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Big Pete’s Treats Take N Bake Snickerdoodles Review

Big Pete’s Treats puts the power of edible making in your own hands, ensuring you always have access to fresh from the oven edibles. With their take n’ bake cookies, now everyone can be an edible maker. Perfect for parties, pick up a tub of Big Pete’s Treats Take n’ Bake for your next get together.


Each tub contains twelve cookies in little frozen 20 mg balls that will soon become your pot cookies. You don’t have to make them all at once. Pulling out and baking only as many as you choose. For best results, the instructions suggest you thaw the dough before cooking. We didn’t because we were stoned and wanted cookies.

Arrange the dough balls evenly on your cookie sheet, leaving room between them. Pre-heat your oven to 350 degrees and then go smoke a bowl. When you are done and the oven is good and hot, bake your cookies for 7 minutes – longer if they are frozen.


Watch your cookies closely. We over cooked ours because we were stoned and forgot we were making cookies. They turned out light and crispy. And you know what to do when bad life choices give you crispy cookies.  You dunk them in milk.

We tested the Snickerdoodle cookies for our review, and they were deliciously sweet and cinnamon. There was no noticeable cannabis taste for such small cookies, despite packing 20 mg of THC, and at just 45 calories per cookie, they offer a low calorie choice in an edibles market full of fatty baked goods.

Like most baked edibles, the high came on slowly.  But when it did, it continued to build to a red eyed haze. With a reasonable 20 mg per cookie, it is easy to multiply your doses. We had leftovers, so I took some cookies to the local coffee shop the next day and found them just as good as when fresh baked.

I was able to concentrate and work s they first kicked in.  But I eventually took to distracted voyeurism, curiously eyeballing everyone who walked in.  This was soon replaced with bouts of daydreaming, each a mini-vacation away from lingering senses of responsibility.

For more information, visit the Big Pete’s Treats website.

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