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Altai Cherry Vanilla Soothers Review by

Posted by | April 4, 2016 | Edible Reviews, Reviews

Altai Cherry Vanilla Soothers Review by

Sometimes, when the day is done and the responsibilities fulfilled, I like to indulge with a high dose baked edible: the cookies, brownies, and cake pops of the cannabis world that are sometimes brimming with up to 1000 mg of THC.  But for the rest of the day, I need a reasonable, discreet edible like Altai Soothers that allow me to function and perform while still enjoying a level of medicating.

What first drew our attention to the Altai brand were the beautiful details that go into packaging their edibles.  The Soothers, like most of their product line, come in a metal tin to keep them safe during travels and storage.  Medication does you no good when it needs to be left at home.  Take your relief with you and be prepared for when you need it with these highly portable containers.

More than just gorgeous design, though, Altai provides reliable edibles that you will go back to time and again.  Over the months since we first gave them a try, Altai has only grown in our high regards, continuing this trend with their Soothers — small, round hard candies that fit comfortably in the mouth.  Made with natural vanilla bean and cherry flavors, they have a smooth, delicious taste that lingers with just a hint of bitter cannabis.

Altai Cherry Vanilla Soothers Review

Understanding that different patients have different medicating needs, Altai Soothers come in both indica and sativa, covering the spectrum of this plant’s capabilities, and varying doses to best address patients of contrasting tolerances.

Thanks to the fast acting sublingual absorption provided from hard candies, you begin to feel the effects by the time you finish the mint, though the full dose may take up to an hour to manifest.  The tin we tested contained 12 candies.  At 10 mg each, they fall firmly in the low dose category of edibles, perfect for new patients or those who prefer milder effects.  More moderate patients will find it to be a complement to their normal medicating routine.  I relied on them most because of their sheer convenience.  As a medium tolerance patient, I preferred the Altai Soothers because they were useful for on the go dosing, especially when I had important things to do.  Knowing I wouldn’t get too high or smell like marijuana smoke all day, I could medicate with impunity and no one was the wiser.

Visit the Altai website for more information.

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