a proposal to let adults use the drug for recreational use. Backers need 150,642 valid signatures by July 7, 2016 to qualify for the general election ballot that year.

Only thing is, the move comes exactly a month after the Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol began its own petition drive to put a similar but not exactly duplicate initiative on the 2016 ballot. It also needs the same number of signatures.

And that’s where the first problem arises.

Individuals asked to sign paperwork petition to let people smoke and otherwise consumer marijuana may respond that they already have penned their name to a petition. But they may not know whether it was the same petition or the competing measure.
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MPP Director Threatens AZ Dispensaries Over Legalization Rift

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MPP Director Threatens AZ Dispensaries Over Legalization Rift

After an executive at a pair of Arizona dispensaries split with Marijuana Policy Project to start a separate legalization
campaign, MPP’s longtime executive director, Rob Kampia, threatened to spend thousands to “harm” the dispensaries.
For more details, check out the story:

Job Growth in the Cannabis Industry by leafhead

Cannabis boom in 2014: 2014 was a banner year for medical marijuana legislation and 2015 looks to be another year filled with legalization, decriminalization and the expansion of the medical marijuana business. In the state of Colorado $573 Million was spent on medical marijuana with $60 Million collected in taxes whereas in Washington $64 Million was spent on medical marijuana with $15 Million collected in taxes. Is there any wonder why the job economy has also raised in those states? $8 Million was given to marijuana and cannabis research, Alaska and Oregon passed legislation as well as Washington D.C.

Job Growth for Medical Marijuana Workers10,000+ new jobs were created last year with only half of the country having legalized or passing medical marijuana legislation. Considering that 3 new states passed legislation and 6 more states are in play in the coming year the potential for job growth has become exponential. With a total of 4 states out of the 23 legalized states having specific amendments to include recreational smoking and use of cannabis the markets for jobs and career growth has grown as well. The projections made about the industry include nearly $10 Billion in revenue for marijuana-legal states within the next three years and if more states are added to that list the growth in the economy could be even more substantial.


Investment Trading in the Coming Year With the release of the breaking story about Founders Fund investing in Privateer Holdings Inc. opens up a new era in the legitimacy of cannabis entrepreneurship. Larger more privatized firms will take the cue from Founders Fund to begin investing within other businesses in the cannabis industry. Ancillary services are growing every day in the industry and with the existing infrastructure for pot only being developed within the last couple years the time for job growth through investment capital has finally come. The states that stand to make the greatest benefit through medical marijuana jobs are those that didn’t have an infrastructure for manufacturing and growing of cannabis. States such as Alaska and Oregon’s amendments included recreational provisions thus making the demand for medical marijuana greater. Through legalization the economy expands to create new businesses, more jobs and careers, and more tax revenue as a result of sales.

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Hemp Our World- Art, Music, Sustainability, & Industrial Hemp – Nov. 15th

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Hemp Our World- Art, Music, Sustainability, & Industrial Hemp – Nov. 15th

Hemp Our World is dedicated to raising awareness on sustainability and industrial hemp. Come join us at the Tempe Farmers Market on November 15th, 2014, where we will have an awesome collaboration of artists and their works, local musicians, and a presentation/discussion on industrial hemp and sustainability!
Everyone is welcome bring your good vibes! Invite your friends, family, children, the setting will be for people of all ages, let’s have a good time and learn how we can collectively make an environmental impact!

We are still filling spots for artists, vendors, and musicians, if this is something you would like to be a part of please message us, we would love to have you on board! We need the help of our local artists to add a splash of color to our event!
(still working on flyer, great opportunity for a local artist to help a grassroots organization & receive great exposure for the event flyer)

– Hemp Our World

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High Mountain Health the Best Little Medical Marijuana Dispensary in Flagstaff Arizona

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High Mountain Health the Best Little Medical Marijuana Dispensary in Flagstaff Arizona

CannabisJobs.US had the pleasure to meet and visit with the High Mountain Health (HMH) Medical Dispensary team this past week. All I can say is they absolutely blew away our expectations! High Mountain Health is Northern Arizona’s foremost Arizona State Licensed Medical Marijuana Dispensary.

