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Dutch Treat Marijuana Strain Review

While the genetics of Dutch Treat are unconfirmed, its desirability as a strain certainly isn’t.  Coming to us from Amsterdam, where it has gained quantified fame, Dutch Treat is only just beginning to be recognized in California as a superior indica dominant strain–a feat unaided by our unfaltering love for all things OG.  However, as more and more patients give it a chance, it is inevitable that it will become a part of California’s rather impressive pantheon of strains.

When I opened my pop top container after getting my eighth of Dutch Treat home, I was hit with a blast of candied citrus.  There is also a desert flora scent, like sage or eucalyptus.  The buds were incredibly sticky, due in no short part to the khaki colored trichomes encrusted across the surface.  Under this fuzziness is a dark green, oddly shaped nugget.  Instead of the typical conical shape to the buds, these had strange fingers poking out like alien appendages at odd angles.

Dutch Treat offers a strong indica lean, with some claiming it to be up to 80% indica.  However, it is not without its sativa mood enhancement.  I found it to be good for early evening as you unwind with a book or your favorite network crime drama.  You will experience great relief from work stress, and the anxiety and depression that can follow.  Secondary medical effects can be relief from minor aches and pains and a slight push of drowsiness to help mild insomnia, confirming my recommendation of late day use.

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Jedi OG Marijuana Strain Review

When I was younger, I had the Star Wars action figure case shaped like Darth Vader’s helmet.  It was chock full of all the original characters in movable plastic.  Long ago, it disappeared as toys tend to when their owners leave home for college.  And although if I still owned that case I could sell them and retire early, I must be satisfied with the nostalgia this strain brings me.

I couldn’t find information on Jedi OG, but I was able to find genetics for Jedi Kush: a hybrid of Death Star and SFV OG.  Death Star can be further broken down to Sour D and Sensi Star.  This at least creates a base to begin to understand its effects.  Odds are about even that this Jedi OG is either just a misnamed Jedi Kush or a hybrid of an OG and Jedi Kush.

Jedi OG is a fantastically complex mural of green hues: among them a kelly green so dark it was almost blue.  Across the bud are rich, espresso brown hairs and a creamy frosting of trichomes.  Reminiscent of an exotic spice market, the scent is all black tea and spice.  It is every bit a sensuous bud that will entice you to light up as soon as you experience it.

An indica high all the way, Jedi OG will have your head in space but your body locked firmly on the couch.  Good for a late night comedown, it will help with light insomnia symptoms, but it’s not enough for an immediate knockout.  Red eyed and dazed, Jedi OG’s high is best described by the word stoned and is that stereotypical burnt out high.  Although it may not seem like that would have medical applications, this type of disconnecting high is perfect for anxiety or PTSD.


Northern Lights Marijuana Strain Review

Northern Lights is one of the classic Afghani indicas–a favored landrace for its quick flowering time and potent physical effects.  Manifesting itself in several prominent phenotypes, Northern Lights also acts as a base in many popular strains, such as Super Silver Haze, Big Bud, G-13, and Hash Plant.

First whiffs of Northern Lights produce a pungent musk and some warm baking spice. There is also an old bark scent. All this combines for a richness that is like the outdoors after a rainfall.  There are also under notes of sweet citrus that offer it just a dash of lightness.  The mostly conical buds were a bit dry, but broke up full and fluffy.  The smoke was smooth, almost soothing in the throat, minimizing smoker’s fatigue.

Northern Lights produces immediate body effects.  It is lazy without being locking, making it a rare daytime indica, like a Romulan.  It is also powerfully psychedelic for an indica–most likely because contemporary Northern Lights has been crossed with a Thai landrace sativa.  I hate when euphoric is used to describe a high, but Northern Lights is actually euphoric, generating a delightful sense of wellbeing.  Like a vacation day, it is easy going and carefree.  It is not terribly productive, but it is engaging and thoughtful.  These effects, along with a looseness in the joints and muscles, helps sooth away anxiety, while the psychosomatic effects provide contentment and relief from depression.

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Space Queen Marijuana Strain Review

Growing up in the 80’s, I was enraptured with all things space, the logical boyhood graduation from dinosaurs.  While most of my fellow boy scouts were starting fires and paddling canoes, I was earning my Astronomy merit badge and dreaming of lifeforms from among the stars. And although I never discovered any celestial civilizations all those years ago, I still get to hang out with galactic royalty.

In reality, Space Queen is a cross between Romulan, a physically calming indica, and Cinderella 99, an energetic daytime hybrid.  Bringing these two strains together creates a dynamic hybrid capable of helping you to survive the most stressful of days.

The buds were super fluffy and dotted by long, citrus orange hairs.  Because of their loose, gossamer structure and lack of any real stickiness, these nuggets were a joy to handle, and I placed the grinder aside for this eighth, choosing to break up the buds by hand.  Cinderella 99 dominates the scent profile for this strain.  There was a honey sweet smell, almost acrid like Queen Bee, and a fresh pineapple topical quality.  Romulan’s earthy pine was completely overpowered here.

Space Queen has a slight indica lean.  But with its stoney, dreamlike high and giggly personality, you certainly wouldn’t know it.  It was good for watching tv or otherwise unwinding, without giving in to couch lock.  I found myself treating this strain like a cup of coffee after dinner to carry me along until bedtime.  There was plenty of creative thought, but Space Queen made it hard to concentrate–creativity better suited for conversation outside on the patio than preparing a new project at work.  There was minor pain relief, but most of the physical relief came in a dense comfort, like being draped in a thick, heavy blanket.

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