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S’mores Bar from TKO Edibles Review by OCWeedReview.Com

There is just something about a s’more.  Tied to the specific necessity of an open fire, to make them is an experience, an event.  Friends and family gather in a circle to help each other toast the perfect marshmallow or clean sticky hands and faces.  But unless you have access to a fire pit year round, it can be a rare occurrence to savor these gooey treats.  Thankfully, TKO Edibles captures everything you love about the s’more in a convenient and mess free package for enjoyment anytime.

Fitting in with their line of cereal bar edibles, the TKO Edibles S’mores Bar, like a traditional Rice Krispy bar, is a combination of marshmallows and, in this case, Golden Grahams cereal, coated with chocolate and topped with mini-marshmallows for flair.  Undeniably chewy, this treat is a workout for the jaw and the tastebuds.  Pro-tip:  Use your food safe torch on low to toast and melt the marshmallows for the full s’mores effect.

We tested our S’mores Bar, where else, but around a campfire on the beach.  A fitting match for the crisp, salty air and crackling logs, we felt all 100 mg of THC in this edible by sundown.  A burbling and talkative come on early in the night transitioned into a comforting, body buzzing high that became quite tweaky towards the peak.  Sensory engagement is intensely heightened: a welcome sensation to some, but uncomfortable for others.  Beginning or even moderate users will want to portion this potent edible out into smaller doses.

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Red Velvet Cookie from TKO Edibles Review by OCWeedReview.Com

Across their product line, TKO Edibles carries one of the highest THC counts per dollar that money can buy.  Clocking in at a more than capable 160 mg, their line of cookies sells for just a pittance of eight bucks a piece.  Throw in TKO Edibles’ consistent freshness and taste, and you get one of Orange County’s best values in edibles.

Although I never bought into the red velvet craze myself, I certainly understand the popularity.  The addition of cocoa gives the batter a mild chocolate flavor, while the red color gives them a visual twist on most other baked goods.  TKO Edibles adds to this a flair of white sprinkles to give their cookies a personality of their own.  The cookies had a grainy, sugar cookie like consistency and a buttery flavor.  The mild cannabis scent and flavor is nearly unavoidable at this high a concentration of THC, but the cocoa works to complement, not mask.

As we’ve come to expect from TKO Edibles, this medicated treat brings with it a soaring high.  It is a paradox of reposeful mellowness and intense stimulation.  This one was tested on the beach just before sundown, and the high carried over into a night wandering downtown.  As the edible took hold, the social, talkative high transitioned into one of body buzzing relaxation.  Nearing the peak, sensory engagement was heightened: lighting effects were more pronounced; music was more rousing; even wind on the skin felt more pronounced.  Wonderful for the end of the week or to improve a melancholy day, TKO Edibles red velvet cookie is the way to enjoy your day.

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Trippin Treats Cherry Pot Pie Edible Review by OCWeedReview.Com

Our first featured edible from Trippin’ Treats is this adorable little Cherry Pot Pie.  Fitting in the palm of my hand (I have big hands) and adorned with a pot leaf crust on top, these charming confections are a whimsical way to medicate and make excellent gifts or shared desserts among friends after dinner.

Although the term is over-used in today’s artisan obsessed world, Trippin’ Treats is truly a mom and pop operation in the best ways possible, and after nearly a decade in the industry, their family is still crafting handmade medicated desserts in small batches.  Because of their all natural ingredients and zero preservatives, refrigeration of these pies is a must and consumption is generally better sooner instead of later.

Similar to any homemade pie, Trippin’ Treat’s Pot Pies are flakey, sweet, and delicious.  I can’t deny a noticeable cannabis taste. But it blends so well with the cherry pie filling.  It proves itself a perfectly baked pairing for the marijuana — very saccharine and flavorful.  I can only assume the other flavors complement the cannabis just as well.

Each edible contains an estimated 100 mg.  However, in recognition of industry trends, lab tested numbers on the packaging are soon to follow in a labelling redesign for Trippin’ Treats.  But if the slight green tint to the crust means anything, there should be plenty of potency in these pies to share.  Or do as I did and split your pie between a nighttime snack and breakfast the next day.

The high from Trippin’ Treats’ Pot Pies takes practically no time to come on and continues to build over time until peaking several hours after consumption.  As with most edibles, the high starts with cleansing mood elevation and gentle relaxation before transitioning into a more potent form of physical relief, offering unquestionable support for symptoms like chronic joint pain, muscle soreness, and even insomnia when used late enough in the day.

Marijuana Edibles Sales Officially Start In Washington

The rollout of recreational marijuana sales has been a bumpy ride in Washington. It took more than half a year longer for Washington to start legal sales compared to Colorado. Many people provide the explanation for the delay as involving the fact that Colorado had a well regulated medical marijuana framework already in place, compared to Washington that has a semi-legal medical marijuana retail industry at best. As of this week, recreational marijuana edibles are now finally available in Washington, although on a limited basis. PerThe Bellingham Herald:

A representative of Top Shelf, one of the first legal retail marijuana outlets in Washington, said Wednesday, Aug. 6, the store will become the first in the state to sell edible marijuana.

Top Shelf had about 500 packages of edibles – from Green Chief of Granite Falls – available starting at 10 p.m. Wednesday, which should make some customers happy.

The three types of edibles available are a trail mix, a ‘party mix,’ and ‘crazy carnival nuts.’ I’m told by people in Washington that the prices for the edibles are ‘astronomical’ as one person stated. The price for the trail mix is five times what it’s going for at medical marijuana outlets in Washington. But, if people are willing to pay the higher price tag, so be it I guess.

By William Breathes in Legalize ItSay what?

Thumbnail image for brownies-wikimediacommons.jpg
For adults only.

In a move so that defies common sense so much that it is baffling, recreational and medical pot stores in Washington can sell cannabis brownies and cookies but can’t sell candy or lollipops because the latter might be appealing to kids.

Adults apparently don’t ever eat candy in Washington, ever. Movie theaters must be stocked with kale chips.