We had heard rumors that High Mountain Health was growing if not the best, some of the best Medical Marijuana in all of Arizona. Their strains are becoming a must smoke. So we just had to check it out! HMH is  a not-for-profit dispensary dedicated to ensuring legal, affordable, safe and reliable access to the highest quality medicinal grade cannabis products and related wellness services to patients in Arizona. HMH emphasizes the importance of compassionate care for each individual’s medical condition and offers knowledgeable professional services in a comfortable, confidential and secure environment while ensuring the highest level of patient privacy and safety.

High Mountain Health Dispensary

The HMH Team came to meet us at our hotel for a get to know you conversation. The team is a  diverse,      educated and knowledgeable group. They have unique personalities and each brings incredible passion       to the dispensary and grow facility. They are all upstanding members of the Flagstaff community,  and       throughout the day  continued to express how important it was to educate all of their patients and               provide individualized care in a safe professional setting. They also expressed how important it was for     them to continue to give back to the community. This included speaking at school events and educating    the community on Medical Marijuana.


After having coffee we moved on to the dispensary. It was a clear crisp day in Flagstaff, with a slight        hint of snow.  The dispensary is in a strip mall about a block off one of the main roads. The dispensary is discrete and professional. There were no neon lights or gaudy signs. Just a clean, comfortable, professional and well organized environment.

As we walked in to the dispensary we were greeted by a small waiting room. The receptionist that we met was very pleasant and checked our credentials. She provided educational information and asked if there was any specific questions we had before we would be shown in to meet the bud tenders. After a few minute wait, a bud tender came out, introduced herself and walked us back in to the service area. She was very pleasant and knowledgeable. She showed us around and provided an explanation of the layout. She then proceeded to initiate a conversation about what we were looking for and why. She wanted to make sure she was providing individual care to meet our specific needs.

The bud tender showed off their current menu. She also explained that they always try to have a mix of HMH Grown and Teir 1, 2 and 3 strains on hand.

Our Current Menu:
Maui– Top Shelf- HMH-Grown
Blue Dream– Tier 1
Sour Cream– Top Shelf- HMH-Grown
Thai Fire OG– Tier 2
OG Kush– Tier 3
Tahoe OG– Tier 1
Moby Dick- Tier 1– HMH- Grown
Pineapple– Tier 2
NEW- Blueberry Cough– Top Shelf- HMH-Grown
Banana Kush– Tier 1- HMH-Grown
Hindu Skunk– Tier 1- HMH-Grown
Purple OG#18– Tier 1
Blueberry– Tier 2
Blackberry Kush– Tier 2
Purple LSD– Tier 2
Kosher Kush– Tier 3
Holy Grail Kush– Tier 1- HMH- Grown
Black Diamond– Tier 1- HMH-Grown

High Mountain Health IMAG0269 High Mountain Health

Once we spent some time with the bud tender the office manager spent some additional time with us explaining how their inventory was tracked from seed to sale, showed us how they kept all the records and managed the dispensary.  Again, the organization, tracking and overall attention to detail was special. We spent about an hour in the dispensary in which the HMH Team took their time in answering every question we had and it showed just how enthusiastic the employees and management team were in providing any answer we were looking for.

Then it was time to visit the grow facility. I felt like a little kid going in to an ice cream store for the first time. The excitement of the team in showing us their facility was  contagious. Not only did we feel like little kids, but the entire HMH Team was so excited to show off their facility. They were like the kid down the street showing off their brand new bicycle they got for Christmas.   They couldn’t wait to see our reaction. At first I was a little skeptical.

Again, our expectations were blown away. As we walked in to the grow facility we were met with the overwhelming smell of sweet medical grade marijuana. Just like the dispensary everything was laid out with clean concise meaning.  We were escorted through the clean room and the grow facility manager explained all of the different technologies they were using. I was actually very surprised to see how much engineering and science was in play. Everything was being tracked, monitored, analyzed and captured to grow the most high quality strains.  On the wall were charts of each strain, grow cycles, quantities of nutrients, etc.

As an engineer who has worked at Cape Canaveral it was very exciting for me to see the scientific approach they were using. However, they also explained although they liked to use the latest technology the real key was in their master growers.  The fun natured competition they each had to grow the very best quality medical marijuana. The said it took time to get to where they were, today growing on average double of what other growers grow per light, by continually analyzing, and tweaking. Everything is done with attention. From the cloning rooms, to the grow and flower rooms, drying, curing and processing room, each was cleanly kept with care. There was no dirt on the floors, or walls, and everything was well cared for. Their facility was not the largest; however, the yield and quality they were producing was quiet impressive.

