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Candy Jack Strain Marijuana Strain Review

Posted by | August 29, 2014 | Reviews, Strain Reviews

Candy Jack Strain Marijuana Strain Review

All my resources point to Candy Jack being a sweeter phenotype of J-1, thus making it a hybrid of Jack Herer and Skunk #1, two of the most sought after sativas on the market.  I’ve reviewed J-1 in the past and couldn’t say enough positive things about it.  My expectation for this variation is understandably as high as I hope it will make me.

My 2 grams were made up of small, insignificant buds.  Weak and spindly looking as they were, even I must admit that it is hard to get those big 5 gram nuggets when you donate for only 2 grams.  Regardless of their look, the buds were quite sticky and excelled in their sugary lemon scent and flavor.  Combined with its slight astringent aftertaste, and you get a sweet variation of rather classic Jack Herer traits.

Candy Jack provides an active and cerebral high–very capable and clear minded.  There isn’t much haze, but expect a significant head rush.  I preferred this strain as an effective afternoon medication.  I did suffer occasional bouts of daydreaming, or as I like to call them, brainstorming.  However, Candy Jack provides great sensory engagement, so it could work equally well for a concert or during a day out exploring.

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