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Betty Khronic Raw Vegan Energy Bar Review

Posted by | June 18, 2016 | Edible Reviews, OCWeedReview.Com, Reviews

Betty Khronic Raw Vegan Energy Bar Review

Ok. Yes. These energy bars look like something you might leave out for the local finches or swallows, but they are the single healthiest edible I’ve reviewed to date and a welcome reprieve from all the brownies and chocolate bars I’ve endured… well, endured isn’t the right word, but you get my point. Typical edibles give my sweet tooth a cavity and my waistline another notch in the belt, so I was pleased to discover that these edibles from Betty Khronic were as delicious as they were good for me.

Unless you are prepared to craft your edibles yourself, the health conscious medical marijuana patient has few options in the dispensaries. However, Betty Khronic’s energy bars are gluten and GMO free. For those adhering to specific diets, they are also raw, vegan, and paleo. Regardless of whether you have specific dietary needs or just want to watch what you put in your body, these wholesome edibles from Betty Khronic are for you.

Betty Khronic Raw Vegan Energy Bar Review

Each energy bar is packed with almonds, chia seeds, organic dates, and pepitas for lots of all-natural pep. This wholesomeness is sweetened with cacao and, of course, blended with sativa infused coconut oil for a focused, cerebral high.

Each box of Betty Khronic energy bars come with a pair of edibles individually wrapped. Each energy bar includes 40 mg of THC, for a total of 80 mg per package. I took the first energy bar on a hike, because that seemed like the most fitting context for an edible such as this. Eaten in the first moments of the hike, the high peaked as I neared the summit, perfect to help inspire the experience and motivate the hike back down. The second bar was used on a family outing where discreet medicating on the go was a must. Somewhere between the museum and shopping, the sativa’s uplifting effects kept my mood elevated, while the energy bar’s ingredients gave me the fuel I needed for a long day out.

In a sea of sugary edibles, health conscious patients will find a nutritious alternative in these Betty Khronic energy bars. Visit Betty Khronic online to learn more.


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