High Mountain HealthHigh Mountain HealthHigh Mountain HealthHigh Mountain Health

Overall the time CannabisJobs.US spent with the High Mountain Health Dispensary was exceptional. The entire team is a tribute to the industry,  and it shows by the reviews on Facebook.  Here are just a few but I recommend that you check them out and definitely try the HMH Grown Cannabis.


High Mountaineers love their patients. It’s no joke, just a fact. I am so grateful for the opportunity to help so many wonderful people and do my part to push this movement forward in a positive way!
I’m honored to serve the amazing MMJ patients of Flagstaff …. and I get to do it along side the best coworkers ever! Thank you High Mountain Health for providing such a great healing environment.
Have to say exceeded all of my expectations for a dispensary.. Hands down the best selection of medicine in Arizona.The staff was extremely helpful and knowledgable . As for living in Phoenix I will make the venture to High Mountain Health until there is a dispensary of this caliber in the valley.. Thank you HMH for the positive vibes .. Much respect!


I love this place. The staff is great and the product is even better.

– See more at:

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The Secret Cup – Desert October 18 & 19th- Phoenix Arizona

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The Secret Cup – Desert

Saturday, October 18, 2014 at 12:00 PM Sunday, October 19, 2014 at 8:00 PM (PDT)

We are proud to officially open our second new region this year, and sixth region over all. Arizona is known for the heat, but let’s see if they bring the fire to competition!

This is MED CARD ONLY event. You must have an MMJ rec from SOMEWHERE in the country to attend.

Competitors and potential vendors please email

Send the following information to
1. Competitor or Vendor
2. Region
3. Company/Competition Name
4. Phone number you answer
5. Email address that you check




Poll: Far More Americans Prefer Legalized Marijuana To Online Gambling

Poll: Far More Americans Prefer Legalized Marijuana To Online Gambling

Teaneck, NJ: A far greater percentage of Americans support legalizing marijuana than endorse the notion of allowing adults to legally engage in online gambling, according to national polling datacompiled by Fairleigh Dickinson University.

When asked to choose which of the two activities they “prefer to see legalized everywhere,” 52 percent of respondents chose in favor of permitting adults to consume “small quantities of marijuana.” Only 20 percent of respondents chose in favor of legalizing online gambling.

Eighteen percent of respondents said that “neither” activity should be legalized, while four percent of respondents agreed that both activities ought to be permitted.

Presently, three states – New Jersey, Delaware, and Nevada – permit online gambling. Twenty-one states and Washington, DC presently allow for the medical use of marijuana while two states, Colorado and Washington, allow for the plant’s licensed production and distribution to all adults.

Americans age 18 to 29 (65 percent), Democrats (63 percent), and Independent voters (58 percent) were most likely to support legalizing marijuana, while those age 60 and older (36 percent) and Republicans (32 percent) were least supportive.

The Fairleigh Dickinson University poll possesses a margin of error of +/- 2.9 percent.

Marijuana Jobs at All-Time High

The US marijuana industry is developing quicker than any other industry. The rapid growth is generating hundreds of new jobs.

PageLines- frontpage.jpg


The marijuana industry is predicted to grow by 64 percent, to over $2 billion, in 2014. Reports also predict that 14 more states will likely legalize marijuana for adult recreational use by 2018, potentially creating upwards of a $10 billion marijuana industry in the United States.

CannabisJobs.US  provides a place for marijuana-related businesses to post available marijuana jobs and browse job-seekers’ resumes; while, job-seekers can browse and directly apply for marijuana jobs, as well as post their resumes.

CannabisJobs.US does not charge to post jobs, apply for jobs or look for jobs.  The most popular marijuana jobs currently offered in the marijuana industry are with marijuana dispensaries: budtenders, cultivation experts, management, security, inventory and packaging, and various administrative positions.

Presently, marijuana jobs are in the highest demand in Colorado, California, Washington and Arizona, where marijuana industries are booming. However, with new states legalizing medical marijuana expecatations are high for states like Florida, Minnesota and others.

Check out CannabisJobs.US where people come to connect, get hired and find opportunities in the Cannabis Industry, Medical Marijuana Industry.