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NH Hempfest & Freedom Rally  August 27 – August 30


A call to rally New Hampshire Hempfest 2015 Its our political rights we gather for join us.A call to rally A political gathering of a culture of people Its our political rights and freedom we want . I be their to help organize our people for our freedom and political rights . Look for our banner “ A CALL TO RALLY REPORT IN HERE” As one of the volunteers and one of the political workers for our people we be looking for people to join us in getting our freedom and political rights and to find ways to get laws for the people by our people to help us not against us . Join us and help spark up the flame for liberty and freedom for our people. Four Days of camping, 40 bands and a political party. Be a part of our getting freedom for the people.


Hempcon Cup – San Francisco, Aug 21-23, 2015
Hempcon is a medical marijuana show catering to those who may benefit from the medical use of marijuana. This will be one of the premiere events of the year with a huge amount of exhibits including medical marijuana dispensaries, collectives, caregivers, evaluation services, legal services, educational institutes, equipment, accessories, and many more. Hempcon will be an educational event with a full weekend of seminars and presentations by industry leaders, advocates, and attorneys. Whether you are a patient or someone who wants to get educated more about medical marijuana, you have got to be there.=!
For 2015, we are scheduled to have multiple shows all around the United States throughout the year. Be sure to check out Hempcon in your local town as we will expand into other markets where medical marijuana has been legalized. We urge supporters of the Medical Marijuana industry to come out and participate in what is sure to be the best event of the year!

Cannabis Cup – Clio Michigan – August 22 – 23rd, 2015

The HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cup is the world’s leading marijuana trade show, celebrating the world of ganja through competitions, instructional seminars, expositions, celebrity appearances, concerts and product showcases. Hosted in states that have legalized medical and recreational marijuana, the Cannabis Cup stands as the foremost gathering place for the cannabis community to network and celebrate.

Going strong for nearly three decades, HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cups are the most established and trusted in the marijuana industry, continually fighting for the political legitimacy of the plant.

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CannaGrow Expo Portland – August 28th-29th, 2015 to register…

Below is just a sampling of the sessions being offered:

The Fundamentals of Growing World-Class Cannabis
Jay Kitchen / UptownGrowLab

Growing, Breeding, and Processing High CBD Cannabis
Adam Jacques / The Growers Guild Gardens

Commercial Facility Optimization for Pharmaceutical Grade Cannabis
Autumn Karcey / Cultivo

Beyond the Basics: Advanced Cultivation Techniques & Veganics
Kyle Kushman / Vegamatrix

Medicine of the Future: Growing Cannabis for the Treatment of Specific Ailments
Zacariah L Hildenbrand, Ph.D. / C4 Laboratories

Quality Cannabis by Design
Jeremy L Sackett / Cascadia Labs

Cultivation Meets Commerce – Branding Your Entrepreneurial Cannabis Ventures
Celeste Miranda / The Cannabis Marketing Lab

How to Grow Outdoor 10lb+ Plants
Paul Stanford / The Hemp & Cannabis Foundation

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Seattle HEMPFEST – August 14th, 15th and 16th 2015

Seattle Hempfest is founded in the belief that the public is better served when citizens and public officials work cooperatively in order to successfully accomplish common goals.
Seattle Hempfest 2013 cannabis law reform protestival festival free speech
Objective and Purpose
To educate the public on the myriad of potential benefits offered by the Cannabis plant, including the medicinal, industrial, agricultural, economic, environmental, and other benefits and applications. In particular, Seattle Hempfest seeks to advance the cause of Cannabis policy reform through education, while advancing the public image of the Cannabis advocate or enthusiast through example.
hemp uses seattle hempfest
Company Overview
Seattle Hempfest is the world’s largest event advocating cannabis law reform, in a unique “protestival” environment. This annual event is held every August in Myrtle Edwards Park on the Seattle waterfront.