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Green Crack Marijuana Strain Review

When looking to demonize marijuana, people will often refer to the somewhat comical names strains seem to take on:Durban Poison, Alaskan Thunder Fuck, Trainwreck.  However, the top on their list and the strain decried by activists as the worst example of stoner culture is Green Crack.  This is a great injustice to such a solid indica and perennial crowd favorite.

The first thing you notice about this bud is its not-too-sweet mango juiciness and sensuous tropical flower scent.  A mai tai in a bud, it is one of the few truly flavorful strains for taste hunters out there.  The nuggets themselves were conical and dense, and mostly dark green.  Pumpkin orange hairs grew in patches, while the entire bud frosted over with trichromes.

Green Crack offers an engaging, cerebral rush.  There was a foundation of creative thought and an engagement of the senses.  I found it to be a quintessential daytime strain.  There was no letdown and no lock– the very definition of invigorating.  Green Crack can be like work fuel when faced with a long and arduous day, and I’d recommend it for depression or to boost your spirit in the face of an endless workload.

Ed Rosenthal Super Bud Marijuana Strain Review

Grow guru and cannabis activist, Ed Rosenthal, knows marijuana: putting in years of work as a cultivator, authoring several books, and writing numerous articles for High Times over two decades.  So when Mr. Rosenthal spends the time to breed the perfect flower, you know it’s going to be good.  A most methodically perfected Sativa leaning strain, Super Bud has been meticulously crafted over many generations, achieving a paramount balance of desired effects.

This harvest offered light green buds with creamsicle orange hairs and a nice cream colored frosting of perfectly picked trichromes.  The nuggets were dry and under-trimmed, but the impressions of a significant strain were present.  The scent was mildly minty and strongly citrus.  The taste was like an orange Tic-Tac.   All of this was lost after the green hit.

Ed Rosenthal Super Bud, as stated above, was designed specifically to create a harmony of effects.  The high left me completely capable and aware.  There was also an uplifted personality to the strain that made for a pleasant glow to all my interactions.  Although heady, this sativa leaning high also included a textualized body buzz– ideal for relaxation and pain relief, without leaving you locked in place.  There are many strains on the market that claim to have achieved a perfect balance of effects, but none accomplished it in such an appealing and encompassing manner.

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Candy Jack Strain Marijuana Strain Review

All my resources point to Candy Jack being a sweeter phenotype of J-1, thus making it a hybrid of Jack Herer and Skunk #1, two of the most sought after sativas on the market.  I’ve reviewed J-1 in the past and couldn’t say enough positive things about it.  My expectation for this variation is understandably as high as I hope it will make me.

My 2 grams were made up of small, insignificant buds.  Weak and spindly looking as they were, even I must admit that it is hard to get those big 5 gram nuggets when you donate for only 2 grams.  Regardless of their look, the buds were quite sticky and excelled in their sugary lemon scent and flavor.  Combined with its slight astringent aftertaste, and you get a sweet variation of rather classic Jack Herer traits.

Candy Jack provides an active and cerebral high–very capable and clear minded.  There isn’t much haze, but expect a significant head rush.  I preferred this strain as an effective afternoon medication.  I did suffer occasional bouts of daydreaming, or as I like to call them, brainstorming.  However, Candy Jack provides great sensory engagement, so it could work equally well for a concert or during a day out exploring.

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Super J-1 Marijuana Strain Review

J-1 has long been a sought after hybrid of Skunk #1 x Jack Herer.  This isn’t just plain jane J-1, though.  This is Super J-1.  I’ve addressed this before with other strains, but what makes this particular J-1 “super”?  It could be that it’s mixed with Super Skunk.  Maybe it’s J-1 bred with Super Silver Haze.  It’s just as likely that it is just a moniker to draw attention.  Or it could even be a comment of this harvest’s potency–which I could certainly understand.

When I open the jar, I get a rush of citrus, supporting the Super Silver Haze theory.  There are also hints of PineSol ammonia.  This bud is Sticky, with a capital S.  After breaking up a bowl, my hands were still sticky after washing hands twice.  Hours apart.  The smell is mimicked by a spicy pine and citrus taste.  I’ve been saving this eighth, savoring it with tiny tastes at a time.  You can’t roll of blunt of Super J-1.  Well… I mean.  You can.  But I wouldn’t.  You bring this out at intimate moments, like an expensive cognac, for dinner parties or at the end of a date.  It’s just that special.

J-1’s high was cerebral and engaging.  You knew when it kicked in, which is on the first hit, and it took hold of you from there on out.  Rarely do I experience a strain that can loop me in a single bowl, but Super J-1 has what it takes.  There is a shocking amount of body sedation and pain relief for a sativa.  However, it is largely an uplifting high.  Any mellowness from the Skunk is counteracted by Jack’s caffeine like rush, making for an effective daytime high.

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Alaskan Thunder Fuck Marijuana Strain Review

I have long been aware of a strain that went by the moniker Alaskan Thunder Fuck.  However, I have not had the chance to try it.  I had not, until now.  It is legendary strains like this that remind me of why I started this site.  I was excited to get it home and see how it would stack up, and it is my conclusion that ATF nears cannabis excellence.  Grown in the Mananuska Valley in Alaska, it is often called Mananuska Thunder Fuck.  However, I ran into some issue in determining whether they are indeed the same plant or perhaps even just phenotypes.

ATF was a lovely strain to work with, and most notable of its characteristics is that it is sticky, real sticky.  It’s been awhile since I’ve had a strain this tacky, and I wasn’t prepared when I tried to roll it in a blunt.  It stuck to my fingers and the outside of the paper and more or less everything else it touched, making for a difficult task.  Best used in a bowl or water pipe, I would also suggest a grinder when dealing with ATF.  The scent is very sweet, like candied lemon.  The green hit mimics this sugary citrus, but it is spicy in the exhale.  There is also a notable pine zest, though it plays third fiddle in this band.

A surprising north climate straight sativa, ATF produces a phenomenal cerebral high.  Despite the heady haze, this strain is an ideal daytime high.  There is minimal body relief, meaning it is strictly for psychosomatic symptoms– like PTSD, anxiety, and depression.  Some patients find it to create a more refined thought pattern, enhancing creative or intellectual work.  Not productive in the traditional sense, ATF will have your mind racing in original, visionary directions.

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Trainwreck Wax Review

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Trainwreck Wax Review

One of the rare strains that can trace its lineage back to the original landraces, Trainwreck combines Mexican and Thai landrace sativas with an Afghani indica.  Having been on my “to review” list for longer than I can remember, I was hoping to track down Trainwreck as a flower, but obtaining it in wax is certainly no letdown.

The scent has mild notes of the common sweet lemon and spicy pine.  There is also a strong pepper tree taste to the vapor, meaning it has high levels of the terpene Beta-Caryophyllene.  A hard wax, it doesn’t mold well for dabs but is effective for dropping into my Cloud pen.  I noticed that it heats and cools in my pen to a clear amber with a glass like hardness when not vaped in one session.

This sativa dominant strain will leave you easy going and loose lipped.  A very social high, Trainwreck leaves no trace of anxiety or self-consciousness, allowing for a paranoia free medicating experience.  With its unexpectedly strong pain relief and slight physical sedation, it can be incredibly effective for those suffering from chronic pain, PTSD, or anxiety.  The high is calming and disconnecting, helping the user to step away from their triggers.  However, it is a sativa dominant, so there is plenty of mood elevation as well, making Trainwreck an everyday high for those who donate in bulk.

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